Announce post #3447: Aetolia is Hiring: Paid Builder/Writer Wanted!

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Ictinus, the Architect
Aetolia is Hiring: Paid Builder/Writer Wanted!

Hi folks,

Iron Realms is hiring a paid writer / builder to join the Aetolia team. This is an assistant producer level role in which you would report primarily to me (Ictinus) and work alongside myself, Razmael, Keroc, and the volunteer team on a variety of projects.

You would be chiefly responsible for assisting with a variety of front-facing aspects of the game and being a hands on content creator. This might include event scripts, eventing as as whole including RPing, skill messages, area building, quests, help files, and the like. The ideal candidate would be willing to try their hand at a bit of everything.

You'd be working remotely from home with most collaboration happening in game or Discord. As such, IRE isn't concerned about where you live.

This is a part time position with a starting compensation of $1000 USD/month with room for future raises and bonuses down the line.


* An excellent command of the English language.
* At least some experience building or writing to a high standard in a text based game or similar field.
* Ability to script - our scripting language is used to create quests, NPC behaviour, and an array of other content. It's simple enough to pick up, but powerful.
* Be reliable. When you say you'll do something, do it. This is one of the most important parts of this position (of any position).
* Be a people person. The Pools is a very collaborative environment, and you'll need to be able to work as part of the team.

In order to apply, send an email to with the words Paid Writer in the subject line that includes:

* A CV/resume that includes relevant experience as applicable.
* Tell us why you think you're perfect for this position.
* Tell us what experience you have playing Aetolia or other IRE games.
* Include some samples of exceptional descriptions or other high quality text that you've written, ideally in a MUD context.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 11th of Khepary, in the year 506 MA.
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