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  • Re: Culture Judging Q&A

    Vyxsis said:
    on an unrelated note, i'm a bit confused by how much 'love' there was for the ascendril aspirant. although no names were named, that npc's script pretty directly talks unicorns on someone specific whose identity was pretty immediately recognized by... well, lots of people, which felt neither appropriate in general nor appropriate for an exhibit intended for a foreign government.
    I'm 90% sure you're referencing the joke it makes about the magister of water (and therefore Zaila). For the record, I was super chuffed and thought it was hilarious and give a big high-five to whoever came up with that XD.

    Regarding it's appropriateness to a foreign government, I would disagree! It's not at all explicit, it's self-aware of how much trouble the ascendril had of keeping membership up while saving face (blaming Zaila for being naughty-naughty, not taking responsibility for the lack of active leadership), and it's fun and gossipy: and everyone likes gossip. Especially politicians.
  • Re: Map and Chat Capture

    I have been trying to find the backbone for this for awhile! Thank you!! 
  • Re: Winter Feasts Are Coming

    Maybe you're the one who mentioned whatever made me think of it! XD

    I am thankful today that while I am super hungry at work and almost caving to go buy some lunch, the "christmas treats" sitting in the breakroomish area are a box of candy I flat out don't like and a basket of fruit.

    Mmm Lunch apple, thank you for keeping me good!
  • Re: Winter Feasts Are Coming

    Re: losing things - oh gosh, yes. If I got a gold each time I said "where did that go?! I was JUST holding that!!" I'd every level 3 arti in this game. Not to mention the things I put away in places o actively think "I'm putting it here so I'll be able to find it  later!" Aaaaaand can't. 

    Weekly Wrap-Up!

    Weight: 185

    Downside of the week: I am a weakling. So during that time of the month, my weakling status is even greater and I spluuurrrrged.

    Upside of the week: Someone on the discord channel said something at some point about cooking something in a pressure cooker, and it lead me to both remember I have one and realize that I could make mashed cauliflower in TEN MINUTES with ZERO mashing. OMG! I love it, it's delicious and excellently low calorie and super filling. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

    Mental/psychological check in: everything but looking in the mirror and seeing my doublechins is perfectly fine?

    Status of last week's goal: One big fat failure! I ate out for lunch twice and breakfast twice. I did okay at keeping on my feet, though, so that's good.

    Goal for next week: Oh boy. This coming week includes Christmas. My goal for this week is mostly to be extremely low-calorie for the rest of the working week, at least.
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  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    Drawn by the kickass @Sessizlik!

    One "Zaila's combat expertise"

    I love it!