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Xenia ✭✭✭✭✭


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  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    unicorns it, because i'm fired up.

    @Rhyot and Bloodlochians, you are complaining about people leaving, Then unicorns join the guild, have BL people populate it. Just cus my RP has shaped into something that makes Xenia just as invested in Spinesreach as other places doesn't mean I want to see the guild fail and don't care. It's a kick in the teeth to make the choice that Xenia's going to be that person who went back on her sworn oaths, I'm accepting and playing out this character choice and it's fine. Why don't you and the rest of Bloodloch start doing the same and stop bitching about what we're going to do and instead get proactive about making the Carnifex a good option for those players who are STILL on the fence? I'm making my plan, and when they ask me what I'm doing I tell them, that sounds better than the prospect of an empty guild and they find themselves wanting to do that instead. That's not my fault, either. You guys need to get proactive. Displaced bloodborns still kicking around, idle top tier Bloodlochians should join up and give it a new face. You don't like the military RP, great change it! This is your chance! But seriously, stop complaining about what we're going to do as we attempt to move on.

    If there are any Carnifex still complaining and upset about whatever 'work'/resources/etc. you put in get over it. Stop being selfish and be happy that as a player you might have contributed something to a faction of the game that's going to actually exist. Are you seriously going to complain about this? Come on, don't be petty.

    Everyone else -- mind your own business and stop trying to meta-game us by putting people on tilt with all the opinions that lack insight, empathy and are generally insensitive. Don't you want what we do to be healthy and positive to the game?
  • Re: Cabalists

    This is another one of those times where certain people make an unicorns of themselves on the forums by posting about things they don't seem to know much/anything about, and by demonstrating an impressive lack of empathy and/or manners. Losing your guild sucks and hurts and you feel like all the work you did is gone. I wish all you Cabbages the best and hope where ever the SRS and the like winds up going, you keep trying to break reality in new and exciting ways.
    Because I can't agree enough and on top of that it's people who are not even in the guild or playing characters on the shadow side just shitting on the player base of those guilds. Going on and on, disagreeing with posts and being shits about the whole thing.

    Such a negative attitude towards the displaced players, it's disgusting.
  • Re: Xenia

    It's been a little while and in that time, Xen's gotten to know both sides of the game a lot more extensively. I'm really curious on feedback on the character and what things would be nice to see expanded on!
  • Fun Math Problems!

    So guys, lately I've been spending a bit of time going through math problems and solving them. I personally have found it fun and think it'd be enjoyable to discuss solutions and such to the problems with others similarly inclined. Below is the link!
  • Re: Post Your Pictures!

    @Ishin, Labyrinth isn't anything that can be forced--- It's just that good.