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  • Re: Kodaza Kitano

    kodaza is a good bean. er, a good bad bean. uhhh. she's a pure cinnamon roll iced with voyria... or um... she's made from sugar and spice and rocks, ticks, and lice... uhhhh

    peeps should seek kodaza out if they've got the opportunity or can come up with an excuse. she's cool.
  • Re: So a Shadow Advisor and a Magister of Spirit walk into a Gate...

    welcome to the extremely exclusive club for people who shachalai clearly realized beat her in a conversation.
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Wooo :D How about Ascendrils? Close?
    deleted ages ago. keep up @Eliadon smh.
  • Re: Possible Retiree

    hi! lemme see if i can help.

    1) aetolia is not nearly as large as achaea, so our pvp scene is smaller (duh). i'd say it's healthy enough on the whole, but because the game is smaller, we're a lot more susceptible to ups and downs. holiday season was pretty darn quiet, for instance. seems like both the main factions are pulling pretty decent numbers lately, though, so who knows!

    i began my aetolia (and thus, MUD) career as a dedicated non-combatant, mostly because i didn't know squat about code and didn't care to learn. that said, i think i can reasonably describe myself as pretty decent now, and a lot of the reason is that our pk community largely is very helpful. sure, there are jerks. sometimes people (myself included) get too heated. i've had more good experiences than bad, though, and there's always something challenging to figure out - i say this about 1v1 in and out of the sect 'minigame', as well as about group pk of all sorts.

    there are a few differences in pvp that stuck out to me when i gave achaea a try. the first is that achaea seems to have more options for ranged fighting, and thus players tended to consider it more readily. ranged fighting here is... weird, fewer classes have ranged abilities that are widely seen as useful, etc. you won't see it all that much.

    the second difference is that achaean players seem much, much, Much more comfortable with raiding. in the ~1 year i've been playing aetolia, i've seen about a handful of real raids (i.e. not counting one rando riling the guards). this includes being a defender and an attacker. i saw at least as many raids in just the first couple days of serious play in achaea. why? idk. different player culture for whatever reason. it seems to have a stigma in aetolia that it doesn't really have in achaea - at least, my perception as a defender in achaea has mostly been that my citymates are having fun, whereas folks in aetolia seem less likely to find defending against a raid fun.

    a third difference is that pvp in aetolia seems to have more bars to entry. in achaea, my impression as been that most classes can get away with learning two of their class skills and a couple general skills while remaining viable for both group and 1v1. most classes in aetolia are not so... forgiving. the reasons why are a bit complicated, and i've already spewed so so much, so i'll leave it at that for now.

    all this said, pk can be had! and it can be fun! i'll fite u >:3c

    2) regarding sentinel, vyx started off with this class/in this guild, so i can say a little bit here. bashing? it's pretty dang good for bashing. i got endgame with sentinel, and i didn't have too much difficulty doing so (after being power-leveled to ~85 by my then-mentor lol). is it the best bashing class in the game? imo, that honor belongs to zealot (yes, zealot), but for real, you shouldn't have trouble bashing.

    it's also pretty potent in pvp. there have been a number of changes, but as a now-outside observer, i think it's a goldmine that's only just being tapped. lots of great skills for both 1v1 and group pvp - folks just have to find the best ways to combine them.

    3) technically, you can use the class as long as you're spirit-tethered. if you start as a sentinel, though, you'll begin life in duiran, which is where you'll more or less have to stay until you gain 'class permanence'. if you go that route, i promise you'll (probably) live through it.

    4) community, ah community. i'm not really able to comment in relation to MUDs in general or even versus achaea, as aetolia is really the only MUD i've played enough to have a feel for the community. most of the time, the community is nice, helpful, welcoming. sometimes it's not so much. like life, eh? my perception is that things have largely gotten more and more positive thanks to @Tiur, who took over as producer in april last year. his transparency, accessibility, and humor have really helped. that said, there are still some things i would tell people to keep an eye out for - although, bear in mind that these are my perceptions and opinions. i mentioned the game is small, right? well, most characters are played by a fairly small group of players, and perhaps not surprisingly, it can feel like there's a bit of a revolving door at times. there seems to regularly be some amount of drama (in either faction) that's more about these OOC relationships than anything IC. the revolving door extends to organizations - a lot of leadership positions are filled, repeatedly, with the same handful of players or even characters. sometimes that's not pernicious, of course. other times... well, it makes it more difficult to 'break in' to those parts of the game unless you have a higher-than-average amount of tenacity and the time/energy to establish yourself as a known presence in some way. sometimes people will assume you're an alt of some other player/character who they don't like. sometimes people just want to hold onto their crowns for whatever reason. i could go on (especially since i have a bad mental habit of focusing on the negatives), but despite all that junk, go away with this:

    i'm coming up on my one year anniversary as a MUD/aetolia player, and i've essentially had a single character the whole time. the good has outweighed the bad by several orders of magnitude. people everywhere have helped and continue to help me with every conceivable aspect of the game, and i've made friends i wouldn't have otherwise. i love the setting, the story, the lore - and i love that, as a smallish game - there's a real possibility of making an impact on it. i'm grateful that this community exists, including those people who think i'm a jerk or i think are jerks, because it's been a really big part of my life in a year that's been among my hardest.

    i hope you'll join us, even if you decide to join those no-shower-having, dirty-tree-hugging forestals in duiran. :p
  • Re: Culture Judging Q&A

    I'm 90% sure you're referencing the joke it makes about the magister of water (and therefore Zaila). For the record, I was super chuffed and thought it was hilarious and give a big high-five to whoever came up with that XD.

    Regarding it's appropriateness to a foreign government, I would disagree! It's not at all explicit, it's self-aware of how much trouble the ascendril had of keeping membership up while saving face (blaming Zaila for being naughty-naughty, not taking responsibility for the lack of active leadership), and it's fun and gossipy: and everyone likes gossip. Especially politicians.
    aight, cool, i'm glad you found it amusing rather than hurtful. you seem to be pretty thick-skinned and able to let things roll off your back, which i'll admit are not traits i've ever been known for. like, i know i'd be really less-than-pleased to be singled out on a game-wide level, and i found it kinda discouraging that what appeared to me to be bullying was so unanimously loved by admin. since it wasn't about me or anyone else, though, i'll let it rest.

    edit: aaarrrrrrgh why is quoting being a buttttttttttt. edited to fix... maybe?