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  • Re: LOVE

    welp today is the last birthday of my twenties. love bc:
    * not homeless this year
    * new poems published today
    * birthday credits!
    * having fun as indo gm

  • Re: Core offensive system?

    @Runas idk how much difference there's been in AFFT throughout the years, but it's got lots of foundational stuff - and affliction tracking is, like, 80+% of the battle of writing an offense. newer versions have had at least a couple v basic offenses, as did the one i was given some months ago when i started pking.

    anyways, AFFT is pretty darn good in my experience, and it's definitely got a very distinct style. plus, there are a good number of lifers using it, so folks over yonder are likely to be able to find help. i'd call it a solid option with a few relatively minor reservations (that probs don't matter until you get to a relatively high-ish level of combat and can probs be worked around with better coding knowledge than i possess).
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    can we also discuss the revamped novice system - or rather, some of the weird issues that have arisen along with it? i mostly feel very positive about the actual novice system since i think it helps newbs integrate with the city, as well as keeping people from being like "ew ur not my novice, how dare u ask me for help??"

    the thing i have in mind is, specifically, the huge slashing of available guildranks from 20 down to 5. was 20 probably too many? yeah, i think so. most of those ranks between 10 and 20 were pretty much empty. however, from my perspective, we now have something like the opposite problem. yes, it's up to the guild leadership to set up their progression in a way that keeps progression spread out in a reasonable manner, but my sense is that there's been a good deal of struggle with how to deal with this. some guilds just have a proliferation of GR5s, a handful of GR1s, and very little in between. others have made progression so difficult that it's super discouraging for newer members. personally, i feel like if we could have 10 guildranks, it would allow a lot more flexibility while still accomplishing the streamlining that was intended with the new system.

    or maybe i'm wrong, and i just don't know how it's supposed to work! i was in guild leadership when the change hit, though, and i'm in leadership again now. seems like it has just made things awkward. is this something that could be opened for discussion, or at least clarification?
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    how do i get that op kitsune race

    With regards to what @Kodaza said, I think there are currently classes that DO have those nice little fluff skills -- Corpus, for example, has at least three skills whose only benefit is RP (and that's fine!). It would be nice to see, or perhaps have things pointed out to us that we're missing, more of that in other classes.

    For questions related to the Town Hall, I was speaking with someone recently about wanting to see more RP events. Since you've taken over, we've had the vampire stuff (which was cool!) and the cooking things (which I didn't partake of). I'd really like to see you stretching your limbs with some more frequent events, though, however minor or major. I realize, of course, these things take exorbitant amounts of time to plan and to prepare and even then no plan survives contact with the players, but I think with your transparency and the general goodwill you've shown towards players, things could go well.

    so, I guess my question/comment is, do you have plans for more frequent RP events, even ones that lead into more/changed mechanics? Or, in general, could we talk about RP and its importance to Aetolia, and where you stand on the matter?
    piggybacking a bit: i'd love to see more RP events that have nothing to do with more/changed mechanics, honestly. the major events that have occurred during my time as a player have all been related to new mechanical things: the Wayfarer release, the Bloom/new cures release, the Wereraven release, changes to vamps, and so on. some of these have been neat (i'm thinking Wayfarer and Wereraven releases) because they were relatively snappy and no one (afaik) really knew what the endgame was for them. others, though, felt like a huge slog. most everyone knew what was happening with the Bloom. for myself and a number of other players i know, this knowledge just made the event feel disruptive -- not as welcome punctuation adding to the rhythm of life IG, but as a total halt. bashing and pvp were a pain because spreading the goop had repercussions and cures were randomly failing, etc. knowing we were just waiting for what, from my perspective, seemed to be the arbitrary moment when new cures would finally be unveiled was... well, frustrating and boring. i felt somewhat similarly about the more recent vamp event. just like with the bloom, there were fun moments, little bursts of activity, but when they ended, it wasn't apparent anything had really happened. we raided the invaders' ship, saved some slaves, and then we waited. we argued with the whackjob trying to get Abhorash's blood and then we waited. for me, those moments were (mostly) fun, but their end, apparent lack of immediate consequence, and the semi-known endgame of the events just made their drawn-out nature feel tiresome.

    my point isn't really to complain -- ok, my point isn't only to complain -- but to say that, more events that don't have an obvious (or at least widely-guessed) mechanical purpose would be welcome to this bug. i'd love events that have no purpose other than fleshing out the world, advancing the story, giving us more insight into the lore. RP-fuel, if you will. i know such events would still require work on the admins' part, but it seems like RP events might be less work than mechanic-release events. story-writing of some kind would happen in both cases, but the former wouldn't require as much coding as the latter, right? and aside from encouraging RP, a benefit of holding more non-mechanical events might be that it would become less obvious (and therefore less like a waiting game) when an event is tied to an expected mechanical change. keep us guessing, you know?

    i have a sort of ~wishlist~ of other things, but they're mostly things i'm working on pursuing IC, so not really much point bringing up here. looking forward to the town hall. thx!
  • Re: Tone of Aetolia

    i can't comment about this issue in its entirety since i'm a fairly new player (vyxsis having been made in january) who really only plays one character (two others exist/ed but were probably played for less than 4 hours total). however! i do feel like i can comment on something regarding player interactions as they relate to tone, since vyx was a relatively-prominent lifer (assuming being arch-prelate is relatively-prominent, idk, ymmv) who made pretty drastic shift to darkside. my experience has basically been this:

    both sides - but especially lightside - tend to exist and interact primarily with others in the same bubble. with only a couple exceptions (looking at @Dzekk and @Benedicto, primarily, but h*ck even @Karhast that one time), there's been very little in the way of RP with vyxsis that extended beyond trading barbs in tells. sure, calling each other stupid and weak is all well and good, but it lacks much depth. even when i've gone out of my way to try and engage a variety of vyx's former comrades - e.g. randomly appearing places, making mild mischief, etc. - most basically just walk away. aside from those mentioned above, my most sustained interactions seem to've been vyx trying to get things going and being ignored - although, there's also been a small amount of over-the-top hostility with no room to RP at all, but this is actually less of an issue imho since at least that's interaction. this has left me with the perception that there's very little room for cross-side RP, which seems to make it difficult to have any kind of meaningful conflict, emotional investment, or tone consistent with what a number of people here are saying they want. my experience before and my continuing experience is that most lightside folks only really interact with the, for lack of a better word, "fluffier" darkside folks, and again, many do not interact at all. some organizations even explicitly ban such interactions for a significant portion of their membership (for example, the illuminai don't allow "associating" with darkside people until you've passed aiyr qaepa).

    now, let's be super duper clear: i'm not suggesting all of our characters should be best friends or even on friendly terms since that would also be counterproductive to sustaining a dark tone and meaningful conflict. if our characters don't interact and develop meaningful (if adversarial) relationships, though, how can we expect anything other than what we've got at present?

    in any case, maybe my perceptions don't match most others' experiences, or maybe folks aren't RPin' because they just don't like me, idk. just giving my $0.02.