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  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    Look at vampires having kids/reproducing for example. In the early days,
    i think you just made my objection for me. making a decision "in the early days" is substantially different than making one now, some decade-and-a-half on, and arguably, the cases aren't really even similar. "vampires physically can't reproduce" =/= "all races can reproduce, but somehow their offspring can only be one or the other of the parents' races". the first is an assertion of physical impossibility, while the latter is an incomprehensible restriction on an acknowledged possibility. there's also the fact that it shouldn't be surprising to most people that vampires don't generally reproduce since that's a bit of vampire-lore that's pretty bog-standard, whereas kelki or w/e can't reasonably be said to exist as a feature of general pop cultural knowledge.
    To say there's different reproductive mechanisms at work there between would be... an understatement.
    i mean, maybe? but why is a hardline stance on this necessary when, say, "yeah, you can register your kid with the bloodline registry, and how you explain two ''''''''female''''''''' [massive scare-quotes] parents had a child is your business" is fine?
    Where do you draw the line?
    you don't, because there's literally no need to. there's literally no need to have a rule about this that contradicts over a decade of roleplay by numerous people, some of which is, in fact, mechanically backed-up.
    Maybe this isn't an argument that's the best, but rather than forcing the administration to roll through and define biological components of every single race and how they reproduce, they went with the easier option of just saying "Yeah let's just avoid that big can of worms." New players don't have to be inundated with a genetic chart that shows "OK so you want to play a mixed race, you can have X and Y, but not B and C because B and C can't work but C and E can, but A and X absolutely can't, and A and Y will work for the first time, but the offspring afterwards will be sterile.." and so on.
    yeah, again, what forces admin to do any of this? nothing, except the bizarre expectation that there be rules governing everything. if they truly wanted to avoid the big can of worms, there wouldn't be a stance on it at all - let players work it out somehow as they do with bloodline registration, as mentioned above.