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  • Re: What Anime Character Are You?

    This has been how I feel the job is since I took it. Razmael, off to the side.. more powerful, teaching, but not wanting to be in charge anymore.

    ok i don't message you that much
  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    I don't think anyone is implying that race, culture, and ethnicity should be all lumped into the same category.
    ok great
    It just so happens that those things tend to come hand in hand.
    this was exactly what i was saying is not the case, and i coulda sworn one sentence ago you said we weren't doing this?
    The discussion here is about expanding racial lore (origin stories, pretty much) in addition to breathing more life and culture into NPC settlements to make them something more beyond just stock towns and villages that have next to nothing behind them.

    I think the whole point is being able to offer more for players to draw from in creating back stories and histories and culture for their characters that fits into the existing world instead of blindly making stuff up and finding out later that what they've run with the whole time runs contrary to what actually exists.
    look, though, my issue isn't that i don't understand what the discussion is about. i'm giving my opinion that "expanding racial lore" by gluing race/culture/etc together isn't good for the game or for the world at large. to be more blunt, i guess, SFF genres tend towards essentialist 'race realism' - which, to be blunt once more, is a racist way of conceptualizing race - and my impression is that aetolia has embraced and is planning to continue embracing this conceptualization by "expanding racial lore".

    maybe y'all disagree or don't see the big deal or don't even understand what i'm talking about or whatever, but at least do me the courtesy of not assuming i'm out here in left field talking gibberish at a volleyball or something.
    I would also like to draw attention to this important point from the rather short first post:

    Additionally, have you seen other players do something really solid with their racial RP that you think should get more of a spotlight/be taken under consideration as canon? Keep in mind this is not a guarantee nor right.
    If you, or your peers, feel someone is making well-grounded and reasonable, interesting lore considering these gaps, those things should be posted here so that we, the volunteers working on this, can take it into consideration. If it isn't on our radar, we have no reasonable way to hunt it out.
    yes, i read that. as you said, the first post is rather short. however, as i continued reading the thread, it became clear that there've been times when folks' "well-grounded and reasonable, interesting lore" got singularity-bombed - not because they'd come up with something "contrary to what actually exists" (since nothing exists or existed at the time) but because... well, i don't want to assume motivations or anything. it happened, is my point, and i was expressing my feelings about the possibility of it happening again.

    i'm also less-than-thrilled by the way the onus is being put on players to bring things to admin/volunteer attention. while i don't expect (and would find it super creepy tbh) that y'all monitor and keep notes on all my or anyone else's RP, i do think there are some things that could be done beyond making a forum post that folks may or may not see. this game's player-base is really pretty small, and some of the races whose lore is not well-established or documented are played by an even tinier percentage of us, so there's a pretty small handful of active Horkval players. ("handful" might be generous, too.) it's hard for me to believe admin either don't know or couldn't easily find out who we are. seems to me this puts you in a position from which to easily find out what we've done through a variety of methods. instead, my impression from the OP and your reiteration here is that we're the ones who have to do this work - on top of the work we've already done of establishing lore where none existed or was available - and even then, it may be ignored. this doesn't inspire feelings of goodwill in me, and i think examples in this thread of people having their RP steamrolled by inattentive admin/volunteers should more than justify my concern. there were gaps, and we filled them. if what we do matters and there's a drive to canonize (which, tbh, i don't really understand the need for), i'd think you should be canonizing player-created lore. right now, it seems like we're being told "we might take it into consideration, maybe". if things i do in-game ultimately don't matter because somebody who's not paying attention to or knowingly disregards what's happening in-game decides "well, it's X now"... why am i bothering? why have i bothered? why not just read a book?

    this has been my $5 of opinion, i guess. do with it what you will.
  • Re: Announce 2706 Food

    CLASSLEAD 7331 PROBLEM tiur has bad taste
    CLASSLEAD 7331 SOLUTION 1 delete tiur
    CLASSLEAD 7331 SOLUTION 2 simply banish tiur to whatever alternate dimension he came from
    CLASSLEAD 7331 SOLUTION 3 force tiur to eat nothing but turmeric for the rest of his immortal life
  • Jaymi Joins the Indorani

    ... just kidding. ok, context here is that @Jaymi and vyx are long-time friends, and things have been kind of strained since vyx went indo. our heroine has an insatiable hunger for Exploring, however, so she's come by the ol' Lake of Blood to try to wriggle her way into some New Places. vyx, being a true ambush predator, seizes the opportunity...

    Courtyard before the Tower of Darkness.
    His green eyes glowing malevolently, a horrific black demon stands here, huge wings wrapped around his massive body. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. An imperious hemic savant is here, leaning upon her scythe. Scanning the surroundings with a cool expression, a domineering Carnifex knight stands on watch here.
    You see exits leading northwest and up.
    The demon nods at you in welcome.

    Jaymi bounces up and down in a hyper way.

    Jaymi points off towards the north.

    Jaymi tilts her head curiously.

    You have emoted: Vyxsis steps toward Imal, Keeper of the Dark Tower, then turns on her heel to look at Jaymi. Her gaze is steady, calculating, and when she finally speaks, her voice takes an unfamiliar tone. "Frankly, my friend, you should not be here. The Illuminai are descended from those that forced the Indorani out of power many ages ago. Why would I grant you access, unless you were turning to our Priesthood? I could not easily justify it to the Phantom or the rest of the Council of Thirteen." She keeps her gaze fixed on Jaymi, awaiting a response despite knowing none can be voiced.

    (Tells): Jaymi whispers into your consciousness, "The same reason Lady Chakrasul made a deal with me. With the hopes that I might move closer to changing sides."

    Jaymi glances down, shuffling her feet uneasily.

    You have emoted: "No," Vyxsis says quietly, "if there is anything neither Lady Chakrasul nor the Indorani trade in, it is hope." At a slow pace, the Horkvali woman begins to circle Jaymi - first in a wide arc, then moving closer and closer as though traveling along a spiral. When she stops, she is positioned behind Jaymi, nearly touching, and forcing Jaymi to pass either herself or the massive demon looking on. Jaymi can feel the subtle vibration of Vyxsis's buzzing as she hoarsely whispers, "We deal in Despair, Corruption. You have undergone Aiyr Qaepa, so you must know: all mortals carry Corruption within themselves. You, even, have taken a bit extra from the Dark Mother Herself. How long do you think you can run, hm?"

    Jaymi raises to her tiptoes, spinning about in place so she's facing you, her face red. Her gaze drops to her toes as her fingers move to worry the hem of a delicate skirt of obsidian black.

    You murmur to Jaymi, "Lady Chakrasul always returns for what is Hers, and you, my friend - you have given yourself over already."

    (Tells): Jaymi whispers into your consciousness, "For... a long time, I hope. I'm g-good at running. Do you think I like what I'll see in there? That what I see in there will bring me hope? And Lady Chakrasul got what is Her's... She still owes me what is my due, now."

    You have emoted: Vyxsis straightens to her full height, antennae erect and wings half-spread. "No," she says more loudly, more firmly, pointing to the jade marking on Jaymi's throat as she speaks. "She has not even begun to take what is Hers, not yet. Even in taking your voice, She has given you something." With an air of undefinable menace, she steps forward and closes the gap between your bodies, clunking her chitinous carapace into Jaymi's soft flesh. "Hope is a lie that we do not indulge here - and without it, we have been strong and grow strong again. Do you wish to be free? Then descend, let the Priesthood teach you. The Tower will be yours, then, along with many other things."

    Jaymi cringes at your touch, taking a step back. She bites at her lower lip, small frame trembling. She gives a shake of her head, glancing up to look at you for just a moment.

    (Tells): Jaymi whispers into your consciousness, "The cost is too high. Do you have another offer?"

    You have emoted: A tumultuous cascade of clicking laughter pours from Vyxsis's throat. "Another offer? I have offered you freedom, and you tell me you cannot be bothered to sell your chains." She echoes herself, saying simply, flatly, "No." With that, the Inquisitor steps aside. "Go, you Illuminai who plays with the shadows. When you have learned to truly accept your stain, return. We will be here to guide you."

    Jaymi gives a small nod, her body slipping around yours easily before she offers a small curtsey.
    Jaymi leaves to the up.

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Jaymi's mind, "See yourself as a candle in the darkness if you like, little Syssin of Light, but know - truly know - what the Indorani all know: a single candle only emphasizes the darkness until it is swallowed up, having burnt out."

    (Tells): Jaymi whispers into your consciousness, "Maybe that is true, but a candle in the dark can steal lead others to light while it burns."

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Jaymi's mind, "Yes, but when it goes out? It and all it led will be consumed."

    (Tells): Jaymi whispers into your consciousness, "Enough candles make a path, long enough path and you find your way to the sun."

    our lil tsol'aa is pretty tough when it comes down to it!
  • Ser Chatty the domineering Carnifex knight

    not posted one of these yet, and i thought this one was kinda interesting. just one of those weird, unexpected things that sometimes happen. side benefit: might help a few people understand where vyx is at these days, at least a little bit. edited it slightly to remove spam, but otherwise text is untouched (including at least one typo bleh).

    SCENE: vyx is standing at Bloody precipice in Bloodloch, reading guild scrolls and a few other things. but suddenly...

    A domineering Carnifex knight says, "I heard reading too much can actually make you dumb. Please discuss."

    You ask a domineering Carnifex knight, "Where did you hear that?"

    A domineering Carnifex knight looks to you with curiosity in his eyes, "I hear a lot of things as people pass through the halls," he admits before adding, "If they do not seem a threat, I hardly ask their names."

    You have emoted: Vyxsis chuckles softly. "Fair enough. I ask because it is a surprising sentiment, at least in my opinion." She considers a domineering Carnifex knight for a moment. "It likely depends on what one is reading, though. Spend too much time ingesting that 'Revelation' nonsense, and it is likely to melt your brain a little."

    A domineering Carnifex knight clicks his tongue on the roof of his mouth, the sound echoing around his helm before it is muffled beneath his voice, "You hear a lot about the 'Revelation' through training - though I have not read it myself," though a grin cannot be seen under his headgear, it can be heard as he adds, "I suppose I would not want to, if it is to melt my brain."

    With a tone of indifference, a domineering Carnifex knight asks, "What do you think of the 'Revelation', aside from the brain-melting?"

    You have emoted: "Well, I said if you spent too much time with it, but I doubt reading in moderation would harm you too much." Working her mandibles a bit, Vyxsis says, "My thoughts on the 'Revelation' are... well, I was until a few weeks ago the Arch-Prelate of the Illuminai, if you can believe it." Unable to see the expression beneath the helm, she laughs a touch nervously. "It purports that the Age of Dawn is coming, in which all light will be extinguished, as you have likely heard. Considering whether this was, in fact, a desireable outcome is part of what led me here. So, I would mostly say I am not a fan, with all due respect to Sahmie and the late Lord Rahn."

    Laughingly, you say to a domineering Carnifex knight, "Pardon, I misspoke. All shadow is to be extinguished in the Age of Dawn. Maybe I have already spent too much time with the 'Revelation'."

    "I was going to say, if that were the Age of Dawn then it would have passed already when light WAS extinguished," a domineering Carnifex knight responds, his voice carrying over the sound of metal on metal as he moves closer to you, "When the late Lady Auresae died, before Fire was Reborn as Ethne, when the Luminaries and Daru, now Illuminai, lost their sparks," his voice drops now as he stops a few feet from you, "I must admit, feeling so much darkness was a comfort and a high. Perhaps an Age of Shadow should be foretold."

    The plume on a domineering Carnifex knight's helm sways as he turns his head to focus entirely on you, "I would not have believed you were Arch-Prelate, had you not told me, no."

    You have emoted: She nods slowly a few times, causing her antennae to lazily wave through the air. "I was yet to exist during that Age of Midnight, as the Illuminai call it, but I can certainly say I would not mind the sparks going cold - much less troublesome to fight them, then," Vyxsis says impishly. "No idea whether an Age of Shadow ought to be foretold, though I am inclined not to embrace such fatalistic views of causality that prophecies imply. A certain amount of uncertainty, chaos, cannot be entirly purged from things." With a soft sigh: "As for being Arch-Prelate, it is likely a bit strange. Most of my citymates and allies were shocked, although I had spoken to a few of my growing doubts. We each come from somewhere, though, and at least I have managed to find my way against all odds."

    A grunt is the only response a domineering Carnifex knight offers for a while, as if allowing time for your words to sink in. Finally, he says in a quiet voice that barely makes it past the gaps of his helm, "Continuing to learn and strive for more - to question the world - to grow both as individuals..." his voice ebbs into nothing as his head tilts up towards your antenna, "And as a hive. That is what counts. Fighting for your beliefs. There is honor in that."

    A domineering Carnifex knight turns to walk back towards his post, "You give me things to think about, uh--" his eyes, although unseen, can be felt settling on you, "I do not know your name. But, thank you for providing company and food for thought."

    [Think:] Funny, I cannot recall a guard ever speaking to me, certainly not at such length. No complaints, but I am a touch curious how I attracted this man's attention.

    You have emoted: Vyxsis gives a domineering Carnifex knight a slight bow. "I am called Vyxsis. What may I call you?"

    [Think:] And this one is a touch of an intellectual, it seems like. I wonder who he is.

    "We leave names behind once we commit to the guard, Vyxsis," a domineering Carnifex knight replies with a hint of remorse, "Stay vigilant. I enjoyed this meeting," and with that, the guard snaps his focus from you, as if to free you from anymore obligation as he returns to his guard duty.

    Softly, you say to a domineering Carnifex knight, "Be well, then, Ser Knight."

    You have emoted: Falling silent, Vyxsis returns to her reading.