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  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    I got some beautiful @Sessizlik artwork, too! Wheee~ 
    who are you holding there?
  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    Courtesy of @Teani...SQUEEEEEEEEEEE

    Tek looks like Slenderman with eyes. Which is not a complaint here.
    this is rad but also makes me feel like i've never actually looked at tek before even tho i'm pretty sure vyx has known him the majority of his time in sapience???
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    also, tbc, my weird, overbearing presence in this thread is intended as an expression of how extremely hype i am. can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait
  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    I don't think anyone is implying that race, culture, and ethnicity should be all lumped into the same category.
    ok great
    It just so happens that those things tend to come hand in hand.
    this was exactly what i was saying is not the case, and i coulda sworn one sentence ago you said we weren't doing this?
    The discussion here is about expanding racial lore (origin stories, pretty much) in addition to breathing more life and culture into NPC settlements to make them something more beyond just stock towns and villages that have next to nothing behind them.

    I think the whole point is being able to offer more for players to draw from in creating back stories and histories and culture for their characters that fits into the existing world instead of blindly making stuff up and finding out later that what they've run with the whole time runs contrary to what actually exists.
    look, though, my issue isn't that i don't understand what the discussion is about. i'm giving my opinion that "expanding racial lore" by gluing race/culture/etc together isn't good for the game or for the world at large. to be more blunt, i guess, SFF genres tend towards essentialist 'race realism' - which, to be blunt once more, is a racist way of conceptualizing race - and my impression is that aetolia has embraced and is planning to continue embracing this conceptualization by "expanding racial lore".

    maybe y'all disagree or don't see the big deal or don't even understand what i'm talking about or whatever, but at least do me the courtesy of not assuming i'm out here in left field talking gibberish at a volleyball or something.
    I would also like to draw attention to this important point from the rather short first post:

    Additionally, have you seen other players do something really solid with their racial RP that you think should get more of a spotlight/be taken under consideration as canon? Keep in mind this is not a guarantee nor right.
    If you, or your peers, feel someone is making well-grounded and reasonable, interesting lore considering these gaps, those things should be posted here so that we, the volunteers working on this, can take it into consideration. If it isn't on our radar, we have no reasonable way to hunt it out.
    yes, i read that. as you said, the first post is rather short. however, as i continued reading the thread, it became clear that there've been times when folks' "well-grounded and reasonable, interesting lore" got singularity-bombed - not because they'd come up with something "contrary to what actually exists" (since nothing exists or existed at the time) but because... well, i don't want to assume motivations or anything. it happened, is my point, and i was expressing my feelings about the possibility of it happening again.

    i'm also less-than-thrilled by the way the onus is being put on players to bring things to admin/volunteer attention. while i don't expect (and would find it super creepy tbh) that y'all monitor and keep notes on all my or anyone else's RP, i do think there are some things that could be done beyond making a forum post that folks may or may not see. this game's player-base is really pretty small, and some of the races whose lore is not well-established or documented are played by an even tinier percentage of us, so there's a pretty small handful of active Horkval players. ("handful" might be generous, too.) it's hard for me to believe admin either don't know or couldn't easily find out who we are. seems to me this puts you in a position from which to easily find out what we've done through a variety of methods. instead, my impression from the OP and your reiteration here is that we're the ones who have to do this work - on top of the work we've already done of establishing lore where none existed or was available - and even then, it may be ignored. this doesn't inspire feelings of goodwill in me, and i think examples in this thread of people having their RP steamrolled by inattentive admin/volunteers should more than justify my concern. there were gaps, and we filled them. if what we do matters and there's a drive to canonize (which, tbh, i don't really understand the need for), i'd think you should be canonizing player-created lore. right now, it seems like we're being told "we might take it into consideration, maybe". if things i do in-game ultimately don't matter because somebody who's not paying attention to or knowingly disregards what's happening in-game decides "well, it's X now"... why am i bothering? why have i bothered? why not just read a book?

    this has been my $5 of opinion, i guess. do with it what you will.
  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    tl;dr Some races need really basic stuff before I could reasonably ask for more culturally sensitive details.
    I'd like enough information available on each of the character races to be able to have a believable background when I finish the Academy. I'd also like there to be in-game references for these things. I may be just picking on something that doesn't have a lot of support but...


    The file doesn't give me a hive location I can visit or HELP. There's no information about what I can and shouldn't look like. I'm uncomfortable, as an experienced player, knowing that:

    , and their chitinous bodies lend them a natural protection unmatched by any other mortal race. These blessings of the body have taken their toll on the Horkvali, however, and they find themselves less prepared to master the magical arts.

    is wrong and useless because it's based before statpacks existed.


    The most this tells me if that, more than likely, women are in charge in Horkvali society, and men are probably fewer and farther between outside of "hives". Cannibalism should be rolled into any cheeky conversation.

    That's it.

    Let's look at a more modern race.


    Here, I have philosophy, looks (both body and equipment), locations, and religion. It may be a few before I figure out to HELP DUN, HELP RAHN, and then take some time to look for books or other in-game history tied to both things, but I have something to look at all.

    What matters to me?
    • Give me an idea where I can be born and raised. Please make it somewhere that can be visited, so I can find out what's also nearby and should be familiar to me.
    • Give me some traits of cultural significance. What am I expected to care about, so I know what makes me unique in comparison to next guy who's also my race?
    • Let me have a box of physical traits, so I can pick from it and build the body.
    come find me. i will tell you all there is to know about the Horkval Canon which i've made up and it's better than whatever anyone is planning or has done previously (e.g. That One Book on Horkval).

    more Seriously, though, reading through some of the thread makes me really hope those races that aren't well-defined in HELP files (or wherever else) don't receive the DEUS EX RETCON treatment - rather, i'd hope admin will take the time to speak with players who've taken the time to develop their characters' identities into account. maybe this sounds overly-dramatic, but i'd quite seriously be furious to find that all of the things i've thought out and integrated into my character were suddenly WRONG. you know, kind of like what it sounds like happened to @Toz. for real, i feel very strongly about this, and people who've gotten to know Vyx can attest that what i've developed is both consistent and integral to the character.

    ... but moving on.

    without getting too long-winded about it, i feel like some of the conception of race we're using here is inaccurate, promotes harmful ways of understanding race IRL, and ultimately limits what's possible for players to do with their characters in unnecessary ways. sci-fi/fantasy genres tend to conflate a number of concepts - including ethnicity, nationality, culture, species(!!!), etc - with race. are some of these related? sure. are they the same? lol, no. unicorns no. yet, here we are discussing "races" as though they, for the most part, should be treated as ethnically, culturally, etc., homogeneous. this doesn't make sense to me. here in the OOC world, "race" is a complexly-constructed and context-dependent social-economic category, and most of us are aware (i genuinely hope, anyways) that human "races" are not distinct species, race and ethnicity are distinct, ethnicity and culture are distinct, etc. to take my own background for example, i'm ethnically iranian, culturally west-coast-us american, racially coded as white or (sometimes) other, and so on and so forth. i share some of these things with other iranians, but far from all. i share some of these things with other culturally west-coast-us americans, but verrryyyy far from all. h*ck, even "iranian" as an ethnic term is oversimplifying. etcetera, etcetera ad nauseam.

    my point is: combining all of these things under "race" has generally been a bad deal. maybe some of you don't particularly care how perpetuating discourse in a game also works to perpetuate it 'outside' (or just think the RL-effects aren't as big of a deal as i do), so think a bit about where this leaves us as players. do you really want "races" in the game to be monolithic? must all race-X be from location-Y, share the same culture, etc? that doesn't make a lick of sense to me as a person who knows this isn't how things work, and it doesn't appeal to me as a player who would like a degree of freedom to be a part of developing lore that expands the game world.

    tl;dr this bug is against canonizing static cultural/social/etc identities for the IG races