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  • Re: Tethers and Conversion

    These threads are like a live blog. I always know what's happening in @Kalak's life in game based on what change is being asked for now.

    Other people have said better what I'd be saying to argue your points made in this thread, so instead I'm going to directly address a portion of your last post (which is on topic given the thread creator brought it up) - your tone and status as 'Devil's Advocate'.

    Last thing first: Devil's Advocate is a role from the Catholic Church in an official capacity, tasked with arguing against sainthood by uncovering flaws in a person. What you are doing isn't Devil's Advocacy, you are arguing with a specific agenda for selfish gain. In more casual circles this is known as whining (whinging here sometimes) - there's not anything particularly wrong about it, but it is entirely self-serving and you should do us the courtesy of not insulting our intelligence by pretending this is for the greater good, or that your constant thread creation is some noble work.

    Extending from this, your posting style grates because you tend to mix in think veiled (or not veiled at all) jabs at anyone who disagrees while asserting some measure of superiority over the rest of the population- you are the newcomer here. Newcomer opinions are welcome, but you would do well to remember that not only are you a new face, but of unknown quality relatively speaking. Just because you had an idea doesn't mean any of us should care, or agree with it. And when things fail to become an echo chamber, you should mind your tone because as it stands you are failing to convince anyone else of your ideas - repetitively doing so seems, to me, like a you issue and not a them issue, since you're the only constant.

    Tl;dr- you are whining and insulting people and that's why people are treating you like this. Self-awareness will go a long way in preventing threads from going like this; as it stands, you are like 0 for 4 on these and the only constant variable is you.

    As a final thought, I am sorry MKO went under. This is not MKO and you are not any more special than any other player, so if players (and admin) are consistently chiming in against your ideas, maybe the problem is that x in MKO worked there but will not work here, and while perspective from another is nice, you should accept you are the minority and not everything in this game will be tailored to your liking.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    You have a very egotistical view. Your examples are beyond critique to the extent that names aren't even provided, yet the established player base who have been here long before you aren't allowed to weigh in because the sum of their experience is somehow less valid. You will succeed with your rogue endeavor even though others who came before you could not, and their failure is irrelevant to you because you are somehow more than them.

    I'm going to start with the social aspect for arguing against your post. Aetolian gameplay does not exist in a vacuum. When you emote or act, you pull on a string. You may imagine the rest of the game world to be similarly made up of strings. Sometimes you pull and only your string moves - solo RP. What you are wanting is not solo RP, and so when you pull one string you will move other strings. In your mind, you will make a mercenary group or a rogue alliance of spies and thieves. It will be interesting to you, you will have fun, and you can easily imagine a rogue den in Esterport where you and your cronies lurk, awaiting a contract.

    What you fail to account for is the other strings involved. No one from Enorian can hire you because of city ethos - not if you also work for BL or any other person. Duiran will likely do the same, for the same reasons - why pay you when the gold given might then directly be used to harm them. This leaves BL and Spinesreach to hire yourself out to. You will also find yourself free pk to any org on the lifer side if you use any of their classes - there were two rogue Templars who were hunted until they changed class less than 6 months ago, with admin blessing. So now you are factional aligned and locked in to certain classes, congratulations. Welcome to shadow side. Why not join a city and benefit from the ylem bonus? You don't fill a niche at all, being outside of one, that you couldn't fill inside one.

    Theft is even worse, we will all hunt you forever. I promise you'll quit or hide enough in a safe room that you become irrelevant long before we get tired of killing you, theft is annoying.

    Hopefully these brief examples are enough to overcome the massive experience you have with rogue groups elsewhere that us lesser being are not privy to. I'm happy to discuss more at length as needed.

    Now for the more simple, and more on-topic point: titling. Let's say you really can do it. You are a sellsword org that is purely neutral. Everyone hires you, you're rich. With what authority do you title yourself? You don't have a city, or rank in an org that is officially recognized. You don't make treaties or have guards, you don't have a tutor, you don't have infrastructure and you sure as hell don't have the authority to grant a title because you're a nobody. You can pay someone to title you, maybe, but titling yourself is absurd - no one has to recognize you as a political entity. Titling is not just some appending of a string, it's a coded representation of beaurocracy in action. You have yet to explain why you as a random irrelevant group to the world at large can grant such a thing.

    In conclusion, you are welcome to try rogue out. I hope it works but more established players have tried and failed, and your arrogance in handling such points is unimpressive. Clans have no authority to title because of their place in the world, and that should not change - my book club can't grant me knighthood, my city can.
  • Re: Owned Part II

    I'm going to buy a can of RAID for when you two inevitably bang.
  • Re: Short Questions

    I'd caution against Carnifex, the endurance drain is super nuts. You can bash forever as Cabalist (tanky), I think? With no arties, class tankiness is going to be a major factor imo of where you can/can't bash.
  • Re: Living Bloodlochian Citizens

    @Satomi but through the whole deathlore seems to fit undeath more than living, is what I am saying. Yes Indorani and Carnifex have been open to both life and Undeath it really doesn't make sense with the lore of the Carnifex to have living in its ranks
    'While some believe that the undead are bereft of a soul, others maintain that it is the soul's inability to depart the physical body that defines undeath.'

    So either undead can't get their soul out of their body (and thus can't make a sacrifice of soul to the soulstone), or they don't have one (and thus can't sacrifice part of their soul to the soulstone), either way meaning they can't use Deathlore.

    Living only Carnifex pls.