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  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    OMYGOSH, @Tiur , what do those asterix mean in front of the Elemancy spells?
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Won't answer on staves yet. Mebbe later. Am updating the OP every now and then, though.

    Currently coding a way for Sciomancers the fling weapons up into the air to orbit their singularities for use as projectiles later.
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    @Tiur I know it's a bit early, but I was curious how enchantment will be handled. Will there be an option to exchange your current Mercantile with it? Freeing up the lessons for the new skillset?
    Oooh, already this thread makes itself useful! I didn't even think of the poor Mages who have a Mercantile already! Most likely we'll do the class change as we always have, with a refund of lessons. Then maybe the people who had Trans Enchantment AND a Mercantile can have a temp command to CHANGE MERCANTILE to swap Trans for Trans Enchantment. That sounds doable and fair.

    And yes, @Aishia! Enchantment has to become Mercantile... which also means it is being changed up quite a bit to mix in with the other mercantile skills.

    @Tekias Thank you for being excited. Excitement helps me keep the enthusiasm going, because sometimes the code mines are dreary.

    Fulcrum Create and carefully tend a rift between planes. Collapse Release the magics that bind your fulcrum. Storage Hide your valuables from detection. Anchor Affix your fulcrum to a point in space. Push Move your fulcrum to another.
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    So, the whole Air/Earth - Shadow 'tether' thing was Galleus, and it was never explained. It actually predates tethers. So no worries there, we'll make sure any into story comes with cosmology explanations about the movements of planes.

    I think the Ascendril's method of doing these connections to planes will explain why they're not doing the Earth Plane. It is a weird place, anyway.

    I think the Sciomancer mentality will be similar to that? More like... Shadow needs to be used, there -is- a balance.. and hey, those other elements were wussy anyway.
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Those plans are gone. Can you imagine giving up the sheer quantity of assets that is Sapience?

    Singularity Unlock the power of the singularity. Expand Grow your singularity. Recall Return your well back to you from afar. Featherstep Your mastery of gravity lets you traverse water without a care. Home Transport yourself to your gravity well