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  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    Just to toss my two cents in: the stance of no half-breeds was clear to me when I started playing this game over a decade ago. It's been there. It's been spoken of, but some people have sort of (or even blatantly) ignored it. Some people might have started something without even asking, and thus not knowing, and then they were too far into their RP to feel like they could back down. Some people were perhaps not informed properly when they asked around to begin with, or the people they asked didn't know themselves and just went with the easiest "go for it" answer. Who knows? 

    All I can say is that I've heard the Admin have this stance throughout my playtime, and it's not been a one-time mentioning in a random context either. I just don't have the time or inclination to chase down quotes to back it up.

    The Admin has once again stated that this is their stance on half-breeds, which is to say there are none. A dominant trait determines the race of the child of parents of different races. It is up to the parents themselves to determine which one this will be. It also makes sense from the character creation point of view, since one has to specify a race to play, not a combination. It brings consistency to the game in a way, so I agree with their stance.

    Canonizing things means people have something to lean back against, or something to use as a guide as they develop their characters. It brings stability and less uncertainty to the game, making the world seem more real and easier to immerse oneself.

    Besides, all games have rules, you know?
  • Re: Short Questions

    I'd prefer if they were nuked. <.<
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Since the change to shop commands, some things have become quite a nuisance. There are certain items that cannot be priced as a group, but has to be priced individually. It used to be that if you priced one item, all the others of the same template were automatically added. Without this function, pricing certain things with general names can be a bother.

    For example, the shimmering orbs (concealment enchantment) is known as an orb, but so are Parxian orbs of different colors. The Parxian orbs can be targeted using their colors, but the shimmering orb does not have that option. The same goes for the Lanos eye (discernment enchantment) which cannot be targeted simply as eye, because then you will end up messing with eye sigils or bull's eyes. It would be neat if they could be given specific names that work intuituvely, like "shimmeringorb" and "lanoseye". This would help a lot when it comes to pricing, dropping and giving things. That way I won't give away my Peripleko's Eye every time I try to give someone a specific enchantment.
  • Re: Post Your Pictures!

    @Eowyn Do it!! It's fun and uplifting! 
  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    Almost feel like making a third edition of the Spirean Pinup calendar now. These are awesome!