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Sigmund ✭✭✭


The highest spire in Spinesreach
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The highest spire in Spinesreach
  • Re: Post Your Pictures!

    Ninjas and John Cena wish they had swag like me - I'm just a smug peacock is all. Just for you, @Axius


    Two different things that I'll Rage/Mad at.

    #1: The Aetolian Discord - I understand that it comes to a point where you play Aetolia for so long, that one starts to crave a little more OOC interaction with the RL players behind the characters that one spends so much time with IG. There is nothing wrong with this, and this rage of mine is strictly of my own opinion. I have zero intention to launch a crusade in typed letters to discourage others from joining the Discord and getting to mingle with so many other creative people that launch colorful, and interesting characters within the Aetolian universe.

    However. I liked the game a great deal more, when my OOC interactions were limited to the forums, and highly disciplined OOC communication IG when I'm logged on. A lot of mystery and comfortable fog was lost when I saw people being themselves OOC on the Discord, instead of the grand characters that they flex and execute into motion when I'm logged on.

    I also dislike the OOC things that come attached to mediums like the Discord. I recently ripped my Discord into pieces because another player harassed me in a direct manner through private messages, the substance of the harassment being a type that would not be acceptable anywhere. It bothered me to the point that I actually felt inclined to pull my reserve chute and get the hell out of there. I will not name names, and I will maintain a measure of privacy for the sake of everyone involved. It's the most professional thing I can do considering all of it. For those involved, who will most certainly read this at some point, I humbly request the same. No names.

    #2: Disrespect to the dead, and victims of war crimes. Recently it came to my attention of a particular individual making a highly tasteless comment/joke/ribbing considering war crimes as the main point of the subject.

    As a combat veteran who spent his time defending small villages and towns, and sometimes larger population centers, from those that were carrying out real war crimes, it really boils my blood to see a civilian use the topic in so casual, and off hand a manner. Doing so does an immense amount of disrespect to the dead, and to the people that had their families, and communities torn apart by actual war crimes from people that have zero respect for life. It bothered me enough to run through my head for the better part of yesterday, and into today, so I felt inclined to include it in my MAD post.

    People really need to think before they say certain things, and bear in mind that the things said so casually, have more weight to them when it involves the memory of the dead, the wounded, and the traumatized.

    That's my RAGE/MAD post for the day. Keep on kickin, Aetolians.
  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    I really got to get some artwork of Sigmund up here, looking at all of these is making me hanker for a visual depiction of salty Siggy.

    He has something of a "spirit animal" theme, each creature embodying a particular attitude he has. Wolf, Eagle, Hydra, and recently some sort of brilliant, celestial lion that's been taking charge the past few days.

    I should get a picture for each, with the animal in the picture, and Sigmund's symbolic attitude/visage for each in pieces of their own.
  • Re: LOVE

    Lots of LOVE to everyone involved with Sigmund's development. Allies, enemies, friends, and everyone else that exist inbetween.

    Siggy hates me, the player. But all the character immersion from everyone keeps him off my back. Cheers.

    My vices, and particular habits/attributes I have. Lately they have been getting the better of me. I'll rage at that.