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    I need your guys help with some math.

    Now that I have been fired, there are two employees left in the store. Let's call them A and B. A is working 6 hours a day 5 days a week and has been doing this job for the last 4 years. B is working 8 hours a day and has been doing it for 3 months. Because B is new, and because of some other circumstances, he needs guidance and (have we been told now) cannot be given any responsibilities at all. We also have 3 attendees who has work practice, and one more coming soon.

    This means that A has to start work at 9.45am, since our first attendee starts at 10am, cause B can't be alone with the attendees. A then has to open the shop at noon, since B can't be responsible for the cash register. A also has to be in the shop when it closes at 6pm, since B can't be responsible for closing the shop.

    The rest of the time, A has to work with production, guide the soon to be 4 attendees AND guide B, plan coming events, work on coming events, take care of customers, find new customers, talk to old customers about coming back to be regulars, handle purchases and NOT BREAK DOWN!!!

    So, A is gonna have to work from 10am-6pm when only working 6 hours a day and then take responsibilities for everything.

    The thing is, we are parts of this company because we have issues one way or another. Mine is a social phobia and severe anxiety, A has anxiety and depression. B has a minor brain damage from birth, but it doesn't hold him back in way, he just has problems focusing when not being told what to do. The company is being given 70-80% of our paychecks for having us hired and to MAKE SURE we have a good environment that helps us grow and won't stress us out. They get money for it and they treat us like crap!!

    It's so frustrating and I want them to close down the shop to save my friend from the psych ward, but I don't know if that will happen. They will just keep using her until she quits or breaks down.

    EDIT: I was just told they won't shut the store down, because they can't get out of the leasing contract for the shop. They're just gonna milk it as long as they can. Oh, joy..
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    So.. I got fired today. No warning or anything. Just, "Yeah, economics are bad, you have to go." They are keeping the guy who doesn't know the job, messes up the cash register and doesn't know how to deal with customers, because according to the law, it's last in, last out, and that's me. And then there's my other coworker, who's really shy and withdrawn and she just seemed resigned and said, "I'm gonna quit, I can't do this without you."

    Edited out some drunk rambling.
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  • Re: LOVE

    I'm gonna get to meet Christopher Lloyd and John Rhys-Davies tomorrow. Never met big celebs like that, so I'm sortof starstruck! Also, I'm giving them both handmade chocolates from my shop. Bigger box for mr Lloyd, since it's his birthday on Sunday. Oh, and I might get to see Dean Cain from Lois & Clark, Ken Kirzinger from Freddy vs Jason and Ingvild Deila from Rogue one. But really.. don't care too much about those. I'm there for Sallah and Doc Brown! I might post pics on Sunday. :D
  • Re: LOVE

    Today, I've contacted the student loan office to check in on my debt and ask that they don't send it to the Bailiff, talked to the people handling my internet and phone and cancelled my phone, since I don't use it at all. I have paid my bills and arranged direct debit for my internet bill.
    All this and it's only 9.30am. And I hate phones. And I now have all my debts under controll and will be debt free in a few months.

    The weather sucks, but I am, under circumstances, having a good day so far.
  • Re: Tone of Aetolia

    I have bad experiences with cross-tether rp. When Sessi was a novice, she managed to get a whole lot of information about stuff like the Abyss and the Shadowbound from Moiran, but was later kicked out of the Ascendrils, because the leadership didn't like that she talked to darkies. Sessi was doing everything an Ascendril was supposed to do, gather information, learn, expand on our enlightenment, and also did it to help Enorian at large, and she was kicked from the guild for it. Yes, I am still bitter about that.

    As for how things are now, I really can't say. I've been so bored with the game since before the whole Bloom-deal, I have barely logged in. I find that, on all of my chars, things are at a standstill. I can't even find enough energy to make an alt. I look at the list of guilds in the game and I can't find a single one that seems exciting. Spinesreach can be fun at times, but there's still a problem with cliques everywhere. It's difficult getting into the already set groups of rp and if you manage to get into group A, you are basically stuck there and can't rp with people in group B.

    Perhaps this is just me having this problem, perhaps noone else sees it... I am still hoping to find the joy of the game again, cause I love Aetolia and I at least love some of the people in this game.