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  • Re: Roleplay, Reasons and Repercussions

    We haven't forcefully infected anybody in this event, nor have we spread the sludge/spore (outside of its natural mechanical spreading). The only way your guards could have gotten sick was being exposed to spores somehow, or someone that was infected standing next to them.

    Everything is your (the player's) fault. You can't blame us this time, sorry!
  • Re: Voting for Aetolia

    We're still beating Achaea! If you like Archivists, please vote:
  • Re: The Wastelands of Albedos

    Here's a small teaser for you regarding our upcoming new class: the Wayfarers!

    The Wayfarers are a band of hardy warriors that roam the wastelands and wilderness of Albedos, maintaining a constant watch over the forces of Drakkenmont as they strike forth from their lofty bastions in the southern reaches to maintain their iron grasp upon the continent. The Wayfarers are loners by nature, preferring to scavenge what they need and only venture into outlying towns for information and bounties. When an opportunity presents itself, they will cut a swathe through the enemy forces, only stopping when they have claimed their trophies from the fallen.

    Brought together by a keen desire for gold for their services, the Wayfarers have little need for a united leadership such as the guilds of Sapience. Scattered across the continent, these men and women come together only to share stories, trade information, and warm themselves by the vigil fires in their camps and hideouts before venturing out once more.

    Wayfarers will always be found carrying several handaxes, their weapon of choice, and don leather armour for its freedom of mobility. A fury to be reckoned with upon the battlefield, they'll dive fearlessly into the fray, their commanding shouts inspiring allies and striking terror into enemies.

    Stay tuned!
  • The Wastelands of Albedos

    As the Dreikathi Empire's hold upon the northern reaches of Albedos loosened following their loss upon the continent of Sapience, pockets of resistance rose to overthrow their now weakened masters. Civil war erupted within the city set deep into the caldera of Drakkenmont and chaos spread across the southern expanse in a ceaseless wave. Settlements, towns, and villages collapsed beneath the cruel swathe that the Dreikathi carved in their struggle to maintain control.

    The people of Albedos were not so easily broken.

    Taking up arms, they fell upon the Dreikathi's brutish overlords without mercy before fading into the wastes as quickly as they had come, becoming little more than legend and myth to the slaves of Drakkenmont.


    Byen shifted from foot to foot as a familiar figure came into the gloaming light of the dwindling campfire, his nostrils flaring as he took in her scent with a grimace. "Good hunting, friend? I smell death upon you." The Caentoi raised a hand in greeting to the Ursal, a slab of stout muscle and leathers, that plodded towards him with heavy footfalls.

    The Ursal tossed a dark object with a grunt, Byen taking a quick step back to avoid the projectile. "Scout," she rumbled as the object rolled into the light; a sack stained red with dark, drying blood. "Was quick. Bloody. Quick. Have trophy." She sat down heavily on a log before the dying fire, stirring the embers with a blackened branch before fixing Byen with a steely stare.

    "And I've such a trophy as well," Byen jerked his head to the left, indicating the desiccated corpse of a headless Vierkathi hunter that swung lazily in the night air behind him with the telltale creak of a rope. "The Deathwalkers will be pleased with our findings."

    "Is good hunting," the Ursal snorted in reply, kicking a dry log into the fire with a savage boot and emphatic grunt. "I take ten trophies this moon. You take, pah, three? Not so good. I console you with good drink from their cellar and fine meat."

    "Ah, I've had my fill of vakmut flesh from the Underbelly, madam," the Caentoi replied primly, snout wrinkling. "I heard they have started an orych herd in the old shrine's garden. Orych milk and meat to be had with our bounties collected, hm? Much better than the vakmut flesh you've come to love, my dear."

    "Ha!" The Ursal thumped a heavy paw against her belly, raucous laughter filling the night air. "If little Caentoi makes it back to shrine, yes? Deathwalkers not pay dead dog. Gatekeeper not so kind, yes?"

    "Harel, please! Your constant 'dead dog' comments wound me so," Byen replied, an upturned paw placed against his brow in mock horror. "You are not wrong, though. Now, where is our third friend?"

    "Ahh, Aslinn?"

    "He's a name about him, Harel."

    "Grees-ka?" Harel snorted as the fire began to crackle to life once more, leaning forward to peer through the haze at Byen.

    "Graska, yes," Byen muttered, turning to peer over his shoulder into the dark of the wood.

    "Where is he?"

    "I asked you, Har--"

    A wild, keening shriek echoed from the woodlands as a lithe Aslinn bounded into view.

    "Ahh, and here he is now. Our wild one, hrm?" Byen bared his teeth in a grin, yellowed teeth gleaming in the firelight.

    "Yesss, see?" The Aslinn chattered to himself in broken Albedi, dropping two decapitated Vierkathi heads to the ground with a wheedling laugh as they bounced across the cold ground. His dark eyes peered down at the Ursal and Caentoi with a feverish glaze. "I kill three, but one.. one get away! He run, he cry blood, leave trail--we find him, yes? We need more trophy for dark kings!"

    "Tch.. kings, are they?" Byen turned to glance to Harel, the Ursal already shaking her limbs out and kicking a heavy log to snuff out the campfire with a grunt. "Well, Harel. Shall we?"

    "I claim trophy," Harel grunted out, hefting her weapon over her shoulder as she strode into the woodlands. "Blood in the air."

    Byen nodded, following after the Ursal with the Aslinn trailing closely behind them. Blood in the air. It was a fine night for a hunt.
    Courtesy of @Hadrak.
  • Welcome Midkemians: Advice, tips, and comparisons for your new life in Aetolia

    We're sorry to see that your time in Midkemia had to come to a close. It can be a little confusing trying another Iron Realms game, but we hope you'll give Aetolia a try! Sapience is a significantly different land from Triagia, and here are a few of the most important discrepancies you'll want to be aware of.


    - Artifacts must be purchased in credits or iron coins (with few notable exceptions), and cannot be rented. Otherwise, they work similarly to how you're used to.

    - Iron Coins are our equivalent of Ishapian tokens.


    Which city will become your home? Aetolia has four city-states to choose from, with many striking similarities to your old Triagian haunts.

    - Bloodloch, the city of Undeath, strength, and grisly might. This city of Shadow will remind you of Sar-Sargoth, with its scheming vampiric houses, slaves to torture or drink from, and emphasis on conquest and power.

    - Duiran, the untamed commune of the wild Heartwood. Fans of Elvandar might find much familiar in the Spirit-aligned Duiran, though rather than a monarchy, Duiran Council boasts a diplomatic structure similar to the rest of the cities.

    - Enorian, coastal jewel of the east, foundation of the Church. Former residents of Krondor will most likely flock to this city of Spirit, though be warned - this is a city of justice and purity, and the citizens do not often suffer corruption or darkness.

    - Spinesreach, the fierce Republic of the savage north. Though this city is Shadow-aligned, it does not have much of an analogue to Midkemia. Spinesreach is only loosely aligned with the nefarious aims of its fairweather ally, Bloodloch, and espouses the pursuits of research, trade, and prosperity.


    - Unlike Midkemia, races in Aetolia aren't tied to a specific city, and any race can join any city.

    - That said, some cities may be less welcoming of certain races. For example, a Nazetu probably won't be very welcome in Enorian.


    - There are no Cults in Aetolia - rather, we have Divine Orders (HELP ORDERS)!

    - Divine Orders are formal organizations of worship managed by the Gods Themselves. Though the associated God may change, there is only ever one Order for one God.

    - Each God tends to associate with a certain alignment (also called a tether), and though Their tenets can be open to interpretation, it is typically frowned on for, say, an Enorianite to worship Chakrasul (HELP GODS).

    - To gain access to an Order, you must first join the God's Congregation (HELP CONGREGATION). How you advance from there is up to Them!


    - Curing is much more complex in Aetolia, being focused on several different balances, such as herbs/organ slices, pipe smoking, and the application of salves. Read HELP CURING, as there's a lot to learn!

    - Most notably, the element of randomness is not as present. Many afflictions are cured by a specific curative, and will cure in the exact same order each time. Your offense must be planned around this order!

    - Although you are free to use your own solution, Aetolia comes with a free, built-in curing system called First Aid that is VERY powerful, and includes a lot of customization. HELP FIRSTAID will tell you everything you need to know!


    - Referred to as houses, or sometimes castles, player houses are purchased with an initial credit investment (HELP CASTLES), then expanded with the stone commodity. Gold is used to rename/redescribe rooms of your house.

    - There is no common hub to access houses from. All houses, whether inside the walls of a city, village, or out in the wilderness, are placed like any other building, so plan where you want yours accordingly!


    - Your character will hunger and tire, though you will find you can go for far longer periods between meals and rest.

    - At level 80, your need to eat or sleep will vanish entirely, save for certain skills that inflict these conditions on you.

    - Aetolians are very well hydrated and never need to drink!


    - Finding your way around a new world can be confusing! Luckily Aetolia has a landmark system (which has useful destinations such as shops) and built-in pathfinding.

    - You can PATH FIND to find a route to where you want to go and then PATH GO.

    - Valid destinations include a room number, landmark, area name, CITY, GUILD and more! Check HELP PATHFINDING.

    - LANDMARKS will show you a list of global landmarks. If you're standing inside a city, it'll show you some city-specific landmarks as well.

    - The endurance cost to move from place to place is practically negligible.

    - Travel tends to be very speedy - skilled or well-equipped characters can move across entire continents in mere seconds!

    - Numerous skills exist to jump between rooms instantly, such as Portals, Wormholes, and Deliverance.

    - Exploration does not grant you experience in Aetolia.


    Aetolia's rules on PVP engagements with other players is somewhat more strict. Most notably:

    - There is no "open PVP" at all times - certain conditions (ylem harvesting, Hunting Grounds, etc.) do open players up for free PK, but in general, combat is expected to be a necessary, in-character action.

    - Repeatedly killing someone without good reason is frowned upon. The rule of thumb is that one death is acceptable; any more and you need another reason!

    - Killing your enemy because he insulted you is good; killing him just because he's your enemy is bad.

    - You should always read HELP PK and ensure that you understand it.


    - There is no class specialization in Aetolia, although some skillsets do allow for degrees of customization, such as choosing a Mastery in Battlefury.


    - Your character's stats are not as integral to the performance of your skills, though they are still important!

    - More often than not, the effectiveness of your abilities is determined by the relevant skill rank (see HELP SKILLRANKS).

    - Stats are independent of what race you pick, and we use a statpack system instead that determines your stats. You can pick any statpack for any race.

    - Stats are changed by switching statpacks (HELP STATPACKS), reaching a given level as certain races, or gaining enhancements (HELP ENHANCEMENTS). You do not gain stats with each level.

    - See HELP STATS for more information.


    - Many skills and defences allow you to discern the location of other characters, such as Farsight or Scent, or the Thirdeye defence. These are commonly available, so don't be surprised that your foes can hunt you down!

    - Normal stealth might be far weaker than what you are used to, and can be defeated by numerous vision-based defences (Heatsight, Lifevision, etc.).

    - However, the Phasing skill, available to the Syssin class, is an extremely powerful means of hiding from other players, similar to Deepshroud.


    - Theft is very difficult to do in Aetolia, and is very uncommon. That doesn't mean you shouldn't secure your belongings!

    - As with any Iron Realms MUD, leaving your goods around a house or stockroom can still be a liability, and you should always ensure you are not being followed.

    - It is impossible to have your gold stolen, and is safe to leave out in your inventory.


    - Aetolia uses a slower time scale, just like Midkemia, with one day being equivalent to four real life hours, and one week equaling one real life day.


    - Tattoos in Aetolia function almost identical to how they do in Midkemia, although with different names/functions. Here's some of the Tattoos you'll probably want on your character.

    Mindseye: Allows you to see and hear while blind and deaf. Very useful!
    Cloak: This tattoo prevents people from summoning you with the Brazier tattoo, and is considered a staple defence for combat.
    Moss: Passively clots your bleeding damage.
    Boar: Passively regenerates your health.
    Shield: Will prevent most attacks against you, but can be bypassed. Drops if you move or make a hostile action.

    - Most players will be able to assist you with obtaining them if you ask over your guild or city channel, but failing that you can PATH FIND TATTOOS to locate a NPC who can ink them for you - for a cost!


    - Vampirism in Aetolia is very common-place and is not at all rare like it is in Midkemia.

    - Becoming a vampire tends to be a permanent choice - a cure is possible, but lengthy.

    - Vampires are shadow-aligned, and are very much unwelcome in Duiran and Enorian.

    - Vampires may be feared and reviled, but not everywhere! Vampires enjoy power and prestige in the city of Bloodloch, and do not hide their identities.


    - There are three tiers in our crafting system, which offer opportunities for merchantry and further customizing your world and character.

    Mercantile skills: There are presently four Mercantile skills. You can only have one at a time. These are Concoctions (cures for the living), Reanimation (cures for the Undead), Forging (creation and customization of armour, weapons, and shields), and Toxicology (venoms).

    Tradeskills: These cost 100 credits and an additional lesson investment. These include: Tailoring, Jewelcraft, Furniture, Woodcraft, Cooking, Brewing.

    Talents: These have a credit cost and no lesson investment. These include: Linguistics, Barding, Taxidermy, Pyrotechnics, Fletching, and more! (HELP TALENTS).

    Remember, for any questions you might have, you can always ask on the Newbie channel, or ask here on the forums!