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  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    The absence of lore on a particular matter doesn't confirm one way or another what that lore should actually be.

    One of the biggest problems with basing your argument upon what was acceptable in the older days is that standards in both lore and roleplay were A LOT less defined back then, on both an admin and player level. Over the last few years, we have been working on fleshing out and developing the world of Aetolia. Yes, this sometimes means that your personal character roleplay may be compromised as we settle on how things work. No, this sometimes cannot be avoided, nor is it any sort of personal attack on you.

    It's important that we establish these facts as it helps prevent contradictory lore in the future. No matter what way we go, there's always someone we'll upset with the decision. What if one Grook player decides to roleplay a live birth, but another Grook player roleplays egg laying? They both can't be right, and if someone comes to us and asks us which is right, one of them is going to be mad.

    On the matter of half-breeds, there's actually more implications to this than a lot of people realize and is a small (but still somewhat important) plot point for Aetolia. Why can't Sapience races create half-breeds, when there's evidence of half-breed races (e.g. the haekathi who recently invaded Sapience, known to be half-breeds of the Dreikathi) being made when (certain pairs of) two Albedi races breed? :thinking:

    In any case, outside of extreme circumstances, this isn't something we'll actively police on an admin level. We're not going to pull you aside and say 'hey, change your desc'. And ultimately, once you get to end-game you can still make yourself a catgirl if you want. It's a well known fact I'm a huge fan of catgirls, for what it's worth.
  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    I'm glad someone does that! I'm trying to keep up. We hit a snag with Sciomancy, but we might be past it... here's hoping.
    We got past it by deciding to just delete Sciomancers.
  • Re: Fluff Skills

  • Re: Tethers and Conversion

    You can't both argue lore and then try to dismiss it when it is brought up or clarified.

    Severn's gift of training does not mean that the class itself is as infused in shadow as characters (and players apparently) believe. Was there some intended bleedover for some time? Yes. Should anyone be shocked that the God of Artifice might lie to his own people to prop up this sense of being really *special* pets, in lieu of the history of the Ankyreans? The most prized and trusted rellyw? No.

    As stated, Wayfarer is not native to Sapience and is offered training. The true Wayfarers do not move between cities, they are off protecting borders and hunting in Albedos, which is Hard Mode compared to what Sapience deals with. Willfully ignoring the clarity offered on this point does not serve any purpose.

    Monk's one tie to Spirit is through Kaido, which is primarily the manipulation of that amount of essence inside of you rather than a link or draw from the larger element. Every mortal, even Undead, still have a bit of Spirit in them. It gets dominated by Shadow with their state, but it holds out.

    Shapeshifting is a non-genetic mutation rooted in an ancient ritual. Someone being able to drop the training bears no relevance to the conversation, regarding lore or without.

    I am sorry you see the well documented refund rate as punitive, but those are the breaks. I am sorry you do not find our explanations satisfying (though I will say that that is reciprocated, the arguments themselves and the attitude in which they are conveyed. This is becoming a reoccurring situation where tone clouds meaning to everyone's discredit.).

    The tethers are in place for several reasons: both the mechanical balancing, as well as the lore. A Templar channeling the gifts of the Spirit plane makes little sense assisting Shadow as a Spirean citizen, just as a Sciomancer has little place warping the balance of the elements in Duiran or Enorian. There is a hard polarity with these two elements (which are physical things, not just propaganda for politics), which group some training in ways that are incompatable with others. It is easy to come up with personal narratives as to why you might toe the line, but the elements are not so forgiving once you try to immerse them within each other.
  • Re: Producer's Producering

    And, perhaps some hints as to what's planned for the next new class?