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  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    @Leana If I made you have a shitty time, consider this my apology. That is never my intent and, if it happens in the future, just shoot me a line saying "hey, you're kinda ruining my fun" and I'll stop. I really have no desire to keep anyone from having fun.

    Edit: of course, if my ruining your fun is stopping someone from killing dwarves in tainhelm, I gotta I'm sorry XD
  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    I'm confused as to why people think my saying "hey maybe ask for consent" is because "wahh losing". Because man, let me tell you something: I don't care about losing. Big deal, unicorns happens. If I cared about losing, I wouldn't play this kind of game, where it's all up to chance and I can't restart. if I only cared about winning, I wouldn't spend time getting involved with other people's rp, or spend time trying to lead a guild or city. Hell, I'd probably learn to code so that I KNOW I'd win. But I don't care.

    For all the talk of "We need to mature", people are AWFULLY against the idea of being mature and making sure the HUMAN on the other side of that game is down with something. It's an embarrassment, to see how much people fight the very basic idea of just making sure it's a good time to start a fight. Like, unicorns, if I deny you a conflict, I promise it isn't because I'm afraid of losing. it's because, as a real life person with other real life unicorns to do, I don't have the mental energy.

    I'll tell you why order wars aren't done, because they're BORING. They need a serious overhaul because, man, just rebuilding and taking down shrines is boring and we all know it. People complained about Three Widows because, while there was a huge pk element, there was also a HUGE RP element, and getting killed every time you wanted to go talk to an NPC got dull as unicorns, and limiting an event that has such a big impact on lore and rp to being accessible to only pkers is kinda garbage. But, I'm also someone who thinks it's not a huge to do to make sure everyone is having fun. Because, again, everyone is here to enjoy themselves and I'm not going to enjoy myself if I'm making another real, honest to God human have a shitty time.

    It's not a problem of "oh raiding sucks", it's a problem of people knowing when to QUIT. And frankly, I don't think a lot of people DO know when to quit. They either take the complaints as "oh it's just people bitching about losing" or, they take it as a sign of their victory, and continue to do it because "oh, who's going to stop me?" If we wanna talk about maturing enough to handle loss, that's fine, but we also need to talk about maturing enough to know when to knock it off.

    Either way, I'm done. I don't want this to get heated, all I wanted to say, and said at the start, is that I think the leaders talk will be a great way to start to resolve the lack of conflict. It's not 'spontaneous' but who cares, conflict is conflict
  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    @Faerah I have to be honest, that has little to do with any reason that I'd ask if people want conflict. If you start a fight and then unicorns when you can't win, that's one thing. That's a personal thing. 

    I'm talking about arcs. Let's take something specific. We had a player recently get pulled into long, drawn out drama rp that that player wanted no part in. It involved two cities and a guild just because one player wanted drama. Suddenly, that player has to deal with the fallout of an rp arc they wanted no part in. I don't think asking for consent before rp is too much to ask for.

    Let's venture back to the Templar Carnifex thing. Nobody left that happy. Carnifex didn't get the fight they wanted and I had to deal with getting flack for not forcing people to PK after dealing with endless hours of raiding. Literally nobody is the winner. Communication between leaders, even a simple "when are you open as an org for conflict" could've made that into an awesome rp. You may run into orgs that don't want conflict, sure, but then you look for it with orgs that do. And this doesn't even have to be an all the time thing, things will happen spur of the moment. But man alive, that moment always stuck with me because I would've loved more conflict, but it was just the timing, something that is easily avoided with "hey when are you free for this"

    if a guild or city shies away from conflicts they will either be left behind in rp arcs or eventually the leaders will be replaced. And honestly, that's fine. Conflict is the driving force behind a game like this, but it's not even about "let's not hurt anyone's feelings" which again if things move into ooc harassment you should talk to admin, it's about making sure people are READY for conflict so that each party gets the MOST out of their time. Because there's no way anyone is having fun just hearing "no thanks" because of bad timing.

    My unicorns is currently in the ER with kidney pain, from a stone, so that's the pits.

    Jensen said:
    Rasani said:
    Zaila said:
    [Trump's] campaign was built on those things, those ideals.
    As someone who didn't vote for Trump, but who knows many people who did, I hope it can bring you some solace to know that the plethora of Trump-voters I know would disagree with that statement entirely. Those I've spoken with (or been spoken at by) couldn't have cared less what his position on PP/LGBT rights/wall building/etc. is, because they do not view those as things within his direct purview but rather "stupid things your kooky, plummer-uncle says but has no control over so you roll your eyes and wait for him to finish installing your new washing machine." I am not saying they're correct that Trump's opinions in these matters is irrelevant to his presidency, but I hope that it can bring some measure solace to the many people who are experiencing intense fear from the incorrect impression half-ish-of-voting-Americans cast a vote indicating they agree with those ideologies.
    It really doesn't. Like I'm sorry I know you wanted it to, but that means very little. At BEST it means gay rights women's rights and poc rights were not even on the radar. That's saying "well this guy could be in charge of the country and ruin stuff for a lot of people, but unicorns those people they aren't me".  

    So no, it doesn't really help. It remains to be seen if he'll be able to do any of the awful things he wants to, but violence has already started and it's going to continue. So "not all trump supporters" falls into the same category as "not all men" does. Irrelevant to the issue. 

    What WOULD help? Those supporters who don't agree making it clear to him they don't. Making it VOCALLY and PUBLICALLY known that they don't agree with his hateful messages would help. Until then, people are already being hurt just for being different and no amount of "but we meant well" will fix that. 
    Through most of this, it's actually been people who were anti-trump that were violent including the recent riots in Oakland.

    Also it's hard to make demands to your opponent and his team when they won.  Keep up the divide and it's likely your thoughts and ideas that get left out or ignored.  Trump won, and a large part of that is due to calling his supporters racist, stupid, and xenophobic.
    I've seen an immense amount of queer folks attacked by Trump supporters already. People on both sides are being shits, because people from all walks can be shits. 

    She asked if knowing that Trump supporters weren't supporters of HIS hateful rhetoric helped and I told her. Notice that I keep saying HIS because I know not every supporter agrees with his views on queer people, but that doesn't keep the ones who do from attacking queer folks, nor does it keep him from making good on his anti-gay promises. We're talking about a guy who hasn't to my knowledge rejected the endorsement of the KKK. Talk about creating a divide. 
    The reality is people don't feel safe. That's why it would be real swell to see people who don't agree with his hate speech to publically say so. Then we KNOW who it's safe to go to and speak to. We then KNOW who we can go to to try and get talks going. But right now? I got unicorns yelled at me on my way to work, yelled out a car window. I don't know that persons political leanings of course, but knowing of Pro-trump hate crimes doesn't make me feel the safest going up to people who supported him without knowing their stance on these things.