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  • Re: Orrery Introduction

    I think the problem with it being "this IS a pk event" and not having a way for noncoms to contribute is that it's not taking into account newbies and stuff. Like, my intro to pk events was being a noncom with something for me to do to help the pkers. I don't think there's any harm in trying to make sure noncoms can contribute in a way that won't get them knocked all the way back down to level one, because we know BOTH SIDES would cheese the unicorns out of anyone carrying a globe of any kind if that were the case.

    And considering most events that include rp usually include a combat part as well, that argument doesn't really hold. Skythrone had both, and we saw there how impossible it was for noncoms to get involved. I don't think there's any harm in letting noncoms introduce themselves in a safer way.

    I think it would be good to let anyone holding an opposing sides globe to be open pk, no matter where. It makes it a lot harder to just hoard them all and play keep away, or I mean hey, if you're looking for combat it's a perfect way to get yourself some enemies to fight!
  • Re: Whom do strict crafting standards help?

    Wow, it's real wild to hear "I didn't mean to be condescending" right above a post that basically calls approvers uneducated.
    You don't know the backgrounds of the approvers. I'm sure we have approvers who do study the language. I'm sure we have approvers who are teachers or students of that kind, or even writers so it's wild to see you act as if you know what qualifications people have.
    The reason why designs are held to a higher standard is simple. Because it's something that will outlive a new person joining the game and learning how to properly emote or use any number of language tools. It's something that will be part of the game for a good, long while. And, more than that? A description is easily changed, easily altered if a problem is found. A design goes through? An admin has to do and correct that, becomes a headache.
    These things are held to the standard of admin designed items and places because of course they are. At the end of the day, this is a game that people are actually trying to make money off of. Like anything you make, you want it to be polished and, yes, that means if players can add items to the game, you want to hold them to the same standards you hold your game writers. If you think that's unfair, well, I disagree. This is a product for public consumption, the items people are making are often for public consumption. When you make things for public consumption, you have to expect that you will be held to higher standards. And I don't think that's unreasonable! You get to make anything you want that fits within the timeframe and isn't something idiotic like a dildo or something. You get to add items to a game, you get to customize your experience in a way you don't get to in many other formats, without having an immense amount of coding and modeling knowledge. Having to hold yourself to some higher standards is such a hilariously small price to pay for the ability they're giving you.
  • Re: Mildly Irritating: Aetolia's Pet Peeves

    My biggest pet peeve is when I'm trying to talk to people and they're afk for HOURS/DAYS on end. Makes me not want to talk to people.

    Additionally, I hate that when I'm looking for a commodity I can't find it in any of the comm shops because of decreased production and because stupid people (Crafters, primarily, who do nothing but continue to make repeated products of stupidity) unicorns hoard that unicorns like its going out of style. Screw you all and your 1000 different vial types, 50000 different bra/panty/shirt/pant types, and your 10000 different jewelry types.
    Considering the people you're most likely to be able to get the comm from is these crafters, you might want to not be a huge dink about it. Considering I'm one of the crafters you're insulting and I've got a lot of wood, you can count me out on selling you jack after that. Pays to be nice and all that.