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  • Re: Whom do strict crafting standards help?

    Funny you should mention building, because I have written rooms. As Development Minister, I wrote the tavern in Enorian. And it got sent right the hell back to me because it wasn't up to snuff. In fact, it was far more scrutinized than anything I've ever put through the crafting queue. It isn't just crafting that this happens in, it happens in anything that's going to outlive a character description. A bad room will stay bad until the city shells out gold to fix the issue. Those rooms, and your designs, are going to be there for a long time and the game itself is old. Switching everything to a new system of grammar and such would leave a lot of the game obsolete, and with the lack of people actually working for the game (We hear people bitching all the time about not having their Gods) it would be inane to suggest these people, many unpaid, go through and fix everything. It would likely also require cities to pay out the nose to have everything fixed in their description.
    And of course, people can say "Yeah, it's keeping me away from it/it's annoying/I don't like it" but at the end of the day, even something as simple as "let's change the grammar standard" impacts every part of the game. Having different grammar standards for crafting then you would building would be jarring, and things like houses and havens are private so there's no need to have those approved like you would a crafting item. Which is, again, typically assumed to be for public consumption.
    Is Aetolia by any means the grammar standard of the world? Of course not, but unfortunately, we already know what happens when you switch crafting standards halfway through, you're left with really jarring things remaining. I know I've seen t-shirts around from days when you could do that, and all changing that would do now is add to the rift.
    I look at it in the way I look at animation shortcuts. Is it somewhat unsettling or cringeworthy to see a character's hair or something go through their body for a second? Yeah, it is. When you're looking for it, you see the hell out of it. But sometimes that little irritation is the only thing keeping the animation from flying all over the place and crashing. Admin are already swamped, we know there aren't a ton of them. Altering grammar standard does impact more than just crafting. They are, at the end of the day, hoping to create a uniform front as far as the writing standards goes. You change one, you have to change them all.
  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    God it's SO COOL seeing this poster made into REAL ARTS
  • Re: Mandatory "What Is Your Character's Alignment?" Poll

    Rasani is lawful good, to the point that it can be detrimental. I'm sure as she develops it may shift to more neutral, as we learn more about lore and such, but right now she's a girl scout.
  • Re: August 2017 Promotion - Chests, Lessons and Antiquated Artifacts!

    Horn relic!
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    I've noticed that a lot of the changes lately have a lot to do with pvp/conflict and less to do with lore. I've also noticed there's a few subjects we've been told we can't touch upon in orgreqs (I was told explicitly that I can't use Duamvi lore in a Duamvi based guild) because we're moving away from them. Can we expect to be given a bit of focus on where we -should- be heading in the future? Building up PvP and conflict is good for the business of the game I'm sure, but it feels a little like we're losing focus in lore/story aspects of the game and I'm hoping we can keep enough room and attention for both.