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  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    Well, my convos were IC and OOC in nature with the leader of Carni and I did leave with the distinct impression that neither the Guild or the City of Bloodloch are feeling the changes are set in stone.

    So that could be an issue for you in this change, I don't mind going to Bloodloch but when I created my char I did not want to be undead and chose this guild and the city of Spinesreach because that is what I wanted of course. I am also being told I could change guilds and retain my carni class skills. That may be an option for me, looking into that.

    You are in charge so consider this a headsup to you that there are some major wrinkles yet to be ironed out on the player base and leaders supporting the changes you desire, at least that's what I was feeling on the convos I had so far.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand your desire to make changes to improve your game and they are not always pleasant for those that will be affected. On the one hand you have the Carnifex it will impact but then if you are forcing Bloodloch to change what they have always been that's also a big kettle of fish. What's more important city flavor rp or guild...I sure don't have an answer but it doesn't seem like a easy change or one that will go that smoothly overall at this juncture.

    For me, I joined in Bloodloch and did the academy in Bloodloch and waited until after completion to leave the city and join that in itself suggests a need to have it come under the Bloodloch city it belongs to. Especially with the new change to novicehood (very familiar with novicehood and leaders being in MKO for 5 years, I had served in every city and worked with the novices).

    But the flip side, having the city change what it has always been rp wise undead and vampirish, certainly must be meeting resistance as well. It does not seem there will be easy answers to all this.

    Glad I am not in your shoes...:)
  • Re: Welcome Midkemians: Advice, tips, and comparisons for your new life in Aetolia

    Suggestions - let the old pass away and embrace the brave new world, you won't be sorry, love it here.