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  • We're Revamping Our Curing -- Don't Panic Just Yet

    A while ago, Razmael put in an insane amount of work to genericize our curing and allow you to use messages and cure names from Concoctions and Reanimation interchangeably. While that was pretty great in itself, it also enabled a change we'll be making soon.


    We're going to be unifying curing and dividing the means by which you all produce curatives. What this means is that living and undead will use the same cures: a mixture of pills, poultices, elixirs, and smokes. You can continue to use the old messages and cure names with no problem. Some afflictions, like limp_veins, are going the way of the dodo, but those changes are minimal. If you use autocuring, all that work happens for you. While we're going to offer a cheap starter pack to get you going and make sure nobody gets locked out at first, the two new mercantile skills will involve an element of scarcity, and you can expect to see some economic competition as we get started. There's a bit of overlap between the skills, but the ultimate goal is that no one will be entirely self-sufficient; you'll need to engage with the economy or another player to get your supplies.

    As a reminder, YOU WILL NOT NEED TO MAKE BIG CHANGES TO YOUR HEALING SYSTEM. With interchangeable messages and the ability to OUTC and EAT the old cure names (but use the new cures), the transition is going to be pretty straightforward. Expect to see some more details as we prepare for release.
  • Re: Thank you!

    I know that we all have different opinions about the state of things, the direction I've chosen to take, and the way we've gone about implementing it. I'm grateful for your support and your constructive feedback. The one thing I KNOW we can agree on is that our staff and volunteers are some really awesome people. As I sit here pulling myself through the flu, our guys help keep the lights on and the blood flowing. It felt right to mention how grateful I am for them.

    Now go roll an Archivist.
  • Wayfarers!

    Aetolia --

    I am incredibly proud to announce the release of our game's first completely new class in more than a decade: Wayfarers. Brainstormed by Valdus and Razmael, this neutral-tether class embodies the archetype of brutal warrior. With axe in hand and an eye to the shifting tides of battle, Wayfarers will soon cross over from Albedos to inhabit every city-state on Sapience.

    Hemold has agreed to share the skills of the Wayfarer with interested parties. Seek him out in Helba to LEARN WAYFARER FROM HEMOLD for the usual 40cr apprenticeship fee. All apprenticeship requirements are in place, including having a free class slot and having mastered your existing classes. Wayfarer will not be available through the character creation process until our experienced players have had a chance to familiarize themselves with the class.

    As you explore this new class, you may discover occasional bumps or rough edges. We'll be making proactive changes over the new couple weeks to remedy combat balance issues and correct errors that present themselves in a live game. Be sure to make appropriate use of the BUG command (HELP BUGS) and keep in mind that if the first word of your bug is the name of a skill (Tenacity, Fury, etc.), it will automatically categorize itself for our perusal.

    Get learning! Don't forget our Iron Coin bonus on any credit purchases (, and be sure to message me with any pressing questions.
  • Haven and City Portal Changes

    Hi folks --

    I mentioned in our Town Hall meetings that I wanted to help encourage our players to interact more with their citymates and guildmates without removing the ability to make the private connections that many of you value. I'm now implementing one such change.

    Havens have always been places our characters create through force of will and mind. Now, when you enter your haven, a shell of your body will remain in the room from which you traveled, visible to other players passing through. You will be able to interact with everything in your Haven as normal, though you will not be able to take aggressive action. Meanwhile, your resting body below will still overhear speech in the room around it, which will echo to your consciousness in the Havens. This will allow you to keep up with the conversation and allow others to get your attention.

    Should someone wish to confront you more directly, she or he may WREST you from your Haven, bringing your consciousness back into your body and preventing you from returning to your Haven for 60 seconds. While there may be friendly uses for this command, it is certainly aggressive and provides PK cause should you wish to press the matter.

    Additionally, while your city portals will function the same way, there is now a 90 second time limit before you are brought down to a gathering area in your city. The following locations have been marked gathering areas:

    Bloodloch - The West Gate
    Spinesreach - The Inner Gate
    Duiran - Core of the Great Oak
    Enorian - Landward Gate

    While this is currently the only use for them in code, we may lean on them in the future in similar efforts. Please feel free to contact me or post in the corresponding forum thread [which is this! Right here!] with any questions or feedback.
  • City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    In the couple days since the Leaders meeting, I've been speaking with many of you and Aetolia's staff to further solidify our design of the City Novicehood system. I have left some details vague in hopes of sparking more interesting ideas from player and volunteer feedback, and that has worked quite spectacularly in some cases. Unfortunately, it has also allowed misinformation to spread and misconceptions to grow, which is not unusual.

    Perceived problems:
    • Because novices require more effort and support when they're confused than a normal guildmate would, smaller guilds can struggle to help new players acclimate.
    • City assimilation and advancement are largely self-motivated, which allows players to fall off the radar or stagnate.
    • Cross-city guild membership presents conflicts of interest, stifling potential for antagonistic and diplomatic roleplay.
    • Allow new players to benefit from larger city populations when learning the ropes of Aetolia and kickstart city advancement.
    • Build lasting relationships between helpful city members and new players, even after they leave novicehood.
    • Allow guilds and cities to focus more on their fundamental theme and mission in the game world, promoting compelling roleplay between organizations.
    With these areas for improvement and these goals in mind, I am committing to the following changes:
    • Guild Novicehood will be removed as a concept. New players in the introduction will select their class, then be sorted into the city appropriate for that class (except Shapeshifter and Wayfarer). At the completion of the city Academy (pending changes to that system based on city/guild leader feedback), they will leave novicehood and automatically join the appropriate guild at GR1.
    • After joining the guild, new members will have 72 hours to leave class with no lesson penalty.
    • The Ambassador will serve as city Head of Novices, and his or her aides will serve as Novice Aides.
    • Each city will gain a tutor for each class it hosts, allowing citizens to apprentice under the multiclass system for the usual fee. Guilds will be able to choose whether or not they sanction as usual.
    • Members of a guild may not join cities other than the one hosting the guild. Guild membership is not required to be a citizen, and citizenship is not required to join the guild.
    I understand that the last two points will be controversial, given the friendliness between similarly-tethered cities and the roles you have built as such. However, we feel that it's important to the future of our storylines and the health of the game as a whole to reinforce organizational identity. We will be having meetings with each guild and city to help refine those identities and give any support we can in better communicating them to the world. Many of you have reached out to that end, and I think it's a no-brainer. Further, as we implement these changes, there will be a 4-week grace period for players to roleplay the natural consequences of the changes and make organic decisions about which allegiance their characters value most.

    I'd like to invite your questions and feedback here and in private messages, however you are most comfortable. If you do choose to post here, please keep in mind forum rules and the goal of having a dialogue with the administration. Arguing amongst yourselves is not likely to reap productive results.