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  • Re: Kagenoshūdō-shi (Shadow Monks)

    The way I've had it described to me in the past is that artifact ideas represent a direct feature request, like asking the guy in the restaurant kitchen to whip up something special for you. They'll do it for other folks, but they're probably not going to advertise it on the sign out front. Class schematics are like planning an entire menu for the restaurant, which they'll then spin into months of profit.

    That said, @Tiur was not wrong to direct you here, and I really don't want to discourage input and suggestions in that vein. Because IP caselaw is so nebulous and we're dealing with a bunch of international jurisdictions, there's no telling when we might run afoul of one thing or be safe in another. I just wanted to make sure you guys understood our messy relationship with these class design documents, since one tends to pop up every few months either on forums or in email.
  • Re: Kagenoshūdō-shi (Shadow Monks)

    Plans in terms of class tutors are subject to change given @Tiur's new reign as our Supreme Leader.

    To speak to @Megiddo, though, as this was his bitchin' cool class concept: Unfortunately, posting things like this on the forums guarantees that they cannot be made. We've run into situations on other IRE games where tentative plans we had for a feature had to be altered to avoid any potential claim of intellectual property theft. I'd definitely encourage you all to share class ideas with each other and talk about what might be cool for Aetolia, since the core idea might help us gauge your wants and preferences, but we can't actually build anything submitted to us by players.

    Hope this helps, and sorry for the bummer!
  • Re: City Novicehood Changes Are Live

    When does the secondary part of this happen? The Guild/City split?

    New inductees are already subject to the rule that they must be cityless or a member of the allied city. I will be sending messages soon to let active players know if they're going against that alignment and will force the issue in about 2 weeks.
  • Re: Extra defense?

    Echoing what these guys have said, we specifically avoid mechanical benefits from craftskills. They're meant to be fun, expressive creative outlets, not a factor in combat decisions.
  • Re: We're Revamping Our Curing -- Don't Panic Just Yet

    @Razmael raised a good point as we discussed your thoughts:

    When we say scarce, we don't necessarily mean you'll be struggling to find cures. We have tracking in place that'll track cure input vs output, and will be making sure input is exceeding output, even if only slightly. This includes making herbs have a global population again (instead of every individual having their own instance of herbs to harvest), as well as increasing the overall time it takes to harvest the ingredients and produce the cures. The two biggest problems we identified with current curatives was (a) the unlimited supply, and (b) the low-effort required.

    I'm using 'scarcity' as a catch-all for "a supply that is no longer unlimited", but it incorrectly suggests a shortage.