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  • Re:

    Apparently, this is still a thing and people might be doing it right now.
    I will stop by sometime soon. Right now it's Spotify's mellow piano while I try to grind out 7-8 pages of edu-speak nonsense.
  • Re: I'm your assistant producer. Ask me (almost) anything.

    Would you rather fight 10 Aishia sized Valingars or 1 Valingar sized Aishia?
    I'd rather bomb the place, salt the earth, and move on.
  • Re: Deceptive Arti Promos

    Are you absolutely serious with this? You have three avenues of complaint: issues, messages, emails. You got nowhere with the first two, despite a litany of abuse on your part, and you've been directed to option three.

    This is not option four. Option four is going away.
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  • Re: October Liaisons

    [1829] Fend is now learned at 50% Adept, in order to provide lower-skilled players more accessible damage mitigation.

    [1812] I have raised the cap on Skewer's Bloodburst proc to 2000 (up from 1000).

    [1808] Gravehands, Spiritchains, and Piety will operate at half-efficacy if the owner is out of the room.

    [1867] Firelord Sear now has a 2.5s equilibrium time.
    [1875] Cabalist bubonises targeting physical now have an equal chance to deliver the hypochondria affliction.

    [1637] New enchantment: Discernment. Creates "the shining eye of Lanos", which grants limited powers simlar to Vision Discernment.

    [1842] Flurry is now dodgeable and the limb damage has been lowered.
    [1869] Faceslash will now give blurry_vision instead of disfigurement.

    [1864] Umbrage stacks will now be removed every 20 seconds, up from every 10. The precision of the timer has also been improved.

    [1858] If EVOKE FIRE hits a shielded target who also has Infernal Shroud or Infernal Seal, the target will experience bloodlust for 10 seconds.

    [1810] Savagery Hooking and Primality Slam will no longer cause balance loss in the target.
    [1813] Savagery Pulverize, Hematurgy Umbrage, Spirituality Overwhelm and Sciomancy Voidgaze now have costs associated with condition failures such as attempting to pulverize without the target's having a crushed chest. Many abilities have these costs already, but many more are missing. Feel free to suggest others in future reports. Penalties are roughly 40% of the usual balance/equilibrium cost.
    [1839] As noted in Changelog 780, the Typical statpack now has 13 dexterity and 12 intelligence.
    [1860] You may now CONFIG AUCTIONALERTS to be notified of new auction items.
    [1866] Swinging up now has a 1 second balance cost.

    [1809] BELCH will now cause a fog effect in the room at a much lower EQ. Necrofeed has been removed.

    [1815] The solution we settled on would be minimally helpful and we don't consider the problem terribly pressing. We can re-evaluate in a later round.
    [1823] Unfortunately, this proved to be significantly more difficult than we anticipated. We'll look at a more thorough work on curing code in general sometime this year.
    [1837] After more reflection, there were no weapon types that were thematically appropriate for Templar without infringing on the identities of other classes. Not ideologically opposed to the report by any means, but there was no clear solution (and no pressing need to reinvent the wheel to suit the problem at this point)
    [1872] The wand and crystal tattoos clear at the top of the IG day. It is probably easier for all involved to just use that message for tracking whether you can use the tattoos.

    [1876] The balance and eq penalties on Blood Curse and Blood Poison have been lowered.

    [1851] Stonespike and Frostspike have received damage boosts.

    [1868] Premonition will now fade 5 seconds after leaving the Shaman. The timer will be reset if you re-enter the Shaman's room.

    [1832] Angel Refuge is now channeled (but the channel is now significantly shorter)

    [1753] You may now append a type or venom to SNIPE or SHOOT to specify an arrow type or venom inline. This will not permanently switch the type of arrow as SWITCH would. It is simply a per-attack choice.
    [1827] Flay has been completely rewritten to use Combat Messages and clearly display the defence being flayed to caster and target in all cases.

    [1811] There are now configurable queues for health (health/analeptic and mana/stimulant), elixir/serum (levitation/euphoric, etc.), and moss/kidney.
    [1857] Crashing has received a complete rewrite. It now has a 25% chance of barreling you through walls, blocking players, or unlocked doors. Failing the check will hurl you to the ground and incur a decent balance cost.

    [1800] Flinging Death tarot will now properly select the appropriate card for you. DEATHCARDS will show a list of all cards, their targets, and the number of rubs.
    [1804] Flinging Aeon is no longer slower than the rest of Tarot.
    [1856] You may no longer pair epseth and epteth with the Warrior tarot. Additionally, the Adder will now miss if paired with a Warrior tarot that failed to strike its target.
    [1863] Empress now has a short balance penalty (40% of usual) when it fails, siimilar to Report 1813

    [1859] You may now TATTOOS MEMORISE to save your current tattoo layout and TATTOOS REMEMBER to see the list later on.
    [1873] The brazier tattoo now costs 3.5s true (unmodifiable) equilibrium. Related: tumbling should now consistently take 4 seconds rather than fluctuating.

    [1861] Punch damage in Bear stance is now at 90%, up from 70%. (For reference, Tiger stance is unmodified -- 100%)
    [1862] Wrench will now cause limb damage in addition to the mending break when targeted.

    [1843] The Raven's role in Woodlore Swoop is now subject to upset dodging.

    Quiver changes:
    I have completely rewritten the way arrows and quivers work. DYEING has been removed. Instead, you'll simply ENVENOM 10 ARROWS WITH , SWITCH , etc. This combines with the above changes to SHOOT and SNIPE to allow SNIPE . Please bug any issues or message Oleis with questions.
  • Re: Upcoming Multiclass and Vampire Changes

    We chose not to refund shapeshifter class slots, but I'm happy to refund the 10th class slot for shadow-side people who no longer want it.