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  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Satomi said:
    This is probably a silly idea, but could the Den be altered for WereRavens to be like.. Roost, usable in trees, and effectively a Den in that it creates a room IN, has all the effects of a Den, it can only be used in trees, however. (Maybe just add the option for Ravens, on top of all the other stuff) I'd suggest the same for Crocs, letting them do something similar in rivers, lakes, or swamps... but yeah, flavor.
    It's already a nest thematically. I think Tiur decided that putting it in trees had a lot of wonky code implications to it. 
  • City Novicehood Changes Are Live

    We have now implemented the changes shifting novicehood from guilds to cities. While this is going to be quite the upheaval for our experienced players, my goal is to make the switch as transparent for newbies as possible. You'll notice these changes:

    * The guild system code has been essentially rewritten. Guilds now offer ranks 1-5 only, with guildmaster-customizable positions so you can tailor the guild's structure however you like. The other 14 regular guild ranks have been converted to positions so that you can choose what to do about it.
    * The Secretary and Head of Novices positions have been removed. Secretaries have been converted into a customizable position.
    * Guildmasters can choose to make a position show up on your guild's help file, or choose to let it be contestable through the politics system.
    * GUILD PRIVS is rewritten, too, and is hopefully more helpful.
    * Guild novicehood no longer exists as a concept. Newbies will not join your guild until they have passed through the introduction and the city's Academy, OR until they have been promoted by an Amassador. At that point, they will enter their class' guild as GR1 members.
    * Guild probation no longer exists.

    * Ambassadors now represent the "Head of Novices" for each city. Ambassadorial aides, therefore, are novice aides.
    * Ambassadors and their aides can now CITY PROMOTE to promote someone out of novicehood (and into their guild) without needing to finish the Academy.

    I expect there will be a few issues and unforeseen consequences of these changes, which are very difficult to test outside of the live game. We owe Razmael an enormous debt for his willingness to dive in and help me get this thing across the finish line. Please file bug reports for cosmetic or low-priority problems and ISSUEs for immediate, game-breaking concerns. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me directly or post here.
  • Re: Voting for Aetolia

    We got the super shoutout for a great couple months! Would love to make that happen again.
  • Re: Herbalism and Apothecary

    Okay. Command is fixed. I'll be able to get your cache where it is supposed to be ASAP tomorrow.
  • Re: Herbalism and Apothecary

    Wasn't sure where to post it but it seems to be a potentially bad bug.

    I had a few hundred of most of the pills in my cache already by the time a friend told me that I could use CAREPACKAGE to get a basic stock started.

    After using it though, my cache emptied of ones I already had and replaced them with the carepackage amounts.

    Essentially lost around 55k gold worth of curatives.

    C/Ping my before cache and after cache.
    I can't personally do it right now (though I am fixing the command), but we'll get you back to where you were right away. Thanks for letting us know, and sorry about the trouble.