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  • Re: Returning: revive or start fresh?

    @Eowyn thanks for the response! That's kind of where I'm leaning, and for the same reasons. It's been a good 4 years since I played actively (maybe longer). It sort of feels like even being a newbie again is going to be interesting, given how much has changed.
  • Returning: revive or start fresh?

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking about playing Aetolia again, and have a few options. I'd like to get people's opinions on each of my options as I'm really struggling to decide how I should start playing again. What I'm looking for advice on falls into two categories:

    1) Role-wise, how you view my established characters (I realize they're both old an inactive) and their RP potential in the future. I get that my nostalgia over a character may not mean that there's RP potential ( have afterall been playing IRE games since I was 14) so that's why I'm asking for your opinion: i.e. "I hated Macian, he was super meta" or "Sissfus is a name I hear, it would be cool to see old school Duiran names with actual RP this time." More detail than that appreciated, obviously.

    2) Mechanically, if I don't want to invest a whole lot in lessons or credits, what paths I might need to take to get the the characters to stack up in 1v1 and group scenarios. Realistically I can probably wrangle enough to get all of these characters up to a level where they have high enough audits/curing to survive against most people, and good enough offense to compete at a decent level.

    3) Just in general, a new experience (Our three main weapons are fear and surprise!) I'm quite willing to take one of my more experienced characters and figure out some kind of scenario to account for my lack of knowledge that upends their world. So, if you have any ideas there, I'm open to those.

    Ok, so that said, the rest of this is kind of a stream of consciousness post, so stick with me while I give you background/my thoughts, then let rip. Or, ask questions if I'm being unclear. In advance, I appreciate the help...

    a) Revive Macian. Mac has endgame and eagles wings, along with random old school arties: a snowglobe, celesmas stocking, and starchart. However, after many skill changes he has barely enough skills to fight at a decent level (Trans spirituality, piety in devotion, and heatwave in Illumination, along with minimal miniskills and trans survival). I know that this is a pretty minimal set of skills, but Luminaries were always designed for survivability, so I can make this work with some additional investment.

    On the plus side there's heaps of history there both RP and ooc. OOCly as Mac I came up with and helped develop the core skills that make up the shield skills Luminaries now have (so lots of nostalgia/ownership there), and he's a Luminary still. He has the absolute basics to fight at a decently high level as Luminary. (In terms of enjoyment probably #3 of classes I have across chars. Lots of random knowledge there though).

    Mac was heavily involved in Arion/Lanos/Damariel changes (killing that undead mob was honestly an accident. sorry!).

    Mac was also heavily involved as a Bahkatu (not sure if good or bad) and was GM of Bahkatu and ClassLead/Liaison from the time Irruel stepped down until just before they returned to Duiran, so I know a good amount about core skills and RP if I wanted to focus primarily on Ursanthrope (which seems like the lycan class with the most survivability). Mainly, though, there's nostalgia for the class itself. I quite like it (probably #2 of the classes I have across chars. Again, lots of random knowledge).

    I don't mind the Enorian/Illuminai RP, but I enjoy Duiran more.

    I'd need to find a limb tracking system or revive my old system, which was OK. I generally prefer limb damage over herbal routes due to experience as Luminary and Bahkatu.

    I'd need to bash a lot and earn gold as Macian to replace skills. Not sure if the snowglobe has value as a credit generator these days. Mac has a mostly unbuilt house (from a chest). RP wise he's always been really split between Enorian and Duiran, jumping around between cities a lot and somehow getting exceptions for those moves.

    If I could get enough lessons to trans out Bahkatu again, I'd seriously consider that route, because it feels like no one fights as Shapeshifter 1v1 much these days, because I love the skills (and had a lot of input into them) and there's so much history there.

    Overall, Mac probably needs the most investment to make him useful at higher level combat, but has the deepest history (though those who knew him/me from 10 years ago might argue there's not a lot of RP there. I'm not sure).

    No access to braindead lessons packages (not sure why, because I never brought those. Maybe someone can explain that one). Access to braindead credits packages.

    2) Revive Sissfus. Siss is my original character from when Aetolia split from Achaea. He's the original Sentinel type character, and has the basics needed to fight as a Shaman. Sissfus has always been heavily Duiran focused, so more consistent than Macian but a lot less active. He's only level 80 or so, which means there's enough development there to get a few more lessons, and he also has access to the brain dead lessons/credits packages.

    Sissfus was one of Haern's first champions, has access to the Ta'Ros Manor in the Morgun (probably the only remaining key), and a few random mobs that recognize him from special quests we completed back in the day. Was once a Benandanti so has that honors line. Even more "back in my day" available (totem wars, original war system etc.), but achieved less than Macian when it comes to leadership etc.

    I like the Shaman RP and area control a lot more than I like Luminary at a group level, but prefer limb damage routes over herbal in 1v1. I'd need to find an aff tracking system. Overall, probably the #1 class I enjoy out of Luminary/Bahkatu/Shaman. Could also earn Bahkatu and benefit from that due to bashing. Maybe. I'd still need to bash and earn gold to rebuild skillsets.

    Random: sissfus is married to my wife's character. We met on Aetolia.

    c) Trade in an Imperian char worth about 1k credits and start completely fresh.

    d) revive an ancient (300 Aetolia years) character that no one knows who has 5k lessons at level 70, along with 60k gold and two chalices (from winning Delosian Duel event years and years ago). This would give me the most flexibility (undead or not undead), but endgame will take a while.

    Overall I kind of feel like c) and d) are the best fresh start, while Sissfus has some serious nostalgia and more consistent crumudgeon RP, and Macian has the most "high achiever" RP.

    Anyway, long post. Let me know your thoughts, whether from interacting with my characters over the years, or a general "I'd probably do this" perspective.

    (I didn't proof this well, so hopefully it makes sense.)

    Also, what the heck is a bedrock technique scroll, and is it worth credits or lessons? At least three of my characters have these.


  • New Zealand or Central PA

    Over the years I've run into people from both locations. I'm originally from NZ, but now live in Lancaster County, PA.

    A few of us have a attempted to connect over time, but either through my rudeness, or my lack of follow-through, that hasn't happened.

    I'll be in Lancaster for the next 6 months before heading home for a 2-3 month stint in CHCH NZ. If I've not put you off (and please give me some leeway, most of you met me when I was 14-16) then shoot me a message.