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  • Re: Returning: revive or start fresh?

    Thanks to everyone who has jumped into this discussion. I realize my initial post was super rambling, and I appreciate you sticking with it to give an answer.

    @Tiur thanks for the response. I really like the idea of a fresh start. What you're describing about a starting over really resonates with me, especially if I'm careful not telling anyone who the new character is.

    As a long-time player, part of this is about trying to recapture the excitement of that first IRE experience. For me that's the feeling I had at 14 on Achaea, when I spent my day wondering what would happen to my character after he got out of Azdun after escaping those goblins.

  • Re: Arbre Aquila

    I like how Arbre isn't afraid to tell people that they need to provide input or opinions, or be left behind. I enjoyed the recent guild meeting, and the fact that it sprang from nothing more than Macian making a few comments at the bar.

  • Re: Solaria

    I know you do - wanting to smack her is purely selfish, because she always works hard for organizations.
  • Re: Worst Descriptions Ever 2: Golden Dragon Milk Strikes Again

    Moirean said:
    I think a huge problematic issue with this thread is that the description being laughed at here belongs to an actual player in Aetolia - how is that player going to feel when he or she visits forums and sees people ridiculing his or her description?

    I, personally, would feel mortified and probably would not come back.
    This. Even though I posted (bad me) I have to agree. Why not provide constructive criticism, or try and help them? Remembering back over the past, 10+ years (?) I've played, I remember doing some utterly cringe-worthy things (I'm sure I'll do more). People put up with it and pointed me in the right direction. 
  • Re: Newbie Section Feedback

    I love the class guide ideas. I think you're casting Shamans in a worse light than some of the other classes, though...

    I think it would be a good idea to remove "forestal" from the Shaman description. For anyone coming from other IRE games, it means "snugglebunny". Seriously, though. Cut the ties. Refer to them as Shamans, or spirit guardians, or whatever, just not forestals.

    I also wonder if the mention of Shamans being a difficult class to master is a good idea in terms of helping our novice recruitment. In terms of setting up basic tactics, it's not any more difficult than dealing with venom orders, or traps, or limb damage.