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  • Re: Tethers and Conversion

    Oh, we know you don't want to change class.

    You want to be Duiran's pet Sciomancer. But all the history of the game is going to oppose you for that.
  • Re: Tethers and Conversion

    And as for my tone and threads, I leave them for future when someone decides to tackle those issues and make this a better game overally.
    "Kalak gets whatever Kalak wants" is not a better game overall.
  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    Divine Words Carry Weight is a statement based on years of experience with this kind of stuff on other games. If ICly a God says something, you are compelled to believe and accept that stuff.
    But that's not true, and you're the only one making that claim.

    You can keep trying to act like I'm heated and ranting, but I'm not heated. You can keep acting like I have a personal grudge against you, but nothing you do has affected me in any way, and I've said nothing unkind or insulting towards you. Towards your character, sure, but nothing about you as a person.

    And you can keep flagging all of my posts as "off-topic," but that doesn't somehow change that I'm addressing all your points directly.

    Look, lots of people here have had negative experiences with the Divine interacting with our characters, on both sides of the Shadow/Spirit divide. Sometimes that's because of enmity with an opposed god, but sometimes it's because of strife with gods on the same side. But none of us were compelled to make forum posts when those interactions didn't go favorably for us.

    Holy wars are a topic that spawns dozens of heated forum pages on its own, but your other complaints — while they do have nuances between them, and I respect that! — but for all the subtle differences between your other bullet points, they can generally summed up under one heading: The Gods Are Always Right, and you want that to change.

    And if it were true I'd be in full agreement with you! But as every other comment in the thread shows, no one else is having that experience. The rest of us feel free to argue, struggle, disbelieve, reinterpret. Even Order representatives in character will tell you that the gods are NOT always right!

    (You could say, that in their dealings with mortals, eventually the Gods Always Win. That much would be true. But that's a source of drama to compel a narrative forward, and is just a trope that would be true no matter whether the gods in question were Greco-Roman, Abrahamic, or Lovecraftian.)

    People are disagreeing with your complaint that when a god says something we're forced to accept it, because that is not actually the experience any one in Aetolia is having.

    And it's been brought up here several times already that the volunteers behind the gods are in a thankless, exhausting position. Can you imagine how they'd feel if after every in-character disagreement with us, players rushed to make threads like this one? Just look at the way you've described them throughout:

    strutting around
    they try to play the "I am omnipotent!" card
    chattering fishwives with a juicy bit of gossip to tell
    visible and strutting takes away their credibility
    speaking like a lecturer in public

    From your words from the beginning of the thread to now, and given that no one what has witnessed the same general phenomenon, it really really seems like this is all just a personally motivated vendetta.

    @Tiur, you're a good producer, so I realize you want to be open to any and all feedback and try to get something productive from it. And people are bringing up issues that could be improved, in this thread. But even the raised or acknowledged issues don't have any connections to Kalak's complaints, and it doesn't seem as though he has raised these complaints in good faith. This doesn't feel like an honest discussion, and from the player-base community side, I worry that these complaints (which are clearly not held by majority of us ((or even a significant minority))) will not only waste the community's time, but make you all feel like you're doing a worse job than you are.
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  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    Greek-Gods criticism is not the only part of this thread, there are other points ranging from Holy War to creation of cults. So if you think that I conjured up a thread out of spite, you are out of luck.
    I've said literally nothing about your "Greek Gods Inequality" point. And we've never interacted before now, Sir/Ma'am/Other-Pronoun-of-Choice, so I have no reason to have any personal problem with you.

    Your other points were cults (I.e., lack of diverse interpretation of the gods), holy wars, and divide words carrying too much weight.

    Non-mechanical cults exist. Other interpretations of the gods exist. You bring this complaint to the forums that the gods don't allow for various interpretation, immediately after your alternative interpretation of Chakrasul got rejected. It's a false claim that only reflects what happened to Kalak.

    I have nothing to say about holy wars that wasn't already better stated by others.

    "Divine words carry too much weight" seems to be blatantly and transparently about how gods told your characters something you didn't want to hear, because it's not a complaint with any meaning otherwise.

    Every one of your other points (excepting the holy war, to be fair) boils right back down to your character having a public disagreement.

    And regarding your "Greek Gods" point about the divine having too much spotlight attention, I have said nothing and will continue to say nothing regarding that, so you can stop claiming I'm fixated on that point and ignoring everything else you say.
  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    Kalak said:
    You're just upset Chakrasul embarrassed you over Spinesreach CT. Stop being silly.
    Actions of Kalak are his own problem. But clearly you are unable to differentiate IC and OOC. Remember, right now you are not talking to Kalak. As a player I have my own viewpoint on the religious system. Greek Gods stuff was just one aspect of the criticism and apparently you did not care to read the rest of the points mm? You might be happy that Gods can act as your bestie, but that does not mean every player will find it immersion-enhancing.
    I can't, can I? Look, you had your character go on a self-aggrandizing speech about how he knew more than Chakrasul did about her own tenets, and the city laughed at him while she shut him down. After which, you come here to the forums and post all about how the god players have too narrow a view of themselves and that their words have too much influence over player characters. And you're telling me these events are completely unrelated? I read every single one of your complaints, and every one of them is a direct response to the argument your character deliberately picked with Chakrasul on CT. So who can't separate?

    You went on to say "When they speak, their words can be picked apart, fallacies in their words can be found and they lose Divine-value." So you aren't even bothering to pretend to hide it anymore. Well, Chakrasul claiming she is divinely tied to the essence of Fear itself, and your character claiming he's seen things She could never understand and that She should learn from him, is not discovering a fallacy in the Divine words. It's just your character trying to one-up a god, an objectively foolish thing to do in any religious model, and so he got treated like a fool accordingly. If you aren't a fool but choose to roleplay one, that's cool, but then what are you trying to accomplish with this "DAE gods too strong" thread?

     There are lots of small heresies and broader interpretations in the world already. @Phoenecia is in Slyphe 's order, but she took Kodaza's side when Kodaza went through a similar experience of being embarrassed by Slyphe in front of all Enorian. Kodaza herself is a heretical Damarielite who thinks Damariel misses His own point, even now that she's in Spinesreach. And not only is @Zaila 's cult clan idea awesome, but @Vyxsis is in the process of doing just that, trying to restore Khepri. No one's agreeing with your issues here because your issues are solely about your own interactions with the gods not putting up with your antics.

    Going back to the IC/OOC issue you accuse me of, you're accusing me of only being here because I'm best friends with Chak. Which is exactly the same thing Kalak accused Kodaza of, so.... Let me settle that for you, though. Kodie isn't in Chak 's order. Kodie didn't even know anything about Chak 's teachings until that talk over CT. She had certainly never interacted with Chak before then. And that city-wide blessing is the first one she ever received. Kodie has no special ties or loyalty to Chak. She's not held in some favor, she's not told Divine gossip.

    You're imagining cliques and conspiracies against you when there are none.