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  • Re: Quotes & Misquotes: Falling Off of Bridges

    (If you haven't seen Spines' cultural exhibit yet, this is a bit of a spoiler. But well-played, Ascendril, well-played.)

    Mumbling to herself as she continues to circle the chamber, Alecia says, "I'll finally solve it, yes... I'll finally find the LINK! Glory to the Conclaves, yes! Science and Magic... ALL OF THEM!"

    Stopping short near the entrance of the hall, Magister Shachalai says, "Uh..."

    Nixia says, "Orrery."

    With a quizzical, perhaps conniving glance, Alecia says, "What does it doooo?"

    "It's a fantastic model, this here. THE PLANES," Alecia intones, coming to stand at the side of the delicate orrery, the apparatus appearing mighty small at her side. "The new ones, the new Scientists, they did something here! They MADE this. Just give it a -little- poke, it could kill you. I truly do very much recommend it!"

    Shachalai gives an antipsychotic pill to Alecia, the Obsessed.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Can IGNORE hide people from WHO lists? I'd rather not be on edge wondering if they're going to try to circumvent and communicate with me somehow. And sometimes it actually feels even less safe, because the person can walk into the room and interact with the things I say without me even knowing.

    Silenced communication is one thing, but I'd rather not even know if the person's online to begin with.
  • Re: The Aetolian Blood Bowl League

    So the Gash Kadrak Raveners are tearing a hole through the league and I feel a little guilty. But the reason I've had so much success is that I'm taking so many risks. Blood Bowl is a game of huge swings, and I think perhaps people could embrace that a little more.

    No one's explicitly said it, but given how many people are having their first BB experience with this league, I'm sure the question "why isn't zhe going easier on me" has gone through people's heads. But here's the thing: I kind of sort of am? I've been playing in a way that takes huge risks. Every enemy player I've injured so far was in a roll that was statistically just as likely to injure my own player.

    But you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right?

    It's harder to notice the failures, though. When one of my gambits goes wrong (and a lot of them have) it's with much less fanfare. It fizzles and my turn ends and that's that. But when they work, and you lose one of your players to my success, it sure looks more impressive.

    So many, many times now I've seen some of you activate a player, initiate a block, realize it's only a single die and then cancel. But I'm throwing single-die blocks more often than not, and the end result is I have three times as many casualties scored as most of you. I admit to an extent this is team privilege: my players are either dwarves (with innate Block, making single dies less risky) or goblins (in which case, I don't care if they get hurt/killed), so I have some encouragement to be reckless.

    But more often than not, when one of my players takes out one of yours, it was a long shot... and it was a shot you had first, on the previous turn, these you chose not to try. That could have been you!

    Blood Bowl is a chaotic game, so embrace that chaos! (Literally. HEAR THE WORD OF HASHUT.) I'm winning as much as I am because I'm playing like there's nothing to lose.
  • Re: What Anime Character Are You?

    Diablo 3 is my favorite anime
  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    Greek-Gods criticism is not the only part of this thread, there are other points ranging from Holy War to creation of cults. So if you think that I conjured up a thread out of spite, you are out of luck.
    I've said literally nothing about your "Greek Gods Inequality" point. And we've never interacted before now, Sir/Ma'am/Other-Pronoun-of-Choice, so I have no reason to have any personal problem with you.

    Your other points were cults (I.e., lack of diverse interpretation of the gods), holy wars, and divide words carrying too much weight.

    Non-mechanical cults exist. Other interpretations of the gods exist. You bring this complaint to the forums that the gods don't allow for various interpretation, immediately after your alternative interpretation of Chakrasul got rejected. It's a false claim that only reflects what happened to Kalak.

    I have nothing to say about holy wars that wasn't already better stated by others.

    "Divine words carry too much weight" seems to be blatantly and transparently about how gods told your characters something you didn't want to hear, because it's not a complaint with any meaning otherwise.

    Every one of your other points (excepting the holy war, to be fair) boils right back down to your character having a public disagreement.

    And regarding your "Greek Gods" point about the divine having too much spotlight attention, I have said nothing and will continue to say nothing regarding that, so you can stop claiming I'm fixated on that point and ignoring everything else you say.