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  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    @Caolan If you read my lines, I already stated that Allsight does free a tattoo slot. I did not call it nonsensical/boring/unused. For Key function there is even a built-in function in the game itself. How many key sigil you see around? It may be used yes, but is it profitable? Whirlwind also maybe used considering that you have a great need to bring down fliers in pursuit. But most people do not and those who feel that need already have means of doing so.

    I will not press thousands of thanatonin because it is not profitable but I shall be pressing opiates, euphoriants, anabiotics in droves. Because they are used extensively. I will not press thousands of brooches, key sigils, whirlwinds etc. because it is not profitable but I shall be filling my shop with monolith sigil, resistances, waterwalking, purity in droves. Because they are used extensively.

    What I was trying to tell is that boring, redundant and specific items in the Enchantment skillset is far more compared to others.

    The real deal in commerce is "sustainability". So yes, there was this item I used when I was a newbie which helped me but I no longer need that. It is obsolete now. There is a distinct difference between "safety net" and "being obsolete due to redundancy".

    And if there are no Enchanters to produce something, the skyrocketing prices would motivate people to take up the craft in order to make a good profit. Eventually price stabilizes back to a more palatable level.
  • Re: Zaila Tenor

    I will duly drop this here.

  • Re: Zaila Tenor

    Could possibly give much praises to the character itself and how well-written it is with quirks and stuff etc. etc. But the messages above already says that. So I shall praise the player instead, I am allowed for that right?

    If anything, you encouraged me (or maybe even taught indirectly) in our brief time to delve deeper into the details of a situation. Portraying the moment vividly and drawing enjoyment from that. RPing small things and connecting those small dots for the bigger picture in the end. For that I do thank thee, very much so.

    You are a challenge, especially when I consider that English is not my main language. But such a sweet challenge that I would wish for its continuity. Maybe one day I will too start to throw weird words like "contrapposto", who knows!? Regardless, thanks for playing Zaila and please keep doing so, Aetolia would be poorer without you.
  • Re: Returning: revive or start fresh?

    Could be late to chime in, I always prefer to keep the baggage of the character. Because to me that is what makes the game unique to begin with. Though I should state that, I follow "one char for one game" rule always which allows me to keep immersion intact. Instead of characters with differing personalities, that is more enjoyable to have a character with shifting personality.

    Maybe I do have a high tolerance towards negativity attached to the baggages. But when some player says "I did not know you were like this" upon a chance-encounter or something else. That makes me smile, because that means the role was successful. The baggage which makes you boogeyman, opens up other possibilities.

    In your case, I would go with the oldest one or the one with the most baggages, then fiddle among those baggages to find a way out. Playing a man which has to deal with a problem (reclaiming grandeur, trying to fight with his inner demons due to some past events, trying to be someone new against all odds) within the baggage can be more enjoyable instead of being an extremely-gifted blank-slate. Take it from the perspective of someone who likes to play a character to the fullest i.e. soldier on mode.
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    Also I wish to discuss more methods for @Tiur to kill people and some would-be story arcs:

    - Will you be using suicide mice while punishing players or just good ol' exploding will continue?

    - Will the nameless frog in the Frog Bait games return as the promised villain "The Frog King" and start devouring people after a well-executed invasion from swamps?

    - Will Aalen Bloom return as A.I.D.S (Aalen Induced Depression Sickness) and kickstart another story arc in the game?

    - Would you be partial to plant items around which look like special items but explodes people on touch?

    Guess that would be all.