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  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Okay we need to inject some hype over here:

  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    I have been summoned!! >.>

    Kalak, just ask a Senator to title you ffs. Unless it's something like "Supreme Lord of Spinesreach" or something belonging to a guild you're not part of, I'll title you whatever it is. My character doesn't give a flying pincher's arse about titles. If she could get away with it, she'd title Toz "Iron Badger" or something like that. Toz would probably kick her butt, though, so she wouldn't. XD

    There's no need for suggestions like this that would, as this playerbase has shown over the last 2 years I've played, end up being abused. You give an inch like this, some players can, would, and absolutely WILL take a mile. Bouchard did for the entire time I've played, until Zenobia got the clan made into a legit House again.

    If it was about getting a title to Kalak then that would be the way to follow.

    And Bouchard was a success and it enriches the game rather then detracts from it. Adds to the story after all.
    As someone who has abused the titling system with combat implications, I am hesitant to open it to more abuse. It's an easy utility to encourage organizational RP, which we here are trying to do. I'm not keen on giving decentralized groups more incentive.
    Centralization and consolidation is good on the paper, but on the other hand it truly kills uncertainty factor to a degree. We are playing a dark fantasy game and roles of mercenary, rogue, bandit, freelancer etc. have not much room in the game. All lines are drawn clearly most of the time. Of course, cities and guilds should have the greatest advantages mechanically. But I digress a little.

    This was asked just to make things easier if people ever want to create IC-clan organizations ranging from a cult to trade consortium with titles. Rather then finding an obscure NPC or bugging an official each time...they would be still paying in gold, but instead of the drag they would do it with the command.

    Though as you and @Tekias stated perhaps there is not much faith in playerbase to handle it with care.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    There is, in all reality. Clans aren't meant to act as actual organisations. That why we have actual organisations. If you begin to chip away at giving clans these little, 'quality of life' perks, why is there any need for mechanical organisations? ESPECIALLY where the means for what you're asking already exist. And where does it end? What is they say - Give an inch, give a mile?
    "Give an inch, give a mile" is inappropriate for the idea I suggest. Then I will ask guards and townes for clans? And guilds owned by clans? Right. Let us be realistic.

    And I already said that the current mechanic of finding a NPC is cumbersome. Clans can be organizations without the mechanical advantages of guilds and cities. HELP FILE itself suggests they can be many things. Making their work easier would endorse clans if they wish to follow a certain style.

    So if a clan leader is able to set a prefix or suffix, suddenly that makes a city or guild puny and pointless? :D
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    Also I wish to discuss more methods for @Tiur to kill people and some would-be story arcs:

    - Will you be using suicide mice while punishing players or just good ol' exploding will continue?

    - Will the nameless frog in the Frog Bait games return as the promised villain "The Frog King" and start devouring people after a well-executed invasion from swamps?

    - Will Aalen Bloom return as A.I.D.S (Aalen Induced Depression Sickness) and kickstart another story arc in the game?

    - Would you be partial to plant items around which look like special items but explodes people on touch?

    Guess that would be all.
  • Re: Townhall - Future

    @Rhyot You possibly got my meaning of power creep wrong and resorted to "Git gud". When I mention PvP barrier you should look from several different aspects. Group PvP could be said to have no barrier at all, since it is take whatever you have and go forward tactic. To be able to provide a full-offensive:

    - You have to get all class skillsets. Some classes may offer exceptions, but at the presence of tons of passive curing it is imperative that your offense should be full.
    - Endgame advantages add a level of power creep, so you either have those advantages or not.
    - If you are not having the necessary cure advantages of Survival and RNG advantage of Avoidance, you will get a harder time.
    - Good luck with having no audit skills, certain PvE places will mow you down. And you will go down so fast against damage.
    - Relics/Artifacts do not make someone a combatant, but they make a combatant far far better. In the hands of non-combatants they offer better chances of survival and escape.
    - Coding knowledge is a part of power creep, because paying for offensive system or creating one is a barrier within itself. You need to track afflictions? You have to get an affliction tracker or write one. They all add overhead costs and that raises the barrier.
    - Eq-enhancement means 6% less mana/health, meaning it is a trade-off rather then cheap stuff. Eq-crown will still remain as a 850cr necessity over there. 7% speed bump may seem smaller, but it is an advantage. Advantages pile up and up, hence the power creep starts. I do not expect its removal and full-refund but the bad fruit is there. Asking if there is something to do.
    - Ylem stuff, also add additional PvP necessity. Small advantages of course, but they help.

    Now do not get me wrong, I have PvPed successfully in various games without a problem. I did not write this because I ail from one problem or another or I need to "Git gud". But when I make comparison it is blatant that in Aetolia you need far more to stand a chance and have options.