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  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Air and Earth were always favourite elements of mine, it would be sad if Air themes are thoroughly neglected for Sciomancers. Though excited for the Shadow element getting its representation finally. Kalak shall have a great field day.

    @Axius Yeah SSG reminds me Sar-Sargoth as well. And all the good times within MKO back then.

    Regardless, I can already feel singularity is growing...
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Not interacting will never save anyone from PK. Would it reduce reasons of the other side? Sometimes. But in the end we are playing a game where everything is connected to each other organically by choice & consequence.

    But if the person wants to put himself/herself at a disadvantage by not learning about online status of the other person that looks like a nice "optional" thing.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Some smaller stuff perhaps a bit combat related too:

    - A command to dismiss/unsummon Shadelings could be convenient. Of course we can drop them rogue around or kill before deciding to walk around. But it could make more sense to be able to send our loyals back to their plane.

    - For training rooms, ability to Refract to ourselves or some other way to make vibrations hit ourselves.
  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    Before suggesting flavors: What I would like is to remove ascended race from the description. I would very much be content with the original race being shown on the description (as an option).

    Dwarves: If I remember correctly Dwarves were promised to be encouraged towards drinking, else they would face unspeakable consequences, in the Town Hall. Though I might be coloring the words of @Tiur a bit here...memory is hazy.

    Humans: Since they are a numerous race in many fantasy settings, a flavor ability along the lines of the theme "Adaptability" would be great. Such as an additional language choice, or something else which will show their widespread nature.

    Oil Wrestling: I am Turkish and I support any kind of oil wrestling! Now if only we can find a tailor who can sew those "kispet" (wrestler's tights) for all those ready to "get their hands in this" challenging and oily sport.
  • Re: The Imperial Dominion of the Consanguine

    Actually the political system is fun and dandy from consequence standpoint, people trying so hard to tighten their grip on their chair to the point which can be detrimental to the state of the organization on the whole. But that is also the weakness of the organizations when the admin tries so hard to make them appealing. They are not appealing, really. When an organization is led towards stagnation because their leaders and vocal members want everything calm and as boring as possible...there is not much you can do. And it is really not appealing to go from organization to organization since there are costs associated with that also; social and material. And if your RP is restrictive, you are stranded with less and less options. A manageable cost, nonetheless for some. Unsure if it is for all.

    Regardless this situation is an IRE-staple. You could be punished on organizational level by players for one reason or another (and sometimes, no substantial reason even) and it will be seen totally fine. You should get back to them, through the mechanics of the organization or from outside the organization via RP and PvP. That could make a fine conflict and story in the end, who knows.