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  • Re: PROPOSED IDEA: NPC-Ran City-State: Esterport

    @Kalak Will you please stop trying to make Aetolia like MKO? It's not going to happen. You're not even interested in conflict, since you bought an artifact specifically to avoid the conflict you brought on your own head.
    I am very much so interested in conflict and you should stop assuming things about other people. That is quite unbecoming of you. Character's storyline continues, whether it is visible to "cool boys and girls of the game" or not, thank you. Remember that my purchases also support our dear game like any other customer's. And maybe, just maybe you should consider that I contribute in my own way, eh?

    And the artifact along its mechanical comforts, has RP reasons behind it which you possibly do not care. Maybe you do, maybe one day you can surprise me with your ability to differentiate between character and player. That remains to be seen.

    @Runas The main reason it did not work was financially, not that it had botched mechanics or such or lack of player interest to support the game. It was not an IRE-brand IP so it was presenting constant costs annually. At the end of the day this is a business.

    Also that is true if I offered this idea, I dread to think. I mean when I offered just a title change ability for clans, we were speaking about end of an idea of this magnitude would turn into people discussing IRE going out of business, I suppose.
  • Re: Tethers and Conversion

    Oh, we know you don't want to change class.

    You want to be Duiran's pet Sciomancer. But all the history of the game is going to oppose you for that.
    Are you for real? Yes you are! Yes you are!

    For one moment consider as someone who played a character which changed sides, whether you would benefit from a better conversation rate or not? Yes? Yes.

    Now if you have nothing constructive to add, keep your IC observations away.