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  • Re: Commodities & Crafting

    I said a few times over the years that crafting, guard and war commodities need to be different commodities. The market is too complex for it to be kept balanced, so why try? When a city is competing with individuals for commodities, but the individuals require hundreds while the cities require thousands, the individuals are going to lose out. That's not to say it can't be balanced, but it never has been (for any significant period of time) so just give up and separate them. Wood for carving vials vs timber for war machines.

    The devs have said cities don't need it anymore, but it is difficult to imagine a war system that doesn't include fighting over commodities, so I'm thinking they are thinking along similar lines.

  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    The Syssin are Spinesreach's frontline. That said, I think Spinesreach could easily fit the Carnifex just as well as Bloodloch (Note: This is not an argument or assertion that they shouldn't be in BL or that I want to 'fight' to make them Spirean).
    I'm talking about RP niche here. Oleis wants each city to be self-contained. As a new player, I might be drawn to rar rar warrior classes, and also of being living, dark aligned, in a frozen city in the north.

    I research the options, and don't see many. The syssin look like sneaky rogues and that's not my style. I'm vaguely aware that multiclassing exists so I can play whatever class I want to, but I'm a newbie. I want the guild experience and it isn't available, so I'll look at different cities.

    I'm not saying every city needs 5 guilds to choose from, but they definitely need something for each basic playing style.
  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    The word 'jerk' was directed at someone not understanding that another person might just be feeling tired and drained.

    Not at someone wanting spontaneous conflict. It's fine to want it. And even to instigate it.

    Just be more understanding if someone doesn't feel like a fight. If you don't actually care, then don't ask, just attack. That's perfectly acceptable. Everything in character.

    If you do ask the person oocly though, then you need to accept their response and be more understanding. The moment you ask, it isn't spontaneous anymore, is it? It's organised oocly, through a negotiation. Instead of accusing them of stifling conflict, suggest postponing until the next day.

    Incidentally, I used the word jerk. In Australia, that's about as soft an insult as exists. I've called my boss a jerk and just got a chuckle in return. But apologies if it offended.

  • Re: Some questions from an other-IRE player.

    The mage classes are different enough from the legacy Achaean mage. You'll still recognise plenty of the abilities, but a fair bit of effort was put into making the offense more active, with bridging moves rather than a choice between straight damage, sword affs on top of plague, or being annoying in retardation.

    You'd have to ask someone else whether the changes achieved the intended goal though. I've been away from here for a long time.

    Shapeshifter is less squishy than people say, especially in pvp.

    For roleplay environment and ooc clans (webs are just party chat, btw)
    There are ooc clans, including official ooc clans linked to each city, usually under the purpose of discussing combat, and/or organising combat. And of course they aren't always on topic.

    In a way though, this means that the in-role channels (org channels, says and tells) are strictly always in role. There are some amazing RPers in Aetolia, and the way people use the expanded emote system is really nice. Left to my own devices, my RP mostly ends up just being me staying in role, and occasionally stirring up trouble for fun. When others start up with the beautiful emotes though, it encourages me (and I think others) to step up the game a bit.

  • Re: I'm your assistant producer. Ask me (almost) anything.

    I know that the discussion about Aetolian politics was quite a few weeks back, but I'm working interstate and bored, so I just want to say something I think is relevant and interesting.

    When Matt started Achaea, he did it with a background in political science. I read a mini-essay from him a number of years ago, where he wrote about designing the game's political systems with specific flaws that would encourage conflict within each org rather than aiming to be a 'perfect' system.

    I've always thought that is kind of interesting, and wondered if it hasn't been a part of the success of IRE muds.