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  • Re: The Feast of All Avarice -- Meta Post

    Mini-event #2!!

    It's a secret.

    Beginning now, Callidora and I will be taking sign ups for a gift exchange among us. Volunteer your name, and you are stepping forward to receive a present during the Feast-days that we know you will love. But as you are satisfied, so must you satisfy! We will expect you to give a present as well.

    When we have our list of willing names, we will secretly assign you a random target from among your fellows. You will then use your wits to uncover what your target's greatest desires are, and find (or create, if you wish) an object that represents them and satisfies them. Be thoughtful in this, because someone else you do not know is also secretly targeting you, planning out your own gift in return.

    ...Santa! It's a secret Santa.

    We're using fancy RP-talk to put a Corrupt spin on it, but the actual goal is simple and familiar. Put your name in the hat, and then pick out someone else's name! Get that person something nice. Meanwhile, someone else will pick out your name, so you'll get a present too.

    We need a decent amount of sign-ups for this event to really take off, but once we have some volunteers, I'll put those names in a numbered non-alphabetical list, then use to help assign your Secret Santa partners.
    If I don't get matched with @Zaila she's going to be soooo disappointed she doesn't get that bouquet of eyeballs. Just saying.
  • Re: How does your character talk?

    It wasn't something I intentionally did, but as I feel out Evalyne's character it's struck me that she has a real flair for speaking like she's the narrator in her own story. She's direct but also florid and very egocentric. I was thinking on this earlier as I worked on the system since my ping was untenable earlier and I think at least some part of her in that respect is probably coming from my recollections of Irenicus from BG2, man it's been a long time since I played that game though. She's much more flirty around the people she actually likes though (like ridiculously so), which I've been struggling a bit to reconcile.