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  • Re: Valkyrior system (Mudlet)

    So I'll have detailed instructions for install after sleep because I need to pass out, but I've already gone late on my release promise, so I wanted to put this up.

    Here's the xml to import to give Valkyrior (v3) a try:

    Save that somewhere, import, it should be good. But if you have any problems let me know!
  • Re: LOVE

    Inhaling sharply, you raise your arms beside you, bringing them up above your head as if conducting an orchestra. Cocking your head to the side, you close your eyes and begin to concentrate upon a distant, focal point within yourself. Completely unbeknownst to you, the shadow cast by your frame suddenly jerks to life, slithering from your connecting feet upwards, seemingly guided by a mind of its own. Inky tendrils that form the insubstantial hands of your shadow sink deep into your chest, causing your eyelids to flicker open as you gasp at the sharp pain that resonates from the very fibres of your being. Completely ignorant of you, the formless figment continues its relentless motions, before finally fading away into nothingness. For a moment or two, nothing seems to happen, before agonizing pain ripples through your body. You feel your chest being torn apart, then reformed and re-molded with your plentiful reserves of essence deep within. As the pain ebbs, you are assailed with the realization that you have embraced your new, destructive form as Azudim. The skies darken momentarily as tendrils of shadow creep across the firmament to form the terrible visage of the Azudim, Evalyne.

    Yeah, I know, maybe not that much of an accomplishment, but I was happy with achieving this in less than a week of playtime.
  • Re: Valkyrior system (Mudlet)

    Cannot for the life of me figures out what causes the chat capture window not to initialize on startup, it works perfectly fine if you init it manually. Sorry for the hold up, trying to solve that.
  • Re: Valkyrior system (Mudlet)

    I'm curious, is there a helpfile on how to install the package? As I want to give it a try and not familiar with Github. Or must it be done individually. (It appears to be the latter though)
    I will make a XML package that you can just import and try out the new UI before the end of the day, and post the link here :D

    Still got a couple things I want to fix up.
  • Re: Valkyrior system (Mudlet)

    I'm rethinking it a bit to be more compact if I can because some of the wasted space is bothering me in a "cannot unsee" sort of manner. I'll report back after a bit of playing around in Photoshop and Mudlet and y'all can let me know what you think. In the meantime if you have suggestions do let me know :)