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  • Re: Short Questions

    Recently found out that the fishing shop sells lures.. Question is..

    How do you use them? Just attach them to the rod? Or, do we get a specific area to use them in?
    You attach them and they are for fishing up specific things. I don't know that they are area-specific, necessarily, though. Someone else can chime in if they know.
  • Re: Quick RP Questions

    And with the Earth plane, there are the Earthen who are definitely sentient with their own social structure. Though, they are different from the elementals. I think it's just a mix of things with each plane where some things are sentient and some aren't, like others have said, according to their strength and whatnot. Just like animals on PmP aren't necessarily sentient but humanoids are.
  • Re: LOVE

    I'm much in the same boat, @Teani. The ceremony isn't until Tuesday, but I know exactly what you're speaking of.

    And just to post my own odd love. My mother had been declining for several months now, just gradual elderly type decline. But, after digging into things more, seems it was worse than I knew or she'd have ever told me. So, it's quite a relief more than anything to know she's at rest now. I've had more relief from all of this than actual sadness, which is a new but good feeling for me.

    This is not me seeking pity, but this is me wanting to vent a little somewhere. Last month or so has been a nightmare at work. It had finally calmed down, and then all hell broke loose again. Along with this, since husband and I are looking to try for #2, I went off some meds. Been a nightmare of vertigo and various other issues.

    Well, this week decided to be worse. My mom lives with us. Saw she was starting to have signs of pneumonia. Thought some soup would do her good. She choked on part of it. Nearly lost her. She's stable now, but has a long road ahead of her due to the lung fluid stuff. And, because of this and once she's lucid again, going to have to broach moving her into care. Ontop of this, her dog got depressed fast and is old so she was making a mess all over her room. Had to board her inbetween meetings, which work has been at least good enough to take over a lot of them. Plus, dealing with my sister already trying to act 'helpful' when I can tell she's seen how my mom is and thinks she needs to wiggle onto her good side (you know, after ignoring her for the good part of a year).

    To top it all off, one of my clients has me working tonight and almost all of tomorrow afternoon/evening. He has been cruel, petty, and rude even considering he knows about all of this and my lack of sleep (since I didn't mention my son waking up repeatedly lately too for w/e reason).

    So now, I shall go sleep. I will wake up at least a few times, most likely, and then call to check on my mom in the morning. I may get a little of play time in with my son, then it's right back to the grind for the rest of the day. Probably will work Sunday, too. Been so busy that a shower was a luxury today and we haven't been able to clean or get groceries (since I usually handle those) in well over a week and a half. So, here's to maybe this all calming the eff down. Someone have some hard drinks for me.
  • Re: Drawings of Aetolia

    You know, because @Eleanor is awesome.