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  • Re: >> Elea Draws <<

    It's not technically Aetolian art, so I'mma put it here: This is a wonderful piece that a dear friend of mine actually bought for me. Funny enough story: I was going to buy one of Eleanor's chibis to replace my uh.. "interesting" welcome screen for my streams. A friend apparently bought out my commission and paid Eleanor for this upgrade (I'm only sharing the pinup version, not much variance besides a zoom in and some text for the welcome and the thank you screens!) And yes. I am making myself less of a mole-person because I am -keeping- this as my background. Simply because I love it so much, screw my sensitivity to bright whiteness on my screens >.>

  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    @Keroc I don't have a picture of that family's gumbo, this was a few years back, but this is ONE variation of Gumbo:

    And for being exactly what Arqeshi and Nazetu eat (described in the HELP scrolls for each race) it's actually pretty delicious. It's literally a stew where they toss in whatever they have meat wise, add in some spices, and then dole it out amongst everyone in the family. It usually is made for family gatherings because most family members bring in -something- to add to it, whether that's potatoes, carrots, meats, mushrooms, or spices, it's always an interesting experience. I can say it was my first time tasting snake and crocodile though. Hand-drove that stuff up in their pickup truck.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    WTB Gumbo identity for stews. It's a type of stew! Typically consisting of sea food! (Gotta include what the typical Arqeshi and Nazetu stews would ACTUALLY be called and all that!!)

    @Keroc pretty please?

    edit: And yes, I do see Nazetu and Arqeshi as distinctively being south louisiana in their eating habits, I mean hell, I had family who came to visit from Louisiana, they brought Gumbo and the ingredients list for meat alone was half a page long, and at least three quarters of it was stuff you had to hunt yourself (I.E: I ain't making it myself any time soon, very little of the ingredients were not either hunted, or hand-reared and could not be found on store shelves). Seasoning was typically spicy, mixed with whatever else they had on hand, and typically was best served right alongside your favorite alcoholic beverage. And yes, these were the kind of family you'd typically expect to be in Louisiana, and not the "We party all night long and ladies are thrown beads for showing their breasts" types..

    can I just indicate that I have an issue with the concept of "No 'nut' November"? It's a rather similar issue I have with a lot of "Wholesome" organizations such as christian churches and such that discourage masturbation.

    Not only is it healthy as far as stress relief and tension handling, it's also the time most guys actually are going to actually notice anything amiss testicular-wise. I mean, it might just be that I was taught that "it's fine if you jerk it, just take your time to make sure you check it too." which means I usually take time after it all is done during the "cooldown" period to check myself for anything that might be amiss, such as hardened knots, lumps, sore swollenness along the "wiring", and all other things that could be signs of issues. I mean, that's probably the main time I take time to ensure I'm healthy down there, because it's part of my routine during the day.

    People who think that something that's healthy is "morally wrong" and you "shouldn't do it" are not people I have a high opinion of. Especially if they give others crap for something that's essentially healthy, and allows me to detect issues ahead of time.
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Interacting with furniture: It can be a little annoying when you decide you wanna move your furniture around, you get just the perfect table, couch, or bed, but later decide you want it in another room, and what do you have to do? You have to either go and buy another (along with a mushroom sigil) to move it, or you have to poke at godmin for the ones that have Varnish on 'em.

    Why not be able to PUSH that COUCH NORTHEAST so that you move it into the room northeast of the current one?

    Or maybe PULL that COUCH WEST?