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  • Re: LOVE

    @Zaila @Xavin @Karhast

    Yeah, I mean, in most countries where the weather is typically warmer, yes. Cold beer is preferred. But tell me, you come in out of weather that's typically a drizzle, it's colder 9 months out of the year, and the local climate is either rain, rain, snow, or fog, you're not gonna want something warm instead of cold? It's why the nordic peoples drank their mead -warm- instead of cold, and wore a lot of FUR. >.>
  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    I think the problem is that this whole thing is being done at half-mast. The godmin aren't actually taking the wheel. They're wanting us players to take the wheel and do what they want us to do, and then throw their hands into the mix only when we start to veer off course, which is making this entirely more bumpy. They either need to stop trying to force this entirely as a "all hands off" or they need to actually be -in- the game with the CL's to make this run smoother. Things like Bloodloch and whether or not they'll take non-undead citizens with this change is a big example of "We're leaving it to the player base to decide this." and this alone is going to entirely screw with everything. This is one point where there NEEDS to be someone who is on this project sitting with it and telling everyone how it's going to go down if they're going so far as to force changes like this guild restriction stuff. You can't just make one change in the entire machine and expect everything else to compensate on its own, that's how the machine breaks down until only the parts that CAN run with the changes are running.

    edit: And if they're not wanting to babysit the meetings and make this decision go one way or another, they need to not be saying it's going to go one way when there's no confirmation it'll go that way as well.
  • Re: City and Guilds - Goals and Consequences

    even as someone who is ultimately unaffected by this: I still see this as a complete Misstep. There has to be OTHER options that won't upheave two major guilds, and won't completely destroy the RP of a large number of characters, causing the players to either have to undergo a severe character change that might not even make any -sense- for their characters, or just up and leave the game in hopes of finding a more stable platform elsewhere. With MKO having gone down the drain, we're back to being one of the smallest (I'm not sure if Imperian is smaller, or bigger, but I'm estimating us to be around the same size), so something like this -isn't- going to help the game. It's going to hurt the game all in the name of "storytelling". Which while I appreciate the attempt. There's gotta be better ways. The rest is good, the last point is the issue for me.

    It also sounds like it's more for the benefits of Duiran than anyone else, who actually probably would be the one incident of a case of "conflict of interest" since their city leadership is based around the guilds. Which I'll indicate isn't really an ideal thing at all, if you're changing a major mechanic in order to fix a problem there.

    The squeaky wheel might get the oil, but dagnabbit, don't completely jam a stick into the spokes of every other cog on the machine just trying to oil the one squeaky wheel.

    Edit: As an additional note: I've heard that it was suggested that the Carnifex and the Illuminati were to be divested from cities. I think this would ultimately be a better option if you're going to enforce these changes, because the Carnifex, at least, was BUILT as a guild not tied to a city. They have an outside guildhall. The vision must compromise when it harms the playerbase more than it helps anything else. And weighing the benefits and the disadvantages, going ahead as planned without at -least- divulging the Carnifex and (possibly) the Illuminati from their cities is going to result in our small game losing players. And I guarantee you, a loss of players is bad, but I'm fairly certain a large number of those players are going to be people who have and would normally continue to invest -MONEY- into this game. And this is forcing those players away from the game.
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