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  • Re: Mage Revamp Lies. LIES.

    Sciomancers turning into Dragon Ball Z warriors confirmed. SUPER SAIYA-GIN!

    >.> Plz be a lie

    Looks good! I won't take a guess, I'll just let the hype train choo and choo
    SSG stands for Super Saiyan God you noob. Gawd.
    ...It always stood for Sar-Sargoth to me..and always will. Even if I do enjoy watching Dragon Ball (and sometimes DBZ)
  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Interacting with furniture: It can be a little annoying when you decide you wanna move your furniture around, you get just the perfect table, couch, or bed, but later decide you want it in another room, and what do you have to do? You have to either go and buy another (along with a mushroom sigil) to move it, or you have to poke at godmin for the ones that have Varnish on 'em.

    Why not be able to PUSH that COUCH NORTHEAST so that you move it into the room northeast of the current one?

    Or maybe PULL that COUCH WEST?
  • Re: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Promotions

    @Tiur I love the wheel spin promotions that come with free and premium spins, but I can I just say? My biggest gripe with the premium spins is the fact that the price is just.. well. Lemme point out how it works out. 5 tokens for 45 dollars. Roughly. At the -base line- lowest cost package. This is expensive for me to drop in one go. I'm not exactly a whale like probably a majority of your targetted demographic. But I do want to say, In previous promotions, MKO coming to mind primarily as one such thing. My spending habits tend to be small purchases that add up over time.

    I once remember being alarmed that I spent 200 dollars in one month (back when I was still on the "do work around the house, earn 10 or 20 dollars per job" lifestyle of a teenager that had a lot of tasks he deemed "reasonably easy and worth the work") even though I'd only been buying 10 dollar purchases from the website. At the current token prices? That's easily doable. 1 spin for 10 dollars. It'd make it accessible and allow even us people who might not exactly have 45-200 dollars to drop in one large chunk to participate in the premium stuff, and potentially end up SPENDING those amounts over the long term rather than the short term. The promotions that let me participate at 5 to 10 dollars a pop? Those are the ones I know I end up participating in frequently, and often spending a hundred dollars or more on those, just because it's "Oh. I've got the money right now. Let's do that."

    Edit: YAAAAAAS! Thank you!
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    writing this out here because it's cluttering up my brain, and thanks to a cold (or something) I've been mute for the third day in a row now (I can make noises today, but too much strain and it hurts my throat), so I've not been able to vocallize my thoughts the way I normally would to myself, and allow me to unclutter my brain by tossing it out verbally, and associate it with as stupid as some of this stuff really sounds, or filing it away for later consideration for the stuff that isn't absolutely stupid. Anyways, here's my little OOC rant about nothing in the game, just me being sick, depressed, reflective, and listening to music that reminds me of my childhood while also making me think and reflect in my depression in turn.

    I once read somewhere that Millenials like myself are the cause of many ills in the nation, y'know what? unicorns it, I've read in too many rags and in too many 'sensationalist' stories that millenials are the root of all troubles. And I once read somewhere that we aren't such problems because we are just evil (because seriously, baby boomers weren't evil, Generation Xer's were not evil, stop that unicorns), we are less motivated and causing as many issues and 'killing' as many industries because we are -bitter-. And the worst part is? Ask any Millenial in their 20's to think about it and consider it, heck, ask any Millenial in their 30's to think about it and consider it, and most will tell you that, yes. A good number of us ARE bitter. There was a meme about nobody remembering the 90's? A good chunk of us Millenials do. It's the last time we were told with genuine hope that the world was our oyster, that we could actually look at going out when we turned 21, buy ourselves a relatively nice home in a safe neighborhood for a not so ridiculous price and not have to work more than one career our entire lives for it. Then everything came down around us, Technology started sprouting up, the economy started crashing, inflation going nuts, and all in all? We are the ones who are probably closest to the lost generation. We are the ones who suffered the cross. The youngest of us would suffer less than the oldest amongst us, but only because we had the opportunity to grow up with the technology that boomed, that's taken precedence in today's society. The generations that came before? They are taken care of in most senses, they've had their opportunity to lay their nest eggs, to prepare for their own lives beyond working age, and to have their homes bought, cars paid off, and credit scores put up well. But us? Just as we got started, we had all of that taken away. We are bitter not because we have to work harder for the same amount as prior generations, we are bitter because we were the ones who grew up with promises of so much more, and yet look at us now? Three jobs a week at minimum wage just to afford an apartment? And everyone wonders why we want college education, better paid jobs, and reliably safe places to live over children, diamonds, and marriage? The generation to come after us will square their shoulders and bear the load because they will know nothing better, they will not have the memories of the promises we recieved, they will remember only that "this is the way it always has been for us." But many of us Millenials? There are victims for crossing into every age, and we Millenials and the dreams instilled into us by our mothers and our fathers are those victims, and it only takes a song I grew up with to make me sadly reminisce when I was able to just go outside, sit in the dirt, and just play by myself without worrying if I need to look at a part-time job just to make sure I can pinch in more than I already do when my family is unsure if they can afford everything they would need to cover that month.

    These are my own thoughts, results of me sitting in bed, trying to drink water and orange juice, and eat cold soup when I remember I have it on hand hours after it was given to me, and they are the thoughts that cry out the loudest when I am all but silent myself. Thank you for reading, and sorry for being depressing.

    This month has been one long sad/mad session...

    Today/last night we lost a singer that.. well.. maybe not everyone liked, but the band covered a variety of songs, not just that one crappy portion that everyone associates them with. And songs like "Shadow of the Day" got me through some rough waters myself during some of my heavier depressions.

    Chester Bennington, may he rest in peace.

    If you ever feel like there's nothing left, and all you have is a corner against your back, and that the embrace of the afterlife is the only way out? Please, consider calling the National Suicide Lifeline. Please. If not for yourself, then consider doing it for all of those who love you, and the darkness clouding your thoughts cannot let you see their love for you, because ending your life is not a release of pain for you.. it's giving the pain you suffer to those around you, and choosing to make them suffer three times as much for each person you are close to. So please, consider dialing this number: 1-800-273-8255.

    It's confidential, free, and they will do their best to help you as best as they can. And they will help you find the words you need to reach out to your loved ones and seek their help in getting through the darkness, so that you aren't so alone that you won't see death as the only path. Please.