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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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  • Re: Do alpha males exist?

    Chicken breasts? Real men hunt down their own prey, butcher their own meat, and roast it over a fire that they started using sticks and the steely hair of their beards.
  • Aetolian GDocs and Resources

    Since I tend to create docs (particularly spreadsheets) for things, and others have their own external resources, I figured it would be helpful to consolidate their references, since things can get lost in posts.

    A Roleplay guide to Sapience: The Thread
    Google Docs: Q&A | Geography | Races | Geography Chart
    Leadership History (a work in progress): Google Doc
    I aim to eventually have a sheet for every guild (except those whose news I can no longer access) and city. Any help filling in holes would be greatly appreciated.

    Forging FAQ and Information: The Thread
    Crafting References Chart: Google Doc
    Crafting Materials Chart: Google Doc
    Cost and Pricing Guide: Google Doc
    Forging, Enchanting, Concoctions Pricer: Google Doc

    Combat Styles (from giftbag promo scrolls): Google Doc
    Artifact Listing: Google Doc

    If you have any requests for GDocs to compile, please let me know and I will see about either making it or updating your own to the list!
  • Re: Ankyrean Anguish - Aetolia-based RAGE

    As an aside, if you feel there's a pattern developing or a rejection is way off, you can message the design nums and the issues to Becue. If rejectors are crossing lines, being really sloppy, etc, Becue -will- have a word with them. 
  • Re: Albedos: Q&A

    Albedos is an entirely new continent that is larger than Sapience and being built by a rotating volume of a dozen or more people, on top of pushing out new content for immediate gratification for Sapience and shifting of duties as events and class changes and factions and things come up. 

    Aet's volunteers can only be stretched so thin and remain so productive/muscle through on such varied and large tasks. 
  • Polls: Shopping/Style/Crafting Habits

    I've been mulling and fussing a bit over shop keeping and crafting, and was wondering how all of you go about shopping for things for your characters. If you're up to taking a few minutes, I've made several polls, and I'd love it if you'd go vote your input on how and what you look for when picking equipment for your characters. Forums doesn't really facilitate multiple polls in one thread, and I didn't want to bombard with multiple threads, so please bear with. 

    If any others would like polls made to add to this, please send me a PM and I'll add one!

    Of 27 votes, 17 shop by a character's individual flavour, 2 seek thematic sets, 4 go pantsless.

    Of 79 votes and 25 voters, 8 look for guild/class specific, 5 dark/savage themes, 3 dark/elegant themes, 5 earthy/vibrant themes, 7 earthy/savage themes, 4 each of Knight, Noble and Rogue archetypes, 3 middle eastern, 2 medieval europe, 2 asiatic, and 7 ornate/elegant/refined vs 13 simple/basic/mundane. 

    Of 67 votes and 22 voters, 13 buy an outfit that will work for anything/everything, 13 buy every day clothing, 9 buy hunting-specific outfits, 10 buy formalwear, 8 purchase specialized-rp clothing, 4 buy outfits for ritual purposes, 10 buy utility/roleplay pieces.

    What clothing items do you frequently purchase?:
    Of 179 votes and 22 voters: 
    1 voted hood, kimono, cravat/tie/collar, jerkin/doublet
    2 voted -
    3 voted bracers, bodice/corset, hipscarf, scarf, robes, heeled shoes, gloves/gauntlet, hat
    4 voted vest
    5 voted sandals, skirt
    6 voted kitbag, veil, ribbons, bra, dress formal, tunic, pouch, undies, satchel
    7 voted loincloth
    8 voted dress casual
    9 voted coat, cloak
    10 voted weaponbelt, pack
    11 voted shirt/top/blouse
    12 voted -
    13 voted boots

    What forged goods do you frequently purchase?:
    Of 95 votes and 19 voters: 6  use a weapon for specified use (like shatter), 9 buy equally balanced armour, 4 buy specifically-tempered armour.
    1 voted battleaxe (split), cavalry, dagger, helmet, pauldron, ringmail, shortsword (speed), spear
    2 voted bastard (damage), bardiche combat, bardiche hunting, chainmail, flail (damage), javelin, mace (split), scimitar (speed), warhammer (damage), warhammer (split), whip (speed)
    3 voted fullplate, halberd combat, halberd hunting, tower shield, whip (split)
    4 voted buckler, leather armour
    5 voted dirk (speed), whip (damage)
    6 voted 
    7 voted scalemail

    When shopping for food, what do you look for?:
    Of 45 votes and 20 voters, 4 prefer both fully-described meals as well as meals of components, 3 prefer what is cheapest, 7 focus on nourishment, 15 prefer thematic/roleplay-oriented dishes while it varies by situation for 12.