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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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  • A Roleplay Guide to Sapience

    Have an idea for a new character's history, or trying to find out if an aesthetic exists in the game? This is the place for you! Discuss and ask questions about the landscape and cultures, find that information you need, and so on. 

    Common Questions and Scenarios

    Can my character be from an unknown, unexplorable village?
    Within reason. We learn more and find new areas about Sapience even now, so there are still unexplored pockets and possibilities. NPCs and production of goods need to come from somewhere, so there is room for additions. It just needs to be reasonable. It is more likely that there are unmapped goat-herding villages or farms, or living quarters past hunting areas, than there are likely to be major palaces and monarchies that no one has heard about. 

    Can my character be from Albedos?
    At this point in time, no. Albedos is not allowing immigrants, and keeps a close watch on people from Sapience coming through the Portal, so it is not possible to 'sneak' in. 

    Can my character be of mixed race?
    As you can only be one race mechanically, the general answer is 'no' - you should conform primarily to the race you selected. However, there is some blurring genetics so that some traits can be shifted - no humans with furred Rajamala ears, but you can have have half-pointed ears for Tsol'aan lineage, or stronger facial features or a larger nose for human-dwarf breeds, etc. The larger mixes come with the Ascended (endgame) races of Tekal/Azudim/Yeleni/Idreth.

    What bodily functions do undead/vampires retain? Do they breathe in order to speak? Can they blush? Why do they need to eat (if lower than level 80)?
    Due to mechanics (since Undead take asphyxiation and bleeding damage), circulation and respiration still function to some degree. Breathing, while not necessary to survive, is needed to speak, shout, or mimic the actions of the living. Similar to circulation - it is needed for bodily functions in the mimicking of living actions - blushing, to maintain muscles for movement, etc. The degree that this is taken is up to the individual, though there are still some definite rules - other functions and systems do not work. Undead cannot reproduce. As for eating - they are expending energy to work their skill sets, hunt, fight, and so on, so must intake things to replenish it. This is further built upon curatives being consumed. 

    Do undead bodies react in the same way to stimuli as mortal bodies (ranging in anything from being touched, heat/warmth, high altitudes, taking a blow to the head, imbibing alcohol/poisons, etcetera). Why? Why not?
    There are a lot of variations for how this is handled. There is interesting roleplay both in having Undead still susceptible to the things as the living (which is easier), while having them removed and out of touch from those things also provides some unique avenues. It is up to the player, though a general caution - undeath doesn't give an excuse to godmode being utterly impervious to surroundings or elements. Not feeling the blow to the head or a touch to the skin as much does not mean there is not still some impact. 

    What does it feel like being bitten and fed on by a vampire? How does it feel for a vampire to feed on another person?
    "The IG messages imply that it's supposed to feel euphoric and sexy for both parties. I imagine the actual throat-chomping would still sting, though."

    Questions about the different races: Do any of them lay eggs (atavians, horkvali, grook, and xoran, specifically)?
    There are egg references for Horkval and Grecht (what - please retcon, bats don't create eggs), but there has not been evidence beyond this. Most RP live birth, though some vary the gestation period depending upon the mother's race, or that of the planned race of the child. Most of the creation myths have the races drawing from some proto-human, which suggests related ancestors and things in common. 

    How does becoming Tekal/Azudim/Yeleni/Idreth change you? Do you retain features from your original race? How far can you stray from the norm when ascending your mortal race?
    Tekal tends to be something of a purgatory - painful, hollow, grey fleshed and disproportionate to original forms, and so on. Azudim/Yeleni/Idreth is much more colourful, so to speak, as it's completing the form (even for Idreth). It is commonly accepted that endgame affords a chance to be whatever you want, by golly you earned it with that grind. Sprout horns, tails, wings, an impressive shnoz, scales, what-have-you. Part of this explanation is that Ascendence is something of a projection or manifestation of your character's mind/nature, bound in flesh and bone. It can shift as your character shifts, though note that this generally should not be an overnight 'tada I'm the opposite' change. 

    Do undead/vampires experience the same emotions as living? Why don't they dream?
    According to Omei, no. She has said that life essence is what allows mortal beings to experience emotion; I specifically remember Her once making an analogy between vampires/undead and a severed limb: a person who has lost an arm may so strongly remember what sensation in it felt like that they still perceive sensation, but of course, it isn't the real thing. They don't dream because dreams are Omei's gift, and She sees vampires/undead as an abomination of life. Note that this is also Divine Politics.

  • Re: How do you pronounce things?

    Kind of, but the emphasis is in the REH/middle syllable.
  • Re: LOVE

    The writing in the event tonight was really beautiful.
  • Re: October Promotion Time!

    I want an arena where there is only one event - mud wrestling - where all contestants are transformed into bikini-clad wenches and must grapple it out in a center stage mud pit.
  • Re: Short Questions

    For banks, it's every season, which is on the same schedule it was before.