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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
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  • Re: Artifact ideas

    A Templar-class artifact that lets you have two Auras at once, not one.

    I could see some combination restrictions being applied (not able to have two stat-modifying ones, or two aff-inflicting ones, etc).
  • Re: Short Questions

    Could be an oversight, but I would imagine because
    a) Balancing the stat stuff with combat
    b) Vampirism in itself is a static state/race/choice with innate weaknesses. Praenomen (though I imagine Rituos would also be bundled?) are actively employing use of Blood as a primary focus, embodying all of Abhorash's whateverness thus benefiting from his Shadowbaby.
  • Re: Deceptive Arti Promos

    With the 'She paid for credits' thing - these kinds of promo are tricky grounds. Like the one with the translocator, prayer mat, and boots, if that's the only way or ability to obtain those limited, time-sensitive items - those items become the product of focus and the credits are the bonus (still a really nice bonus). That's the tricky ground with this kind of promotion and is just something I think should be kept in mind. Object focus vs credit purchase are different mindsets and purchasing styles so this becomes a weird overlap. Similar to the giftbag promos (where you're only buying the credits FOR the giftbag and the gamble, when you otherwise might not be buying credits, or would be waiting for a larger volume because they are a better deal in themselves).

    Just a ramble. Otherwise though, always important to research when it comes to your money, and to *ask questions*. Even if you're think you're sure, ask.
  • Re: Age of Dawn

    @Rina - it has nothing to do with the guilds themselves, beyond letting members join in if they want to. There is zero requirement for anyone to join, only a request for guilds to not forbid/deter people from doing so if that is what they want to do.

    It's purely a matter of divorcing something that has been part of the city into its own confined space and away from the rest of city practices. Containment to open up more options and provide more opportunities for RP, but for the different non-zealous shades that the city SHOULD have, as well as for non-Daru and non-Luminaries to partake in that kind of RP with its own lore, structure, and outlet.

    But for the last bit of what you said - yes, it provides some more options. You can be more zealous or not as zealous as your character dictates, and have options for avenues to pursue in that expression and activity. You can play a zealous Ascendril or Templar or what-have-you and join in with Sabaelism and go on a fiery crusade, or continue on as we otherwise have been. Similarly, a lot of the pressure to be the CITY OF LIGHT AND PURGING UNDEATH RAWRG is to shift towards the religion where it belongs, so that people who aren't as sure, who aren't as pure, who aren't as strict or dutiful, can still be part of the city. We might just have some 'generally good guys who can be pretty shifty' and they can have more space, or 'ambivalent about undeath generally existing but doesn't want to align with it, just wants to protect people', etc.
  • Re: Age of Dawn

    Again, I will state, as I did before: It is to separate the zealous/religious RP into its own confined space, so that Enorian can be a city and welcome a wider range of RP and characters without the toxicity of "You aren't white enough", while also providing a sanctioned outlet for the zealous RP that was otherwise bleeding over.

    There isn't an 'event'. There's been several RL months of work and discussion and now some Gods are speaking up about it IC. The only thing it is IMPOSING ON THE GUILDS is 'please don't deter people from joining in when this is released in full, if they want to do so'. That is it.

    It is doing nothing else to the guilds. It has no other relationship to the guilds than that guilds and the city have mixed membership. That is it.

    It certainly isn't going to be part of the dogma of Templar - merely if Templar who wish to have more of the zealous RP want an outlet, that's a good place to go.

    EDIT: TO be -EVEN CLEARER- The Age of Dawn and city purpose of purging Undeath has been around since before I joined Enorian. It is not a new thing. It is not a sudden thing. It was something that deterred me from joining way back when. It is something that was around even when Moirean was a citizen during Tralendargate. It Is. Not. New.

    This is to balance against that and reclaim space for the other shades of roleplay in the city - those very things you, Moirean, among others, threw such a fight over about how suffocating Enorian was. We are trying. With very little input or initiative or anything beyond complaints and sitting on hands.