• IstelaIstela Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
    With some of the terrible news I got RL side, I am really glad for the community. Though I don't get to RP often with a lot of you. My need for RP only grows. I would love for something fun to come up to distract me.

    As for love, I love that when I am down I always have someone that ends up making crappy days better.
    Some love for you that are always down to get down!
    @Ishin (Thank you for being here for me all the time, even if I want to super glue you under the bridge you dwell under.)
    @Luas (Just because you make me laugh when you get owned by spiders. :P )
    And most of all Amarita, even though she's not on the forums, I think. She was the secondary go to when I found out the news of passings of potentially my birth father and paternal grandfather all in one night.
  • AmaritaAmarita Member Posts: 1
    Aww anytime. <3<3
  • TybereusTybereus Member Posts: 2
    Much love and respect goes to The Carnifex for dealing with me IG. Special shout out to @Alathesia you make this game quite fun. A special shout outs to @Talonnb and @Tenshyo, and @Dhar for putting up with Ty's murder of Tobias multiple times even though it ends up with Ty being murdered. Thanks for the Great Rp.
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