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I am planning a trip to the States next summer. The idea will be to use one city as a start and finish point, so that I can rent a car and return it there before going back to Sweden. With that car, I will travel around and hope to meet people from this wonderful community. I will have about a month or so to travel, so I doubt I will be able to cross the entire country both ways. This means I am likely sticking to one coast.

Unlike last time I crossed the country, this one is all me. I am not working or anything, and can set my own itinerary all depending on where I want to go and who might want me to visit. Once I have enough stops to plan it out completely, I will post it here. That way people will have a chance to see if it's possible to set up a meet of some kind.

Couch offers are very welcome! Let me know if you would like to meet up. I am thinking end of June-July.


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    Upside of a Wisconsin visit around that time: Hey, my birthday's early July, and I know of at least two others in the same state (possibly more!)

    Downsides: At least in my case, no couch available here for an overnight guest. Kind of in the middle of the country, so quite out of the way to get to if sticking to a coast.
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    Doesn't necessarily have to be a coast. I just have to be able to make it around to people. Putting Wisconsin on list of potentials! 

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    I basically live in Portland, OR - west coast best coast! I love meeting new people, but have no couch to offer, so if you'll be coming by this region (Washington / Oregon) I would love to make a meet happen!
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    Won't be this time, @Zaila, but I want to cruise the west coast one day too. It will happen!

    Anyway, this is the considered route, after talking to some people. It might shift a little, with some stops added or removed depending on circumstances (Athens friend might be away, so might add a Florida stop or something instead, for example).

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    Drop me a line when through Houston. I can buy a player lunch without the fiance giving me scary angry stares, I bet.
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    If you change your mind about Florida, I'm in Jacksonville.
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    It might make your drive a little longer but it'd be good your your cARBREtor

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    I'm still near DC!
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    Elwyn and I are in Pittsburgh still

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    Goodness, this is going to be an amazing trip! So many people along this route, I had no idea. I'm trying my best to fit everyone in, even if it might just be for lunch company on the road.

    Latest update has me landing in New York, as that is the cheapest, then traveling in a clockwise circle. These are who I've got on my list right now (and I'm sort of hard pressed to fit in more people without feeling rushed):

    (Possibly @Arbre)

    So excited!

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    Im around an hour away from @Toz!
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    Booked ticket, reserved a rental, and booked hotel nights in Washington and New Orleans. So far I have confirmation for a place to stay in Charlotte and in Wisconsin. Here's the schedule!

    24 - Arriving New York, driving south (Hostel/motel Philadelphia - not booked)
    25-27 - Washington (hotel booked)
    27-1(2) - Visiting Charlotte. ("Couch" confirmed!)
    ( 1 - Stop in Athens, not confirmed)
    2-5 - New Orleans (hotel booked)
    5-6 - Houston (hostel/motel - not booked)
    6-10 - Austin (potential "couch"!)
    10-11 - Oklahoma (potential "couch"!)
    11-17 - Kansas (potential "couch"!)
    17-22 - Steven's Point ("Couch" confirmed!)
    22-23 - Chicago (via Green Bay) (hostel/motel - not booked)
    23-25 - Harrisburg (via Pittsburgh) (potential "couch"!)
    25 - Departing New York (via Lancaster)

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    @Teani - just put in my request to have the time off, too. PARTY IN CHARLOTTE!
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