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    I don't have a goal weight, but I got some weights over Christmas (and probably just regular weight gain too...) and I've been told by @Rijetta to aim for 225 bench at some point somewhere way in the future. I'm at about 100 right now, and it's gonna be a nice slow push towards any more weight than that, I suspect.

    I lift every Mon/Wed/Fri doing general stuff, and might update my routine as time goes, but for now it's just squats, bench, alternate military press and dead lift.
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    Yearly Wrap-Up!

    Weight: 185.5

    Downside of the week: Overall, I really had a nice last week!

    Upside of the week: For having two big feast holidays under my belt, I'm pretty much where I was last week, and that's great!

    Mental/psychological check in: Have a bit extra of that frustrating "existential crisis, why try so hard to marginally extend life when you're just going to eventually due" issue lately, but I think I tend to have this problem when I'm cooped up more and winter creates a lot of that. Ultimately, I know I want to exist as long as possible.

    Status of last week's goal: I did good! I Lunch was fruit and veggies!

    Goal for next week: New year! New week! Got to keep it up! Lots of vegetables, not lots of chips and junk food!
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    I haven't gained and I haven't lost, and my legs are maintaining a decent tone, so I'm not entirely unhappy with where I am. But I have goals - perhaps too many. I always overdo my expectations.

    Speaking of expectations, I've been struggling with that a lot, and my bad feels haven't gotten any better. I'd say they've gotten worse, so if you don't see much of me or hear much from me in the next few weeks, I'm trying to put myself back together and I'm afraid I don't have time or energy for much else. Everything is difficult.

    I'm excited about the potential of the new year, and my present state of mind isn't diminishing that hope, but it's leaving me all sorts of edgy lately. So I'll check in as I can. I'm hoping the end of the first week of 2018 will be on a good note.
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    Holiday is over, vacation of indulgance as well, and I've gained one kilo. It's not much, and should be possible to get rid of quite easily once I get started for real.

    From looking at some of the not-so-flattering pictures from my vacation, I realized I need to do something about this floppy stomach of mine, so I have decided to start on a personalized 60-day ab/leg-challenge, which will be combined with swimming twice a week, hopefully.

    Just to explain:
    - crunch means lower back remains against floor, not quite as far up as a sit-up.
    - squats go down to 90-degree angle at knee, straight back.

    I have done this before, so I know I can manage it. If anyone would like to join in, I am starting this up tomorrow.

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    Weight: 184.5

    Downside of the week: Last week, our bookkeeper messed up and forgot to hit "go" on our paychecks getting direct deposited and instead we had to get paper checks (not a big deal, but slightly inconvenient) and she felt really really bad, so she brought in two dozen, really good doughnuts. There are only 7 people here and I am weak: I ate, like. 3 doughnuts. :(

    Upside of the week: I did go on one walk, which is more than no walks? I started having a small breakfast <400 calories, and that very much helped me get through the day without feeling like I was dying of hunger at lunch or when I got home.

    Mental/psychological check in: The weather has been very.. well.. PNW winter, and I think that's been getting to me more this year. It is supposed to be sunny all day today, though, so I am looking forward to soaking up those sweet, sweet rays of joy.

    Status of last week's goal: I did terrible. I didn't eat many veggies AT ALL. I am pleased that I still didn't over-eat. I tried to counter my over-indulgence with cutting out cheese (okay, maybe I was just out of cheese and too lazy to buy more. Still counts!)

    Goal for next week: So far, so good, really! Keeping up the no-lunch out small breakfast system!
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    3 weeks of @Rijetta 's weird lifting routine and I'm at:

    Squat: 190
    Bench: 105
    Dead: 135
    Chest: 75

    I've got terrible arms but my legs and back are coming along. 3 days a week lifting, that's a p solid starting point for whatever I'm supposed to do next, IMO!

    I still eat like crap, I probably need to start tracking it, but lately when I eat I get sick after so I just eat a meal a day. So I'm probably way under calories anyway.
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "I'll still never forget the first time I saw Toz throwing hammers."
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "I freaked out and thought they had somehow managed to pull me into them."
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "So I tumbled away from my team and into theirs."

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    Well, work happened, and I feel completely dead because of it. Also, cat watching, and that's a job I take seriously. Meaning, I've been playing and cuddling with cats whenever I've not been working, sleeping or eating. Postponing my ab-challenge until things settle. I swear, these people are trying to work me to death... :frowning:

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    Checking in~

    I've been keeping to myself a lot. But my waistline has been staying at a steady 36 inches. Which is about where I was just before I stopped my workout challenge so I've been maintaining that pretty well. I also noted that when I went to my 2 month followup with my doctor.. well those of you in the Delivery discord know about this but I'll give a summary: during my 6 week workout challenge I started having anxiety attacks during my workouts and at night. So I went to the doctor about it and he told me to log things as they happened and in two months we'd follow-up. It was more like a 3 month followup but still.

    They weighed me and put down that there was only a 1.28 difference since the last time I was in. Granted I've lost a lot of the muscle I worked so hard to gain but my weight hasn't changed very much so that's nice. If my inches were back to where I had started I'd be sad but they're not so I've still kept some of my progress!

    If I could give any advice to any of you trying to lose right now I would say this: DRINK WATER.

    I drink water when I wake up and several glasses before I go to bed with some throughout my day. Sometimes our bodies are thirsty and it feels like hunger. Drinking water also helps with retaining water weight. So drink plenty!

    I'm about to leave to go to my martial arts class which I am loving! I go twice a week now. I'd really recommend finding something you'll love doing a few times a week. It keeps me active and I find myself challenged in exciting ways versus the workout routines that I could never quite stick with because even with it being different every day, I'd still get bored.
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    Alright, holidays and trip to the sun are over and done with and I have no more excuses. Let's do this!

    I'm at 121.8kg with clothes,after having eaten and after having exercised. Next time, I will weigh myself in the morning, before food and without heavy clothes. Today, I went swimming and managed to do 1km (1093 yards) in around 45 minutes. I am very happy with that. Will be swimming once a week and once things get a bit lighter, I might do two times a week instead. Besides swimming, I will try to force myself to do some small walks, cause walks are good. But I have bad knees, so taking it easy with that.

    Anyways. This is the start of my journey. Gonna be fun!
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    Hope you guys are still going strong!

    The last month for me has been super super slow, and I needed the motivation, so I snatched my little brother up for a comparison picture. Left is June 2017, right is today. Still got a looooooooooooooooooooong ways to go, but it's moving in the right direction!

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    I can tell a definite difference, well done, @Koda!
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    Looking great! Keep up all the hard work I can see the results of all your effort as well :)
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    Just checking in!

    Measurements have stayed pretty consistent around 36 inches. I did drop down one day, so maybe that means I'm on the edge of the plateau.

    I've been going to my martial arts class twice a week still. Loving every bit of it. Unfortunately I hurt my back Friday night. I leaned over the edge of my bed and strained an old injury and caused it to spasm. It's still sore today, but I still went to class!

    I've managed my food pretty week, though we did have pizza yesterday for the Super Bowl. But I'm really burned out on pizza at this point and my appetite hasn't been what it was today following that.

    Mentally and emotionally I'm still riding my rollercoaster. Some days are good, plenty of days are bad. I'm starting to think that some of that is caused by my lack of solid sleep because of this medicine I was put on - I've developed terrible insomnia. I just can't settle down to sleep to save my life and end up laying in bed for -hours and hours-. I barely slept at all last night. Thankfully my followup is this Wednesday so maybe I can get that addressed and my days will feel a little more balanced.
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