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  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 503 ✭✭✭✭
    Firstaid will default tree for hidden afflictions.

    The alternative is endgame curing, diagnosing, guessing the affliction/cure, or ignoring it and hoping any passive curing gets it.
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  • JaegerJaeger LondonMember Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Does anyone now if any testing has been done as to whether diverting or dodging mitigates more damage on average?
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee Member Posts: 1,927 ✭✭✭✭✭
    the % of both is influenced by multiple factors, armor class, str for divert or dex for dodge, and trans avoidance lets you do both at the same time so I doubt most obsessive testers bothered figuring it out.

  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee Member Posts: 1,927 ✭✭✭✭✭
    To be more clear here's the armor chart
    Armour type Dodge Divert
    Full/Field -5% +5%
    Splint -4% +4%
    Chain -3% +3%
    Scale -2% +2%
    Ring -1% +1% <- ME!
    Leather 0% 0%

    --- Avoidance -------------------------+
    Dodge Chance | 13% 16% - pure dex. (has a cooldown!)
    Divert Chance | 31% 31% - mostly armor (no cooldown!)
    Divert Block | 3% 3% - STR (I'm so weak!!!)

  • JidloJidlo USAMember Posts: 1
    Help! I can't log in. Something keeps kicking me off.
  • TiurTiur Producer Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 389 admin
    Double check that you're not logged in with another character already. A lot of times we will auto-kick if a person has two characters at once.
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