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    I need your guys help with some math.

    Now that I have been fired, there are two employees left in the store. Let's call them A and B. A is working 6 hours a day 5 days a week and has been doing this job for the last 4 years. B is working 8 hours a day and has been doing it for 3 months. Because B is new, and because of some other circumstances, he needs guidance and (have we been told now) cannot be given any responsibilities at all. We also have 3 attendees who has work practice, and one more coming soon.

    This means that A has to start work at 9.45am, since our first attendee starts at 10am, cause B can't be alone with the attendees. A then has to open the shop at noon, since B can't be responsible for the cash register. A also has to be in the shop when it closes at 6pm, since B can't be responsible for closing the shop.

    The rest of the time, A has to work with production, guide the soon to be 4 attendees AND guide B, plan coming events, work on coming events, take care of customers, find new customers, talk to old customers about coming back to be regulars, handle purchases and NOT BREAK DOWN!!!

    So, A is gonna have to work from 10am-6pm when only working 6 hours a day and then take responsibilities for everything.

    The thing is, we are parts of this company because we have issues one way or another. Mine is a social phobia and severe anxiety, A has anxiety and depression. B has a minor brain damage from birth, but it doesn't hold him back in way, he just has problems focusing when not being told what to do. The company is being given 70-80% of our paychecks for having us hired and to MAKE SURE we have a good environment that helps us grow and won't stress us out. They get money for it and they treat us like crap!!

    It's so frustrating and I want them to close down the shop to save my friend from the psych ward, but I don't know if that will happen. They will just keep using her until she quits or breaks down.

    EDIT: I was just told they won't shut the store down, because they can't get out of the leasing contract for the shop. They're just gonna milk it as long as they can. Oh, joy..
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    More medical stress. Yay. 

    Was visiting my parents yesterday and discovered that my dad has been taking medication for diabetes, or rather, for preventing diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes. My dad might possibly develop it. What this essentially means is that I'm at pretty high risk of developing it myself if I'm not careful.

    My husband has had to endure more doctor's tests and hospital visits. Now they're insisting that my husband has diabetes (he doesn't), but he's changing his diet anyway as a preventative measure. He's stressed out, which is stressing me out. I also have a massive sweet tooth, so giving up sugar has been hard. No more alcohol either.

    I may be somewhat irritable for a while.
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    Was in a good mood all day. Latent anxiety levels between 1 and 3. Went to work, made a bunch of members happy, got told half a dozen times that I was an absolute joy to talk to and helped them so much. Was content, mostly happy even, all the way up to about an hour ago. And now all of a sudden, apropos of nothing I feel like crying. :/
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    My friend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise them with a cake that had this image on it.

    However, seems the bakeries near my house see this image as a threat to the family values they try to enforce. After attempting to persuade with charm and bribes, the issue was escalated to a manager, ending with me declaring my thoughts: "unicorns the family values of this establishment. This is Lil' Kim AND SHE'S AN ICON!"

    My mad: people telling me what I can and can't put on my cake.

    Also, I guess there's a joke in there about cakes and eating them. I dunno.
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    I'm supposed to be leaving in about two hours for Thanksgiving. I have a lot of food prepped to cook when I get there, and since I have about half of the meal in my fridge, having me not there or not there on time will make dinner happen later than we want. So naturally I woke up this morning with pink eye, and since I wear contacts sometimes, I'm supposed to get antibiotic drops. I've been spending the last 20 minutes trying to find some kind of walk in clinic or non-urgent care place that could see me today, but my best option so far isn't open until right around the time I should be leaving.
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    can I just indicate that I have an issue with the concept of "No 'nut' November"? It's a rather similar issue I have with a lot of "Wholesome" organizations such as christian churches and such that discourage masturbation.

    Not only is it healthy as far as stress relief and tension handling, it's also the time most guys actually are going to actually notice anything amiss testicular-wise. I mean, it might just be that I was taught that "it's fine if you jerk it, just take your time to make sure you check it too." which means I usually take time after it all is done during the "cooldown" period to check myself for anything that might be amiss, such as hardened knots, lumps, sore swollenness along the "wiring", and all other things that could be signs of issues. I mean, that's probably the main time I take time to ensure I'm healthy down there, because it's part of my routine during the day.

    People who think that something that's healthy is "morally wrong" and you "shouldn't do it" are not people I have a high opinion of. Especially if they give others crap for something that's essentially healthy, and allows me to detect issues ahead of time.
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    Can't say I ever heard of "no 'nut' November"....

    On the bright side, it's about to come to its gloriously awaited conclusion?

    Note to self: avoid shaking hands December 1st.
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    Basically ...

    MAGNETS had NOTHING to do with this...AYYYY
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    Being sick. I know it happens to everyone, but why does it have to coincide with the day I have mandatory OT at work? :(
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    this Ragin thread really took a Hard turn into the weird
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    My vices, and particular habits/attributes I have. Lately they have been getting the better of me. I'll rage at that.
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    After a decade of wandering, I've finally settled somewhere. I've lived in the same apartment for a full year--my own, even, which I've never done before, and I've been in Vegas for three years come February. It had started to feel like home. I have a job, an apartment, furniture--moving isn't feasible or logical, but I can feel the goddamn wanderlust starting to stir again. I'm not just gonna arbitrarily move when I have a job and everything, but it's making me discontent with the life I've set up here.

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    Two different things that I'll Rage/Mad at.

    #1: The Aetolian Discord - I understand that it comes to a point where you play Aetolia for so long, that one starts to crave a little more OOC interaction with the RL players behind the characters that one spends so much time with IG. There is nothing wrong with this, and this rage of mine is strictly of my own opinion. I have zero intention to launch a crusade in typed letters to discourage others from joining the Discord and getting to mingle with so many other creative people that launch colorful, and interesting characters within the Aetolian universe.

    However. I liked the game a great deal more, when my OOC interactions were limited to the forums, and highly disciplined OOC communication IG when I'm logged on. A lot of mystery and comfortable fog was lost when I saw people being themselves OOC on the Discord, instead of the grand characters that they flex and execute into motion when I'm logged on.

    I also dislike the OOC things that come attached to mediums like the Discord. I recently ripped my Discord into pieces because another player harassed me in a direct manner through private messages, the substance of the harassment being a type that would not be acceptable anywhere. It bothered me to the point that I actually felt inclined to pull my reserve chute and get the hell out of there. I will not name names, and I will maintain a measure of privacy for the sake of everyone involved. It's the most professional thing I can do considering all of it. For those involved, who will most certainly read this at some point, I humbly request the same. No names.

    #2: Disrespect to the dead, and victims of war crimes. Recently it came to my attention of a particular individual making a highly tasteless comment/joke/ribbing considering war crimes as the main point of the subject.

    As a combat veteran who spent his time defending small villages and towns, and sometimes larger population centers, from those that were carrying out real war crimes, it really boils my blood to see a civilian use the topic in so casual, and off hand a manner. Doing so does an immense amount of disrespect to the dead, and to the people that had their families, and communities torn apart by actual war crimes from people that have zero respect for life. It bothered me enough to run through my head for the better part of yesterday, and into today, so I felt inclined to include it in my MAD post.

    People really need to think before they say certain things, and bear in mind that the things said so casually, have more weight to them when it involves the memory of the dead, the wounded, and the traumatized.

    That's my RAGE/MAD post for the day. Keep on kickin, Aetolians.
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    I've been finding it really hard to get into the holiday spirit, especially the last few weeks. 

    My husband has been obsessing over his blood sugar levels and blood pressure since the hospital doctors diagnosed him with diabetes back at the beginning November. After about three weeks of some drastic lifestyle changes - 2000 calorie a day diet (balanced nutrients too), going to the gym three days a week, checking blood pressure and blood sugar several times a day - I'm pretty sure he doesn't have diabetes since all of his measurements are back within normal levels. And yet he's still stressed out and obsessing, which has been dragging down my mood a ton. I just want ONE DAY where I don't have to listen to talk about medical problems - I'm at my limit, and it's hard not to snap about it because they are significant problems, but they're getting better.

    Speaking of medical problems, switching doctors for me has been proving to be a nightmare. I can't get in touch with my doctor's office because no one picks up the damn phone, and the new doctor I'm trying to have my fills transferred to can't give me a referral for a reproductive specialist until that's done.

    My father-in-law has been a bit of an Eeyore, he loves to complain about everything. The latest instance of this has been his complaining about my parents inviting my in-laws over to their place for their Christmas Eve party. Gee, thanks. I'll be sure to let my parents know that you didn't want to come over. He did this last year too and made up some bogus excuse to avoid attending dinner with my parents.

    Work has been a nightmare. Not only is there inventory count to do, but we still have to deal with the massive pile of orders that has been building up over the past few days in addition to helping out customers, both drop-in and over the phone. I've been *very* short with people because there's only ever two employees around at any given time, and I can't afford to spend ten minutes or more listening to people droll on and on with their anecdotal stories. Just tell me what you need or what you need to find. Have item codes? Awesome. This will be quick. You want me to explain how to do x with y tool? I'm sorry, do you not see like six other people hovering around trying to ask me questions? Time is a luxury I can't really spare at work right now, and I hate it when people waste it like I don't have other things that I really need to be doing.

    Speaking of work, my boss came into work with strep throat. This is after we've told him dozens of times to not come in if he's sick. Instead of calling us like we've asked, he waits until I've arrived at work and noticed that he looks sick. Ripped a strip off of him about it and told him to go home or I would. He may be the manager, but I boss him around, and I'm pretty sure he's afraid of me.

    Ended up spending $150 on winter tires unexpectedly because we got a flat a few days ago. That's kind of been hurting a little bit, but at least it means driving won't be quite so bad with all the snowfall we've gotten.

    So. Yeah. I've been a bit of a grouch lately, and I probably will be all the way through to January. So I apologize in advance if I end up hurting anyone's feelings between now and then - I have like zero patience for anything right now.
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    Time for Minor Annoyance Corner with Mari:

    Why can't the McDonald's on the way to my workplace not be a fail McDonalds? All I wanted to start my hell day at work was a Medium peppermint mocha Frappe. They don't make those, says the voice on the other side of the order thing. . . . What? I ask, confused.

    We don't make those, insists the voice, we make mocha frappes. Not with the peppermint mocha syrup.

    Okay, FailDonalds, you're the only one to not do that but okay.

    SO, I order a medium peppermint mocha iced coffee. . . And they hand me a plain one. I don't have time to go in and be like 'will you please just pump the damned syrup into my cup already? Are you hoarding it? What the hell'. No. i go to work. And chuck in 3 peppermints to create a sad mockery of the deliciousness that I had wanted.

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    Yeah the McDonalds I used to go to while getting the lady her Taco Bell fix is one of the worst in the world. 'Plain number one no cheese' - like. This is as basic as it gets. All that extra stuff you put on there? Don't. I'm saving you like 30 seconds or more. Except they failed six times in a row at plain no cheese until I gave up. I just eat Taco Bell now too, they give me a plain taco just fine so it's only that McDonalds afflicted with the bizarre fetish of making me eat tomatoes and crap. One day, just like with everyone, they will be replaced by robots and I can go back. I love their fries :(

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous
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    @toz - if I heard "Plain number one, no cheese" I would assume you meant "Everything but the cheese"
  • TozToz Posts: 2,202Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Zaila said:
    @toz - if I heard "Plain number one, no cheese" I would assume you meant "Everything but the cheese"
    I tried like seven different ways of ordering. They'd even put it in the screen as 'plain' then a line under 'no cheese' which is the right code for it - just, never actually did it. Consistently baffled. There's a difference though, with plain and no cheese, because McDs codes everything as a cheeseburger by default so if you only say plain they give you a plain cheeseburger. So plain no cheese is the 'correct' set of things as plain means no mayo/tomato/etc and no cheese further modifies it.

    I even tried saying 'just meat and bread'. Still got cheese and sauce.

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous
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    Ahhh, okay, that's fair! And -even in your further defense- I asked my husband what he would have thought the "plain number one, no cheese" meant and he said 'bun and meat', so yet another point for "Micky D's, you suck'."
  • TekiasTekias WisconsinPosts: 136Member ✭✭✭
    Not to start anything, but if I heard 'Plain number one, no cheese', I'd throw in two patties, three buns, special sauce, lettuce, pickle, and onion. Big Mac sans cheese, as requested. Unless 'number one' is different elsewhere, that's what it is here.
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    Idk, the reason I say 'plain' is because there's a literal button on their keyboard for making a sandwich plain. And then another for no cheese. So I tell them what buttons to hit. And the order comes up correct on the screen.
    Number One
    - Plain
    - No cheese

    and then I pull around aaaand there's special sauce and lettuce and onion and cheese and whatever else.

    I tried mcnuggets once and they just didn't give them to me. I think the place hates me.

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous
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    can't you just get a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger?

  • TozToz Posts: 2,202Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aishia said:

    can't you just get a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger?

    They don't sell those here :(

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous
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    I hate that depression is such a vicious cycle. I hate that my mental state is affected by so many variables it's damn near impossible to predict or stabilize. The meds I'm on stabilize it most of the time, but almost literally anything--fluctuation of sleep quantity in either direction, the time of month it is, natural hormone fluctuations, being sick, having allergies flare up, etc etc etc, can throw me out of whack.

    I hate feeling like I want to burrow into my bed and never come out again for anything. :/
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Posts: 2,015Member, Guildmaster mod
    I had a massive headache for five days.
    I had balance problems for two days, getting consistently worse.
    I fell three times in two days.
    The last time, I had a seizure. That I was conscious for the beginning of, when I started convulsing.
    Ended up in rescue to the ER without quite understanding what happened. And without my dog for like an hour.
    I'm home now, and terrified I'm going to have another one.
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    Hugs and snuggles to the Arbre.

    On a much more minor-irritant, first world problems note: online shopping. -.-

    Bought two pairs of leggings on black friday. One black mermaid and one holographic purple mermaid. I JUST got them in the mail today. They were insisting it was delivered in my mailbox weeeks ago and it was not, I checked, and I checked the office and my porch, and all the usual places for such things. Nowhere to be found. I finally got them to resend them, and got an email today saying they'd been delivered. Cool. I go check the mail. And I have two sets of them in my mailbox. They weren't there yesterday. So. Ordinarily, I'd be like, cool, extra leggings. You can't go wrong with extra leggings, especially in black. Except that despite being the same size, style, and colours, only one set of the leggings actually fit. And the purple ones (both) they sent me are the wrong colour. -.-

    Size disparity across brands is one thing. But from the same website, in the same style, in the same size and the same colour? Wtf. There's like an inch difference in the waistbands. :/ AND I have a pair of the size down in a different colour in the same style from the same brand that fits, but I sized up so they'd have a little bit more room. I find this extremely baffling.

    Since I bought two pairs of leggings, and I have two pairs that fit, ultimately it'd be whatever if the one pair wasn't the wrong colour. :/

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    My angry is that weed still isn't legal in Virginia. Come the unicorns on Commonwealth, it's 2k18, ffs. Also, @Phoenecia, I quit drinking because I didn't like how I became when I was intoxicated. Don't have that issue with marijuana, so may be a viable alternative for you to use to relax. Sure helps me a shitload.

    I'm also angry that(outside the munchies) I'm hungry af almost all the time. Hnnngh.
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