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Hey, all. I've been doodling a few things off and on for people since I started playing again, and I've had a few inquiries and requests since then, so I figure I might as well make a thread to formally offer my arting services. :)

I don't have nearly as much time as I'd like to devote to drawing, but I'll try to get stuff done in my spare time. Paypal is my preferred method of payment, but I will happily accept art trades or credits if you ask me nicely.

A few ground rules:

* I can be messaged here or on Discord with commission requests.
* Supply me with all the necessary descs and references: Appearance, clothing, any important accessories. Desired pose. If your character looks like Chris Hemsworth as Thor, tell me he looks like Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The more detailed/specific you get, the easier it is for me.
* Please keep all requests relatively PG in terms of nudity/gore. Pinups and a bit of blood I can do.
* I can do other things beyond the scope of what I offer here, but that'll have to be negotiated with me case by case.
* Payment only happens after the finished piece has been delivered

On Offer

Couples: Will be double the cost of what's being ordered since I'd essentially be drawing another character.
Pets/mounts: The base cost of whatever's being ordered + half.

Price: $10 USD
Simple and cute, these suckers are pretty quick. They'll all have a transparent background so you can stick em on sigs, avatars, and whatnot with little issue.

Character art, full body
Price: Lineart - $15, Colour - $35
Probably my favourite thing to draw. Lineart will be done sketch-style on a white background. Coloured art can be done on white, gradient, or parchment backgrounds.

Occasionally if I'm in a particular mood or feeling inspired, I'll be drawing according to a theme. These will largely be conceptual stuff or re-imaginings, meaning I take your character and an idea and go nuts with it. Example themes: Wild West, Eveningwear, Beach, etc. Prices for these will vary depending on whatever I decide to do.
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