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    Few days late, but...

    So, Saturday night, I dropped my laptop. Could have dropped on any side and been...reasonably fine, but it dropped on the side with the USB keyboard/mouse receiver, and jammed it so far into the housing that I needed pliers to remove it, and even then it came out in four pieces. And of course, the housing of all the buttons in the area broke as well, so that laptop's dead. I naturally freaked out, started making preparations through IRE app/Skype on my phone, letting others know I'd be gone a few weeks as Payday was the day before, and I'd already blown the 'spending' part of my budget on a hard drive for my PS4.

    The LOVE comes in two parts. One, I jokingly asked a few players (who shall remain nameless) if they'd be willing to loan me money. To my surprise, a few actually said they'd see what they could do, while a few others said they would if they could. This didn't come to pass. When I broke the laptop, I (also jokingly) asked my brother if he had the money to spare. I was told no, as expected. Then he changed his mind because he missed my July birthday gift, Christmas is coming up, -and- he needed to bribe me to help him with a new bedroom set he's ordered (arthritis in his wrist since age 10's a unicorns). So instead of you lovely players who said you'd help, he fronted me the money for a full replacement (cheap 2-in-1 tablet, but still), and I was back up and running with you guys within 12 hours of thinking I'd be shut out for weeks.

    So, tl;dr, thank you and LOVE to you guys for being willing to help a clumsy guy out in a moment of panic, and thank you and MUCH love to the best brother I could ask for.
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    I love that through a very very hard and complicated pregnancy, that within 3 weeks, I will get to meet the final member of our family. We have decided this will be our last, because of what this one has put my body through.

    I am very tired of bedrest - but knowing that the end is in sight is something that is keeping me going.
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    You two make adorable little ones. Good luck, lovely. <3

    Also, my love of the day: I'm still employed. Yaaay.
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    You use Numerology Unravel. You flick a single finger forward. @Haven is already weak in mind and body. A simple nudge unravels his mortal form completely. With a wet, implosive squelch, Haven's skin inverts and the essence of his form unravels. His guts liquefy, and his blood becomes a fine, pink mist, spraying outward from the shredded, discarded remnants of his skin. You have slain Haven. Haven uses Illumination Rebirth. Haven's body begins to glow unnaturally, seconds before you notice steam pouring off it. In the blink of an eye, flames erupt from him, showering the area in holy fire. As the flames die down, you see Haven standing whole once more. Health Lost: 535, fire, none [LEVEL UP]: You have reached the illustrious level of 100. You have received 25 Bound Credits! Experience Gained: 5710105 (Player Kill) [total: 0] Haven drops a stack of 3 ototoxins. Haven drops a stack of 4 coagulations. Haven drops a stack of 4 antipsychotics. As Haven falls to the ground, you extend a hand outward and grasp the tendrils of latent ylem that wreathe his shattered form even in death. Drawing the ylem inward to your very being, you feel yourself bolstered with its power. Equilibrium Used: 5.16 seconds Benedicto eats some irid moss. <prompt> @Benedicto uses Battlefury Rupture on you. Benedicto smashes an iron mace into your right leg. The attack ruptures the bruises on your right leg, causing blood to flow freely from the wound. Mana Lost: 1285 Health Lost: 3855, blunt, none You have been slain by Benedicto. You were afflicted by torso bruised, right leg bruised, right leg bruised moderate, partially damaged right leg, a broken right leg, partially damaged head, head bruised, and right leg bruised critical. A coagulation pill falls out of your inventory. Stricken, you collapse to the ground. Unable to maintain the composure of your physical form any longer, you feel your body shrivel and wither away as you revert to your mistform.

    Worth. Finally 100!

    @Haven and @Benedicto since the tag in code didn't work.
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    You're welcome! @Kadal
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    whoever was just puppeteering Rikt? I <3 that, thank you, I've been needing a bit of a pick-me-up, and RP like that always is a mood uplift for me.
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