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    @Istira And I'll take a stab at the unanswered questions.

    3. Normally when a plant shows up as 0/1 you haven't learned concoctions to the point you are skilled at harvesting it. As you reach each of to the different plants in concoctions, they should go up dramatically, and allow some bulk harvesting. The command AB CONCOCTIONS RANKS will show you how much you'll need to learn to reach the plants.

    7. It was announced that artisanals and bardics are suspended and won't be hosted in this game regularly , if ever again, in the foreseeable future.
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    I'm guessing the Wayfayer class is not joinable by newbies during character creation? But outside of that there isn't a level requirement or anything, just go get it? (There is that 40 cr fee, of course...)
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    As per Oleis and announce 2622:

    Hemold has agreed to share the skills of the Wayfarer with interested parties. Seek him out in Helba to LEARN WAYFARER FROM HEMOLD for the usual 40cr apprenticeship fee. All apprenticeship requirements are in place, including having a free class slot and having mastered your existing classes. Wayfarer will not be available through the character creation process until our experienced players have had a chance to familiarize themselves with the class.
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    Coming from an Achaea background, my terminology doesn't seem to line up,  but does Aetolia have something like Class leads to balance the classes? Looking through the combat forums, it looks like certain match ups ate pretty one-sided..

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    HELP CLASSLEADS - This is our current process and our submissions period is coming to an end very shortly.
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    Volcath said:

    Coming from an Achaea background, my terminology doesn't seem to line up,  but does Aetolia have something like Class leads to balance the classes? Looking through the combat forums, it looks like certain match ups ate pretty one-sided..

    We have classleads, yes.

    Though, the combat forums are fairly... well, dead for the most part. Nothing good happens much from discussing combat on the forums, really. Most of the discussion happens on combat clans for each tether and sometimes on the Aetolia Discord. Classlead submissions happen quarterly, limited to three per character. I recently suggested that we anonymize them so people are just reviewing the report itself rather than the person who submitted it.

    Class balance is actually in fairly good place overall. Most of the classes are viable and can kill. Is there anything coming off as one-sided to you?
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    Complaints about monk damage, Carnifex affliction rate, etc. Group combat seems to hinge on which team has a teldrim/shaman.. I'm really new and prowling the forums on my phone to get a feel before I go home tonight and make my character to get started. 
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    I'd be careful as far as judging class balance goes from forum rants, unless you're confident that whoever you're getting information from knows his or her stuff. There's a lot of misinformation out there and exaggeration and general salt. Group combat, for example, definitely does not hinge on having Teradrim or Shaman in your team.
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    Monk damage isn't as obscene, but it's high when artifacted, just like with Achaea.

    Carnifex affliction rate is evidently also fine now, though I'd need someone to confirm because I can't search recent announces. The combat forums are dated.

    Group combat will give the advantage on who has a Teradrim or Shaman if one side doesn't have their respective class. That doesn't mean that it's impossible for one side to win, but you're basically running into one side's home team advantage, making it more difficult to dislodge them if they're bunkered up. Still doable and has been done. Really, I'd say the game is in a fair place right now balance wise. The classleads right now are addressing a few things like Shaman blackout spamming and Syssin aff potential/fight reset potential, and those are the two most pressing things up there right now.
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    [3637(100%)|2993(87%)|0|76%|100%|42.11%] [HMcdb eb] (+7h, +18e)
    As noon arrives, the sun hangs high and bright in the sky, its ascent complete.
    It is now noon on Gosday, the 15th of Haernos, year 465 of the Midnight Age.
    [3637(66%)|2993(54%)|0|49%|60%|42.11%] [HMcdb eb]

    Could someone explain what happened (or probably happened if you need to theorize...) right there? In retrospect I realize I didn't lose any health/mana/stamina/willpower, but instead those maximum values all went WAY up (~+50%?) abruptly? Very confused.
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    It's the current Spirit-aligned orrery buff that happens at noon each day. HELP ORRERY should explain that a bit further.

    It scares the hell out of me every time, especially if I'm only half paying attention to my screen.

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    I'm learning how to navigate the map and am having difficulty with some of my quests. Is there any way to search for specific locations?
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    You can PATH TRACK (areaname) to move to any area on AREAS, if it's areas you are having trouble finding, or PATH FIND (areaname) to find a path to it but not move along it.

    If it's rooms, you can search through rooms you have already visited with PATH SEARCH.

    -> PATH SEARCH potato
    v16523: In a row of potatoes and carrots
    v60957: A subterranean potato field
    v60964: An underground potato field
    Complete! Found 3 room(s).

    If it's a room you haven't visited, there's no way of searching for it with the in-game system, but you can ask if someone else has the vnum for you to PATH TRACK to, or just path to the area the room is in, if you know it, and search for the room manually.

    Some quests can be super tricky, though.
  • LowricolwynLowricolwyn Fort Wayne, INPosts: 5Member
    I'm trying to find the locusts in the heartwood. -.-;
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    planthoppers? VERMIN to toggle it on and off

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    I am a long time IRE player coming back from a long break and I decided to give Aetolia a try as it is the only one I have not played before. I am still doing research on where I will end up but the out of game help files were a pain to read so I went ahead and created a character (side note, after the newbie intro I have more gold on me than my 450 year old main :p ). I have actually never changed guilds/cities in past games and just stuck with what I first picked. I want to be a bit more open to exploring things this time around though so my question: How accepting is the playerbase to "newbies" changing guilds/cities?

    My intent is to not start any real roleplaying until I make up my mind. Rather than the awkward and forced (in my opinion, perhaps others can pull it off) roleplay of a brand new character changing guilds/cities is it possible to just handwave away the change and start with a blank slate?

    Obviously I have no intention of graduating from novicehood before I make a final choice but are there any other "points of no return" I should watch out for?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    Newbies tend to switch around a bit just naturally, trying to find a guild that fits them. It's no big deal, especially if you're doing it before you even graduate from novicehood.
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    Oh yeah, before you graduate novicehood, you can move around as much as your heart contents and no one will look down on you for it. Especially now that you aren't actually in a guild until after you've graduated novicehood.

    Now, if you graduate and THEN change guilds 10-20 times in a RL month. Then you're going to get some heavy stares and rolled eyes.
    Also don't do that thing where you make a character, suicide them, and then keep remaking them with the same name.
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    Lin said:

    Also don't do that thing where you make a character, suicide them, and then keep remaking them with the same name.

    Right, that would be rather annoying as well.

    Still it is rather frustrating how hard it is to plan out a new character out of the game. I suppose that is the purpose of novicehood but I never really took advantage of it before. Time for an old dog to learn some new tricks.

    Thanks for the quick replies!
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    To be honest, if you want to get a feel for a guild, it's probably better to make alts to scope them out as opposed to hopping around on the same character. That way if you find one you like, you can actually commit to it on your main.

    That's probably the best solution for 'planning' your character if you want their characterization to be consistent from the beginning. Most people will just pick a guild, stick with it, and wing it. With multiclassing, you can be nearly any class you want in any guild you want within a tether.
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    Phoenecia said:

    With multiclassing, you can be nearly any class you want in any guild you want within a tether.

    Echoing this sentiment!

    While on the short term you'll be stuck with whatever class comes with your guild of choice, down the road you can pick whatever you'd like for the most part. Choose your guild now primarily for the flavor it offers/people in it imo.
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    I'd also add to all this, that even if you pick a guild and then find out it really isn't fitting your character and swap once or twice as a young-novice and then stay put, you're not going to get any grief over that either.
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    1. If you have artifact wings (or the cave thing) does PATH take that into account?
    2. Speaking of wings/cave is it just a pure RP flavor difference or are the exits also different?
    3. Does the artifact exp boost stack with the other sources in game (Pylon, yellow orb, book tat, yellow amulet, am I missing any)?

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    1) No, though you can custom set a path to include it if you wish to trigger it up.
    2) Not sure, never had either, someone else answer? Though I wanna say yes, they're both different.
    3) Pylon, yellow orb, book tat, chalice, chocolate, Membership XP Buff all stack together with no loss of buff between them. You can see this with AUDIT (and AUDIT EXPERIENCE shows the breakdown). Yellow Amulet, btw, increases sip amount, not exp gain.
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    How am I just now finding out about AUDIT? OMG where has this command been all my life!
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    @Vash: The exits depend on the artifact. If it's the normal set, they go through either clouds/above clouds or deathcaves/below deathcaves depending on which you have. These all have set exits and are the same. However, there are custom wings, where the player who owns such an artifact can choose the exits for themselves.

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    pretty purple wings one day go goals
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    Your tree tattoo tingles slightly.

    H:2735 M:2977 Mad:0% [c -b]

    As a venenigol snake sinks its fangs into your leg, a painful burning sensation fills the area.

    H:1451 M:2549 Mad:0% [c -b]

    incite crux 56864

    [FirstAid]: touch tree

    You touch the tree of life tattoo.

    How do I debug what firstaid is doing? I want some kind of verbose output that shows me the priorities or something, is that possible?

    For bashing I think tree should be the option of last resort but it seems the default priorities make it the first option.
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