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I don't post much and I've been nervous about asking this but I'm also wondering how do you feel about your RP with Aloli? I've tried to RP her as real as I could, with serious growing pains. I've been trying to find the time to finish writing her backstory, which I'll do as soon as I can...15 minutes here and there doesn't give much time to writing.

I love criticism or RP tips.


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    Bumping because...not everyone I interact with is too scared to say something!
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    We had not long interactions, but through encounters so far I really enjoyed the way you used Shaman stuff and nature themes within your emotes. Looking forward to more sessions when/if possible, definitely.
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    The one time I had her wield the Shama's quarterstaff she met you. She's very much a monk but this was fun. Their interactions are cute and I had a giggle fit around you and @Daishin. You guys are hilarious!
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    Unfortunately Daish hasn't much interaction with Aloli (something I intend to rectify!) but i've genuinely enjoyed the ones we have had and am really looking forward to future ones. Keep it up!
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    I.....absolutely adore Kallah and Aloli's interactions. The sisterly bond that they have been able to build from day one has been beyond compare to practically anyone else. Their silly antics from the girl's night to the deathly clam chowder fiasco has always always brightened my mood and made it all the more intriguing to wonder, dear god what is this girl going to do to me next that will both be entertaining and horrifying while still on the scale of having the best of fun. Aloli has been there for Kalls through quite a good chunk and I only hope to continue to return the favor as their friendship grows. The things they have been through, the people they have gotten walked over by, among many other similarities could make them sisters if not twins. Yet they triumph and move forward and I have never once found it difficult to RP with her, nor has Kalls and above all, I love her kind spirit and the true genuineness that comes from her very core. I'm glad they are friends, I'm glad we are friends, never change <3
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    Though our interactions have been brief and relatively passing, I've found Aloli to be believable and consistent; I'm definitely looking forward to the next time we cross paths in 'Loch! Good characterization comes not necessarily from big, hours-long scenes; even small things can lend credence and substance to a character, and that's how I feel Aloli has been through our interactions.
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    @kallah I still laugh so hard when I remember @clearwater's wedding.
  • OofaOofa RIMember Posts: 16
    I'm never around long to enough to really RP with folks sadly, but Aloli is always a delight in passing and you're a very helpful player too. :heart:
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    @Oofa thank you :smile:

    I look forward to more interactions with Oofa too.
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